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Kornit Fashion Week London 2022: Inclusivity on the runway and in practice?

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Single Review: Martha Goddard - ‘Fighter’

 by Geena Ling Martha Goddard turns to self-reflection as the inspiration behind her latest release, Fighter . Following on from her upbeat debut single Mirror Vision released earlier this year, the track unveils a more melancholy side to Martha’s musical style. What starts off as a mellow, easy-listening track ascends into a dramatic emotional composition, exploring what it feels like to lose a part of yourself in a relationship. The lyrics are simplistic but contain plenty of depth, conjuring up a desolate, icy atmosphere. With skilfully crafted words, it gives off a real raw sense of vulnerability and weakness. A bold lyricist never fails to impress, and Martha delves deep inside her own head to publicly confront her feelings; a courageous feat to pull off so early in her career. Citing some of her main influences as Kate Bush and Mitski, the inspiration she has taken from them shines through in the track’s dreamlike vintage quality. The beauty in its overall sound is timeless, and

The Peach Tree

by Olive McCoy In my dreams, I choke On a tree that sprouts in my lungs I feel its treacherous vines in my veins Peaches swell behind my eyes I am tethered to the earth by its unrelenting roots I die, breathless on the growth I am quieted and crucified on the branches When I wake I look back and ponder the leaves that clouded my brain The sap that coated me and wonder What am I romanticising now?

Generator’s First Ever Live Festival: A Hit?

 by Geena Ling On Saturday, North East-based music agency Generator took over Newcastle's Boiler Shop to host their brand new festival, Generator Live. After a week of fringe events scattered across the city, the all-day festival was a true showstopper. The Boiler Shop was a great choice of venue given its status as one of the most iconic buildings in Newcastle; it really did justice to the vast array of talented musicians who took to the stage. Crowds began to gather from the moment the doors opened in the early afternoon, and continued to pour in throughout the day. With live DJs and pints flowing, it made for a warm, summery atmosphere - exactly what festival season is about! The event perfectly encapsulated the wonderful diversity of our local music scene, with performances from nine of the region's best rising stars (sadly Venus Grrrls were unable to perform on the day). Opening up were four-piece Lovely Assistant with bluesy, American-inspired beats. Then came John Dole,

Love Island: Are We Too Easily Fooled by Reality TV Narratives?

 by Katie Wheatley As we approach the end of the third week of Love Island series eight, it’s become apparent just how quickly things can change in reality television – and how drastically our perceptions of those we watch on our screens can switch up. But let’s not forget we only see an hour of each day in the villa, and how easily narratives can be scripted by Love Island’s talented production team. We’ve now seen a total of five contestants leave the show – Liam left on his own accord, and Afia, Remi, Ikenna and Amber were all voted out by the public. This year, I’ve been closely watching how they’ve acted since returning to their ‘normal’ lives and how they’ve used their newly-gained following, particularly on social media. Most interesting is the interviews Remi has done, where – to stir the pot – interviewers have been quick to ask if there’s anyone he disliked or didn’t get along with during his time on the island. It has come to public attention that Remi and Jacques didn’t get

love letter to the Peak District

love letter to the Peak District Summer Green   Finally, my olde lover, we reunite suburbia doesn’t have the same bite that it used to  and how I’ve missed you your wild winds that I try to grasp onto almost twisting my aching ankles  on the rocks below in doing so your glitteringly cold, yet sunny embrace licks the side of my emblazoned face and I’ll edge my cheek up to the trees stretching for more, howling at the hanging leaves eventually I’ll leave, the last bus leaves soon but I’ll never leave you, or you’ll never leave me though I’ll soon lay under another city’s tree.

‘Make Tattooing Safe Again’: Sheffield Based Tattoo Artist Exposed for Indecent Behaviour

 by Emily Fletcher TW: SA, Animal Abuse, Transphobia Photo Credit: @ meiko_akiz uki Recently, an  Instagram account  has been created to provide a  ‘space to safely give a voice to those who want to speak out about the behaviour of one, Sheffield based tattoo artist’. A  total of 40+ posts have been made by the above social media account regarding  one of Sheffield's most popular tattoo artists .  Thankfully, all posts are prefaced with a Content Warning prior to sharing screenshots of the messages that have been sent anonymously to the page. The majority of Content Warnings refer to sexual behaviour, abuse, and sexual assault. It is clear that there is a reoccurring theme within each submission, as many clients appear to have had the same experiences with the tattoo artist. Women, mostly, are being made to feel uncomfortable while being tattooed. One of the most vulnerable positions anyone can be in, tattoo artists should make their clients feel comfortable and safe during the pro

Generator Live Festival: Celebrating North East Talent

 by Geena Ling An exciting new music festival from Byker-based non-profit, Generator, is set to make its debut at Newcastle's Boiler Shop on June  25th . Generator Live aims to showcase the abundance of fantastic new talent bursting onto the North East music scene. The entirely local line-up features huge up-and-coming artists such as Bigfatbig, Straight Girl and Venus Grrrls, who will all take to the stage for the one-day event. As if that's not enough, Generator will also be hosting a series of fringe events in the week leading up to the festival. These will take place all across the city at iconic venues including Little Buildings, Zerox and The Cluny. Headlining throughout the week will be Komparrison, Ten Eighty Trees and Pave the Jungle, to name just a few. Best of all, the six gigs are all free to attend for those with a ticket to the main event! To top it off, the festival will be taking over legendary underground nightclub World Headquarters to throw an official after