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Helen Kirkum Made Lime Bikes and Trainer Tags Chic at London Fashion Week

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Rocky Star Takes Over London Fashion Week with Empowering ‘Moonlight Enigma’ Collection

by Tia Janowski Nestled within the jaw-dropping St John’s Church Hyde Park, Rocky Star unveiled their AW24 collection, ‘Moonlight Enigma’. A mesmerizing demonstration of power and allure, Rocky Stars' latest collection captivated and empowered the London Fashion Week attendees on the 19th of February.  The show was more than just a display of the garments, it was a theatrical performance that perfectly captured a collection inspired by the bravery of the Vikings and the mystique of the Nordic region. The entire collection and runway was an ode to strength, elegance, and the grandeur of history.   Founded in 1995, Rocky Star is on a mission to design luxury couture for modern men and women all over the world. Driven by his love for design and a tenacious commitment to quality craftsmanship, Rocky Star showcases Indian-inspired designs to tell tales about the brand’s determination to revolutionise fashion worldwide. The brand's unique garments are crafted by passionate artisans w

Fashion Scout Presented the Future of Chinese Designers at London Fashion Week

by Yuan-Yuan Watkis Presenting AFMN, CHIYUE, E7W STUDIIO, LADECENTE, and GORGIYA, Fashion Scout brought the future of Chinese Designers to London Fashion Week attendees.  AFMN With its creative use of negative space and heart-shaped motifs woven across the runway, AFMN's collection captivated onlookers. The sculptures' architectural lines were emphasized by the minimalist colour scheme, and their juxtaposition between soft and hard materials gave them depth. Ophelia Song's avant-garde designs demonstrated a current sensibility with clean lines and subtle sophistication, skilfully fusing spontaneity, and elegance. The collection's unique quality was its capacity to arouse feelings through minimalism. Viewers were encouraged to investigate the dynamic interaction between structure and fluidity as each outfit conveyed a different message. AFMN's collection was a lesson in balance and proportion, with sleek forms and expansive shapes that redefined modern design.   GORG

UA in UK Presented Upcycling, European Traditions, and Ukrainian Production at London Fashion Week

by Tia Janowski   Held at Stationers’ Hall, UA in the UK celebrated the 40th anniversary of London Fashion Week while also commemorating the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine.  The event showcased four new and small Ukrainian clothing brands, celebrating the incredible talent and creativity of Ukrainian designers who are making waves in the fashion world despite the effects of the war in Ukraine.   Founded in November 2022 by Aleksandra Volkova, who is also the founder of Volkova PR & Fashion Agency, UA in UK Community unites Ukrainians in the fashion and beauty industry to champion and support Ukrainian fashion brands in the UK. Volkova PR & Fashion Agency allocates 10% of its profits to organise free events for UA in UK Community members, hosting over 100 events to aid Ukrainian refugees and start-ups.   The runway started with Innna’s demi-couture designs that are a versatile blend suitable for any occasion. Crafted in London, the collection showcased neutral tones an

The Popularity and Controversy of Fashion’s “Mob Wife” Aesthetic

by Oana-Maria Moldovan Just a few days into 2024, TikTok content creators boldly announced the demise of minimalist trends and the rise of the “mob wife” aesthetic phenomenon (after a failed attempt by fashion enthusiasts to make “eclectic grandpa” the aesthetic of the year).  The statement made by these short videos declared a shift from the “clean girl” style to the emerging trend of the mob wife era, rapidly gaining traction across various corners of the internet. Despite its questionable ties to mobster associations, the “mob wife” aesthetic doesn’t actually have much to do with any criminal activity. Truth be told? It was a publicity stunt, more or less – or a marketing tactic, if you wish – created by HBO for the 25th anniversary of “The Sopranos”. Simply put, they wanted people, Gen Z, and Millenials especially to get hyped up by it enough to watch – or rewatch – the show on their streaming program. “The Sopranos” made by David Chase was a TV show that ran from 1999 to 2007 and