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How Adaptive Fashion Creates Belonging for Disabled Individuals

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Ahead of Euro 2024, the England Men’s Football Squad Challenged Typical Sports Fashion

by Madeline Anderson This week, the men’s England squad for the Euro 2024 unveiled its pre-tournament team photo, with the 26-man roster skirting convention by donning separates from Marks and Spencer’s (M&S) Football Association (FA) Menswear collection in lieu of more formal matching suits. The photo has sparked debate online, with some criticising the outfit choices as an abrupt departure from the clothes worn in past team photos taken prior to major tournaments, which feature the players dressed in suits and ties. This year’s more laid-back black, tan, and off-white ensembles worn by the players are all part of the FA’s ongoing collaboration with M&S, which dates back to 2007 when the British high street retailer became the official suit supplier for the England men’s senior team. The FA extended the partnership in 2022, naming M&S as ‘Official Tailor’ to the England senior men’s and women’s squads. Building on the retailer’s existing relationship with the FA, the new t

Why Does the Beauty Industry Still Not Know How to Make Darker Foundations?

by Oana-Maria Moldovan In the beauty industry, where self-expression intersects with innovation, the pursuit of inclusivity has become a rallying cry for consumers and creators alike. This noble quest – which should be just the norm at this point – is often marred by missteps and oversights, as evidenced by the recent saga surrounding Youthforia’s “Date Night Skin Tint” Foundation. @Golloria on TikTok Launched with much fanfare last year, this product promised a radiant glow for everyone. However, the brand soon found itself caught in a controversy that highlighted the industry’s persistent struggle with diversity and its very subjective perspective on darker skin tones. At the heart of the issue lies the stark reality of limited shade ranges. Despite boasting fifteen shades upon its debut, Youthforia faced swift backlash for its failure to adequately cater to darker skin tones. This criticism reached its peak when beauty influencer Golloria George took to TikTok, her video currently h

Taipei Fashion Week Got Sporty

by Nkem Emefiele Taipei Fashion Week occurred on the 25th April with an aim of exhibiting all things “sport and fashion.” With the theme ‘Fully Equipped, Ready to Go’, Taipei Fashion Week featured several renowned brands, such as Justin XX, Claudia Wang and UUIN.   C JEAN Through the theme, various fashion designers were able to display the “fusion of fashion and athleticism” by experimenting with different fabrics, colours, and shapes.  Justin XX is known for being a brand that blends streetwear and Eastern art. Inspired by the motto "Taiwan Dreams, Taiwan Strength," the latest collection draws from the original colours of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee's emblem. The designs are categorised into four major themes: "Mountain," "Sea," "City," and "Plains," each transformed into unique garment patterns and prints.  As a homage to the grandeur of the Paris Olympics, Yuwing also translated artist Jiang Xian-Er’s work "Taiwan