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Fashion Stakes High As Independent Brand The Vampire's Wife Announces Sudden Closure

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Gen Z, Despite Sunak’s Tactics, July’s General Election is Our Chance to Create Change

by Jess Clark   On Wednesday 22nd May, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the next general election would be held on Thursday 4th July.  Since the announcement, there has been some discussions on social media regarding the timing and the potential impact it could have on young voters, specifically students in this situation.  Due to the election being held in early summer, many students may be on holiday or may have moved home due to the end of the University year, and they may not be registered to vote at their home address.  This feels like a frustrating and subtle attempt at disenfranchising students, many of whom would not have been old enough to vote during the last general election in 2019.  As a result of this, it is absolutely vital that students who may be away or not registered at their address are aware of the options available to them to ensure that their vote is cast.  The deadline to register to vote is 23:59 on the 18th June. Students who may be at home for the su

Despite Cannes Film Festival’s Political Ban, Cate Blanchett Made a Subtle Pro-Palestine Fashion Statement

by Lois Geal The Cannes Film Festival braced for a tumultuous 77th edition as wars continue in Gaza and Ukraine. Taking place from May 14th - 25th, attendees and organizers anticipated protests, politically charged speeches, pins, and flags that signal solidarity with Palestinian civilians, Israeli hostages, and Ukrainians looking for more military assistance from the West as they try to fend off the Russian invasion. But, if the festival has its way, there will be none of that.  The city of Cannes preemptively banned protests along the Croisette and its surroundings during the 11-day festival. Likewise, the festival hired private security to trail the jurors, including Eva Green and  Lily Gladstone,  to keep activists from approaching them.  While the festival was initially amenable to a plan for Arab filmmakers to wear pins showing support for the Palestinians under siege in Gaza, instead they banned them as well as pins that pay homage to the more than 100 remaining Israeli hostages

We’re Putting You On to Nigerian Womenswear Brand, Aminda

by Lois Geal  The name Aminda embodies our essence, it is derived from "ami," meaning "to love," and "-inda," signifying "deserving of." Aminda celebrates the modern woman - confident, classy, and always ready to make a statement. Their mission is simple: to provide outfits that not only enhance natural elegance but also reflect personality. They believe that every classy and confident woman understands the power of fashion. With this in mind, they curated the “Rouge” collection. The collection is inspired by the fierceness and vibrant energy of the colour red. It tells a tale of sophistication, confidence, and unapologetic style. Titled “Rouge”, red is a hue that stimulates, energises, and amplifies physical presence, invoking a sense of passion and desire.  The collection also draws inspiration from the Robert Wun AW21 and Issey Miyake 87 campaigns.  The Creative Director of the campaign chose the title “Rogue as Red,”  incorporating  a movemen

Game, Set, Match! The Lowdown on Challengers’ Fashion Moments

by Faith Suronku-Lindsay Anything Zendaya is part of will always create nothing short of major fashion moments, and lucky for us she has served several looks on and off the court (or rather, on and off screen) over the last few months.    The only thing better than the many iconic looks throughout the course of the film, as designed by Loewe and JW Anderson’s Jonathan Anderson, are the ones worn during the press tour leading up to the film’s release.  Whilst the film only hit cinemas at the end of April, the iconic partnership between Zendaya and her longtime stylist, Law Roach, has yet again produced hit after hit.    A nod to Althea Gibson in the form of On’s classic replica is a highlight which seems to have gone largely unnoticed, an important ode to the first African American Grand Slam winner.  A subtle reminder that the character of Tashi Duncan’s position as a biracial female tennis player, turned manager, should not be pushed aside. A detail championed by Zendaya as she was pi