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Artist Spotlight: Ione

Sensational singer-songwriter Ione is back for 2021 with her new poignant EP 'The Tide Is Changing'. Expect powerful vocal arrangements, sleek productions and relatable themes told through candid lyrics.  Hailing from Manchester, UK, Ione's love of singing began in her church choir at the age of three. She went on to become a session singer and backing vocalist at just 14 and has enjoyed a rich and exciting career to date.    Ione has performed with the likes of GORILLAZ, Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate) and Paul Heaton. In 2007, she moved to London to further her career and was soon invited to join a European and American Tour as backing vocalist to singer Adam Green. It doesn't stop there. In 2016 she was one of the original singers in the much-acclaimed "Haçienda Classical" project which saw legendary Manchester DJ's Graeme Park and Mike Pickering along with a 70 piece Orchestra re-work some of the best dance tunes from the Haçienda era. Ione sang lead on th

Single Review: Imojen - ‘Angus’

by Jade Bailey The magnificent Imojen has returned with their second single ‘Angus’, sharing their passion for feminism in a graceful yet evocative ballad. This slow-burning track highlights Imojen’s amazing vocal capabilities, as well as many social issues surrounding men. Based in Brighton, this singer-songwriter was inspired by the likes of K.D Lang and Lucious as well as their own experiences in being a part of the LGBTQ community. Imojen’s debut track ‘Raptures’ is full of passion and love but ‘Angus’ goes one step further and shows a huge progression in talent and songwriting. ‘Angus’ starts with a folk-inspired acoustic guitar, accompanied by stunning lyrics- “You lie through your teeth when you open up”. This unapologetic first line really sets the scene for this track, despite being sung with such beauty. I almost overlooked the excruciating pain behind these words at first! The imagery used is dramatic too, truly painting a picture within this spectacular work of art - “I’ll

Album Review: Borito - ‘What We Have Now’

by Olive McCoy In a world that has been torn apart by global challenges that have left many feeling helpless, Tel Aviv band Borito’s first independent release ‘What We Have Now’ showcases the sweeter side of life. This intrinsically summery album takes its listeners to a recent and fondly remembered past of warm nights and comfortable intimacy. The reminiscent nature of the album is accentuated by heady, breathy vocals and distorted guitar, particularly on tracks ‘Sugar’ and ‘Face’. Conversely, light, synth melodies induce a certain nostalgia in tracks such as ‘Nice & Slowly’. The entire album feels as though it is devoted to its own sentimentality, emulating bands that were in their height in the mid-00s such as The Vaccines and the Kooks. Despite what could be seen as a rehash of commonly touched upon themes, the album is utterly fresh. The essence of the hottest summer nights. Playful and warm, the piece does what it sets out to do and “celebrates the sweetness of life that can

Edinburgh artist, Indoor Foxes, releases debut 7” vinyl

Hyped by the likes of BBC Radio One, BBC Scotland, GigWise, Happy People, Little Indie Blogs and gathering a loyal fan base all over the UK. Edinburgh artist, Indoor Foxes, is set to release her debut 7” vinyl release via new Scottish based indie label, Classy Lassy, on March 2nd.  Indoor Foxes (otherwise known as Martha Barr) commented, “I can’t honestly believe that I’m finally releasing a vinyl. As a vinyl lover myself this means so much to me to finally have a physical copy of my music that people can keep forever and pass onto their kids like my dad did for me. It’s a little piece of me that will become part of peoples history”. Lou Rogers, founder of Classy Lassy, also goes on to say, “I’ve been gearing myself up to set up a vinyl based record label the last year or so and I’m so gassed that I’m finally pressing! The label was set up really so I can get bands and artists that I love on vinyl! It's a format that so many artists and bands want to press too but it's not the

Single Review: Ebony Buckle - 'Wonder'

by Ilana Hawdon "Hello, where’s your signal?" Singing into the void, crying out into the vastness of the ocean and never knowing if your call will ever be heard. This is the heartbreaking feeling perfectly captured by Ebony Buckle in her new single, 'Wonder'. Inspired by "the world’s loneliest whale", the song tells the strangely relatable story of a whale whose high-frequency call is believed to be inaudible to others in the Pacific. The London-based musician has been blessing our ears with her dulcet tones since her debut single 'Dark Place' was released in 2018. Her discography highlights her true gift for storytelling, and 'Wonder' is her most captivating tale yet. "Hello, are you out there?" 'Wonder' connects the magnitude of the ocean with that of space, awakening a sense of anxiety, as well as curiosity and, well, wonder towards these otherworldly, unexplored spaces. Luke Taylor’s music video sees Buckle navigating th

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Artist Spotlight: NERiMA

NERiMA is a young alt-indie rock band from Toronto who pay homage to their punk-rock roots while mixing in the modern alt scene. NERiMA explores a unique mix of genres in their sonically diverse music. With influences ranging from rock bands like Green Day and Paramore to alternative breakthrough artists such as Twenty One Pilots and Arctic Monkeys, this new and growing band showcases a variety of sounds: upbeat instrumentation with powerful vocals, mellow songs with softly-sung, hard-hitting lyrics, and much more in between. Made up of Alexi, Alex, and Connor — the three musicians explore their diverse individual tastes and mix them into one distinctive sound. With the unique musical backgrounds of each member, NERiMA’s passion is driven by life-long musical interests and experience, inspiration from their favourite artists, and even admiration of music's place in modern society.  While most members have long histories with their instruments and their love of music, all three cont