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Emily Duff (she/they)
Founder, Editor and Writer

Emily is a Freelance Journalist and Content Creator. She specialises in Fashion, Travel and Culture Writing and Marketing. Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, currently she is studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield while being the independent Founder and Editor of Darling. Emily is also Lifestyle Editor of Forge Press and Marketing Lead for Liberty Belle Magazine. Often between cities from London to Edinburgh, they have a love for travelling that can hopefully shape her post-grad career.

Susan Moore (he/she/they)

Susan is a columnist currently working towards an English Degree at the University of North Texas. They have previously been featured in publications such as Tonitruale Zine, Radiate Zine, Inspiration Fine Arts, and the North Texas Daily. In their free time, they can be found journaling, reading, and going on long walks when the weather permits it.

Callum Martin (he/him)

Callum is a music journalist with experience writing for multiple publications. An engineering student at the University of Sheffield, his passion for music has seen him take up Music Editor at Forge Press and write for various blogs. If he’s not at a gig (or has one planned), he’s looking for his next favourite band. Forever in love with Gorillaz.

Cassandra Bristow (she/her)

Cassandra Bristow is a writer, self-publisher, and curator in Brooklyn. She thrives when working with magazines, reading screenplays, and writing personal essays. She is also the editor, publisher, and distributor of Oral Rinse, a serialized submission-based zine.

Writer and Poet

Lara is an aspiring writer and poet, with a degree in Drawing and Print from UWE Bristol. Lara has been writing since she studied A-level English Literature. She is interested in sustainability, music, and politics.

Summer Green (she/her)

Summer is an aspiring writer and poet. She is currently studying English Literature and Hispanic Studies at the University of Sheffield. Originally from Bradford, her work takes on womanhood, coming of age, queerness, and anything in between, whilst ever embracing her Northern roots. 

Katie Wheatley (she/her)

Katie is a Newspaper Reporter at the Northampton Chronicle & Echo. She has finished her studies in journalism at the University of Sheffield and her NCTJ diploma, as well as her time as Editor-in-Chief of Liberty Belle Magazine.

Emily Fletcher (she/her)



Emily is an aspiring freelance writer and editor who is enthusiastic about social politics, mental health, art, and music. Her experience includes working for several online and print magazines. She is also interested in expanding her knowledge of the field and working with an innovative, exciting company.

Alice Fletcher (she/her)


Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn

Alice is an aspiring music Journalist from Sheffield with a keen interest in arts and culture. She is currently studying Journalism at the University of Sheffield and working towards an NCTJ qualification.

Abbie Howell (she/her)


Twitter | Instagram

Abbie is a journalist, poet and English student currently living (and thriving) in Sheffield.

Ilana Hawdon (she/her)


Iris Brickfield

Ilana is a History and Film Studies Graduate at Liverpool University but is originally from Newcastle. She is known for her love of Taylor Swift, pints of Red Stripe and thrashing her friends in Trivial Pursuit. She spends most of her time writing music with her band, Iris Brickfield, and watching re-runs of University Challenge with a cuppa and six custard creams. 

Olive McCoy (she/they) 

Writer & Poet


Olive is studying English at Queens University, Belfast. She is an aspiring culture journalist and practising witch. She also writes poetry and listens to Gengahr.

Nicole Calogero (she/her)

Nicole Calogero is currently a Modern Languages and Culture student at the University of Sheffield. Originally from Italy, in her free time, Nicole enjoys reading and writing poetry, discovering new music and going on long walks. Nicole enjoys writing about music (particularly heavy metal), fashion, sport, and her experiences as a female in the UK.

Joe Smith (he/him)

Joe is a mostly music journalist from Leeds who is extremely passionate about music and music writing, spending most of his time doing such. His current favourite band is Goat Girl.

Molly Wroe (she/they)

Molly is a journalism student at the University of Sunderland - music is her life and her life goal is to own a nightclub!

Jade Bailey (she/her)

Jade is living in Newcastle having recently graduated with a first-class BA in Music Performance. She plays the guitar, writes music and sings sometimes too. Her favourite band of all time is The Smiths, with Johnny Marr being a huge musical influence of hers. She set up her music label, Pink Honey Music, during her last year at uni but at the moment she is loving writing about all things music.

