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Darling was created by Emily Duff as an outlet for her love of the ‘70s and design as well as being a way of meeting likeminded and creative people. 

Darling aims to discuss a range of social issues such as toxic masculinity, sexism, environmentalism, veganism and more. While it specifically focuses on promoting marginalised genders, the magazine is open to any and all genders and sexualities.

The name Darling has double reasoning. Firstly, darling is a ‘term of endearment’ stereotypically aimed at demeaning females, although that isn’t always the intent behind its use. By using it as the title it meant that as females we could claim it back for ourselves - to an extent. 

However, most importantly, Darling is named after Grace Darling. Emily and many people who have featured in Darling are local to the North East of England and so the story of Grace Darling is both relevant and inspiring. Darling was a lighthouse keeper's daughter in Bamburgh who rescued survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire in 1838. Despite being told she couldn’t because of the strong waves and gale-force winds, she managed to save a total of 9 people.

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