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Emily Duff (she/her)

Emily is a journalist from Newcastle Upon Tyne writing about all things cultural from music to fashion to films. Currently, she is studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield while being the founder, editor and publisher of Darling magazine. 

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Alice Fletcher (she/her)

Alice is an aspiring music journalist from Sheffield with a keen interest in arts and culture. She is currently studying Journalism at the University of Sheffield and working towards and NCTJ qualification.

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Will Gough (he/him)

Will is 22 years old, he can speak broken German and can play the guitar (sort-of). He is currently studying Archaeology but wants to write about things he enjoys away from that such as music, books, and crippling existentialism. His favourite colour is pink, his favourite Star Wars is Revenge of the Sith, and he believes Jaffa Cakes are a cake - not a biscuit.

Ilana Hawdon (she/her)

Ilana is a final year History and Film Studies student at Liverpool University but originally from Newcastle. She is known for her love of Taylor Swift, pints of Red Stripe and thrashing her friends in Trivial Pursuit. She spends most of her time writing music with her band, Iris Brickfield, and watching re-runs of University Challenge with a cuppa and six custard creams. 

Iris Brickfield

Olive McCoy (she/her) 

Olive is studying English at Queens University, Belfast. She is a vegetarian, aspiring culture journalist and practising witch. She also writes poetry and listens to Gengahr.

Joe Smith (he/him)
Joe is a mostly music journalist from Leeds, currently studying his final year of English Literature at Newcastle University. He's extremely passionate about music and music writing, spending most of his time doing such. His current favourite band is Goat Girl.

Molly Wroe (she/her)
Molly is a journalism student at the University of Sunderland and can be either found writing about the latest local tunes or playing the best queer artists on her show on Spark Sunderland. Music is her life and her life goal is to become a presenter on Radio One!

Jade Bailey (she/her)

Jade is living in Newcastle having recently graduated with a first-class BA in Music Performance. She plays the guitar, writes music and sings sometimes too. Her favourite band of all time is The Smiths, with Johnny Marr being a huge musical influence of hers. She set up her music label, Pink Honey Music, during her last year at uni but at the moment she is loving writing about all things music.

Emily Jackson (she/her)

Emily works as a full-time content writer in Newcastle and is a proud North East native. She has a love for live music, film, and vintage clothing. Emily studied journalism at University and she is currently pursuing her passion for it outside of her 9-5 hustle to hopefully forge a full-time career! Her current favourite bands are Lucia & The Best Boys, Sunflower Bean, and WhenYoung.

Geena Ling (she/her)

Geena is a freelance writer from Newcastle with a love of poetry, rock music, travelling and winged eyeliner. When she's not in the mosh pit of a gig, Geena can be found selling vintage clothes on Depop to fund her vast book addiction. Her ultimate dream is to be a published novelist living in New York City.

Emily McIntyre (she/her) 

Emily is in her final year of studying Journalism at MMU. She is an aspiring music journalist and self-proclaimed emo - her all-time favourite artists being Paramore, All Time Low, Turnover, and Charlie XCX.

Aims Whitter (she/they)

Aims is film-and-music-mad with a passion for flared trousers and anything spooky. Aims does photography for bands, is a nerd for writing about music and owns a rather large collection of clay earrings - most of them being Halloween themed (of course).

Autumn Jones (she/her)
Autumn is a music enthusiast from Phoenix, Arizona! She is incredibly passionate about music, in fact, it is very rare to spot Autumn without at least one headphone in. When Autumn isn't diving headfirst back into her highschool emo phase, Autumn can be found painting, playing Animal Crossing (maybe a bit too much), or making weird resin jewellery!

Sophi Monzon (she/her)
Sophi is a film, music, and vintage enthusiast living in Miami, Florida who will soon be attending college for Communication Arts. She is taking up writing/journalism as an outlet for learning and expressing specific ideas. Sophi constantly keeps up with pop-culture and social media, as well. Her biggest desire in life is to work in the entertainment industry with major creative control wherever it may land, as she has a true knack for imagination and creation. 

Chloe Gudgin (she/her)

Chloe is a twenty-year-old student journalist, musician, and content creator from the North of England.