Geena Ling (she/her)

Geena is a freelance writer from Newcastle with a love of poetry, rock music, travelling and winged eyeliner. When she's not in the mosh pit of a gig, Geena can be found selling vintage clothes on Depop to fund her vast book addiction. Her ultimate dream is to be a published novelist living in New York City.

Emily McIntyre (she/her) 

Emily is in her final year of studying Journalism at MMU. She is an aspiring music journalist and self-proclaimed emo - her all-time favourite artists being Paramore, All Time Low, Turnover, and Charlie XCX.

Autumn Jones (she/her)

Autumn is a music enthusiast from Phoenix, Arizona! She is incredibly passionate about music, in fact, it is very rare to spot Autumn without at least one headphone in. When Autumn isn't diving headfirst back into her high school emo phase, Autumn can be found painting, playing Animal Crossing (maybe a bit too much), or making weird resin jewellery!

Most Popular

Single Review: ‘Tell Me’ - Jay Moussa-Mann

by Ilana Hawdon The feeling of pure betrayal and heartbreak is perfectly captured in Jay Moussa-Mann’s latest single, ‘Tell Me’. Jay Moussa-Mann is the folk dream we have been waiting for. A favourite on BBC Introducing, Radio 6 and BBC Radio Tees, Jay ’s sound is easy on the ears but delightfully addictive. With a background in writing and film, she began her solo musical venture when she released her debut album, ‘Little Deaths’ in late-2019, and since then, Moussa-Mann has defined herself as an artist with unbelievable range and promise.    ‘Tell Me’ is completely timeless; with notes of Carole King and Joni Mitchell, Moussa-Mann creates a folk-inspired track which is simultaneously heart wrenching and strangely empowering. Beginning as a simple guitar tune, ‘Tell Me’ builds with layers of luscious strings and twinkling piano, tied together with Jay ’s vocal line which is equal parts melancholic and divine. The song feels unwaveringly intimate; the lyrics ask, ‘what was I worth?’

‘Make Tattooing Safe Again’: Sheffield Based Tattoo Artist Exposed for Indecent Behaviour

 by Emily Fletcher TW: SA, Animal Abuse, Transphobia Photo Credit: @ meiko_akiz uki Recently, an  Instagram account  has been created to provide a  ‘space to safely give a voice to those who want to speak out about the behaviour of one, Sheffield based tattoo artist’. A  total of 40+ posts have been made by the above social media account regarding  one of Sheffield's most popular tattoo artists .  Thankfully, all posts are prefaced with a Content Warning prior to sharing screenshots of the messages that have been sent anonymously to the page. The majority of Content Warnings refer to sexual behaviour, abuse, and sexual assault. It is clear that there is a reoccurring theme within each submission, as many clients appear to have had the same experiences with the tattoo artist. Women, mostly, are being made to feel uncomfortable while being tattooed. One of the most vulnerable positions anyone can be in, tattoo artists should make their clients feel comfortable and safe during the pro

Single Review: 'So Deep' - Brianna Knight

 by Emily Jackson New York-based singer-songwriter Brianna Knight’s latest track, 'So Deep', is a declaration of love without any soppiness; it’s pure soul. With a voice like honey that oozes power and control at the mastery level of some of her biggest influences (Lauryn Hill and H.E.R.), Brianna’s vocals soar.  ‘So Deep’ is an intoxicating listen and in just under three minutes, Knight sells you a whole story about fun, lust-filled young love. The heavy funk bass line evokes nostalgia, making you want to get up and dance, whilst keeping things contemporary by being an upbeat tale of passion rather than your bog-standard ballad. Brianna’s sound blends 90’s R’n’B with a modern take on Soul; hearing just the first few notes is enough to wish that she could narrate your wildest nights and worst heartaches.   As Brianna sings “you’re addictive to me” - you stop and realise that you may just be addicted to her. Just before you think the single couldn’t get better, the first verse c