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Darling Speaks to CRAWLERS Live From Tramlines

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Love Island Season 8 Review: Hit or Miss?

by Katie Wheatley After eight weeks of watching contestants find love in the sun, Love Island series eight has come to an end – and, wow, have the weeks flown by. With the drama unfolding from the very beginning and every hour providing something new for us to sink our teeth into, this series has been a hit for me – and will go down in Love Island history as one of the most memorable to date. I began this column by anticipating what would come of the show’s shocking collaboration with eBay UK. Though I was apprehensive to begin with, my expectations were raised after seeing the input Brett Staniland, a former Love Island contestant and slow fashion advocate, was having on the partnership. However, unfortunately, the collaboration has left me disappointed and longing for the missed chances they could have made the most of. Social media was key to the success of this campaign, and Love Island’s Instagram handlers missed the mark. Despite eBay UK posting about the islanders in the prelove


Heavy pressing Lower Stomach Treacly sweetness Slick oil Sick fingers Stomach never full Lust never staved My gusset stained Heady and delicious I'm delirious But not pregnant. by Olive McCoy

A First Look at Gaming Bar, Roxy Ball Room Sheffield

Legendary entertainment bar, Roxy Ball Room, is opening its latest venue in Sheffield on Friday 19th August offering a variety of games including American pool, beer pong, shuffleboard, ice-free curling and duckpin bowling. If you’ve enjoyed nights out in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, or Leeds over the past few years, the chances are you’ll have spent time in one of several popular Roxy Ball Room venues dotted around the north of England.   Since opening its debut venue in Leeds back in 2013, the booze and ball games bar brand has rapidly grown into something of an institution. Famous for its vast gaming options, lively atmosphere, and signature cocktails, Sheffield’s thriving nightlife scene is about to receive the Roxy treatment. The newest bar in the impressive Roxy Leisure portfolio will reside in the iconic Telephone House building, which has had many former lives as a popular entertainment venue over the years. Previously The O2 Academy concert venue, Telephone House was als


 by Emily Fletcher On the 31st of July 2022,  Chloe Kelly  threw off her shirt in celebration of scoring the winning goal for the  Women’s European Championship. 87,192 fans cheering at the top of their lungs, launching pints from stand to stand as Sweet Caroline echoes the stadium… England had beat Germany, 2-1. A historical moment.   However, Women’s Football has not always been admired as much as it is now.  Sexism in sports  is still very prominent, despite thankfully being ever-improving.  THE HISTORY OF WOMEN’S FOOTBALL   Women’s football has consistently fought for equality, respect, and support ever since the Football Association banned it in 1921 for 50 years.  The FA’s Consultative Committee stated: “Complaints having been made as to football being played by women, Council felt impelled to express the strong opinion that the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and should not be encouraged” In the aftermath of the First World War, an unidentified male professional


 by Olive McCoy Let me set you alight douse you in petrol strike a match carry your charred bones in my macabre procession and wrap you in moss take your eyes for baby's breath. I'll send you floating like fair Ophelia down the river to make life of your death to create a home for the cold-blooded in the chest I once rested upon. I must ask now, lover. why your affections lead me to such visceral imaginings. I wish so desperately, I had a god to pray to, maybe then my piety could sway my violent persuasion and instead of decay I could offer lush green at your altar, nourish your soul. Until then, I'Il take and burn your bones, and use your ash to fertilise my good green Earth

Novice Recipe: Creamy Lemon Spaghetti

by Emily Duff Portions: 2 bowls Time: 30 mins Ingredients: - 1 whole Lemon - 1 to 3 Garlic Clove/s - Splash of Olive Oil  - Pinch of Flour - TBSP Salt - 500ml Boiling Water - 175g Spaghetti  - Fistful of Grated Cheese (any - use VioLife etc to make vegan)  - Dash of Milk (any - use Oat etc to make vegan) - Mixed Herbs to taste - Pepper to taste Utensils: - Grater - Juicer (optional) - Pot - Frying pan - Hob - Knife Step-by-Step: 1, Roll out lemon to get the juices flowing. Grate the sides of the lemon and put zest to one side. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juices out either using your hands or a juicer.  2, Boil water in a pot, add the salt and spaghetti then leave to cook. 3, Thinly slice garlic. Add olive oil to a pan, allow to heat and then begin frying garlic.  4, Once garlic is crispy, add a dash of milk and pinch of flour. Continually stir to begin crating a roux before adding grated cheese and lemon juice.  5, After this has thickened, begin adding pasta water until th

Darling Speaks to GRANDMA’S HOUSE Live From Truck Festival

Lara Parry speaks to Yasmin Berndt (Vocals, Guitar), Poppy Dodgson (Vocals, Drums) and Zoë Zinsmeister (Bass), the members who make up Bristol-based queer punk trio Grandma’s House, ahead of their Sunday afternoon set at Truck Festival (July 24th).   Lara: Hi all! How is your first Truck Festival going?   Yasmin: We have just got here! I’m excited to check it out.   Lara: Who are you hoping to see at Truck?   Yasmin: One of mine is Baby Queen, we actually met her before we knew she was an artist, in Bristol, and she was really sweet. She was writing or recording in Bath, she was just in Bristol by chance. Shame are always amazing, I’ve seen them a few times now and they’re just insanely good. Lara: What’s it like being an all female queer punk band in a male dominated industry?   Yasmin: It’s very frustrating actually. It’s sad as well. We just know so many amazing non-male artists and we just want to see them do better. It’s good though - it feels nice that we’re women bringing someth