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Earth Day: How Our Fashion Habits Impact the Planet (And What We Can Do Instead)

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Why Are Gen Z Opting for California Sober Lifestyles?

by Michaela Piontková It’s a warm spring Saturday, a day perfect for a hot girl walk. Today, however, the air doesn’t only  smell like blossoming flowers - and the soundtrack to your walk isn’t children laughing in the playground.   Rather, the air brings you back to life in uni halls and you hear adult giggles instead. Yes, today is 420.  Associating the smell of marijuana with student accommodation might sound irrelevant to some.  After all, not all students smoke, and it’s a common perception that majority drink, just like the all other adults.  If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have Dry January.  This year, however, the trend changed into what some called High January. As the name suggests, some people swapped alcohol for marijuana, very similar to the Cali Sober trend that appeared few years ago.  At the time more countries legalised the drug, many of the older Gen Z and young millennials found themselves cutting down their alcohol usage and transitioning into smoking or digesting weed.

Ukraine’s Traditional Clothing and LITKOVSKA’s Folkloric Motifs

  by Oana-Maria Moldovan In the last two years, Ukraine has garnered significant international attention, although often for less favorable reasons. However, we are not talking about politics (or are we?) today. We are talking about art, fashion, and creation – with a little bit of history. Ukraine is a Slavic Eastern European country that can be tracked town – like most of its neighboring countries – as far back as ancient times in history. Various tribes, including the Scythians, Sarmatians, and Cimmerians, inhabited the area around the Black Sea. In the 9th century, Kyiv (Kiev) became the center of the powerful East Slavic state known as Kyivan Rus’. Under the rule of Prince Volodymyr the Great in the 10th century, Kyivan Rus’ converted to Christianity, primarily following the Byzantine Orthodox tradition – remember this part for later, we will need it. This conversion played a significant role in shaping Ukrainian culture and identity. In the 13th century, Kyivan Rus’ was occupied

Kombucha and… Vegan Leather?

by Hannah Barnett As the climate crisis worsens, and fast fashion continues to be one of the biggest negative impacts, scientists have now turned to living organisms for solutions.  Kombucha, a fermented drink using tea that has recently skyrocketed in popularity due to its unique approach to positive health changes, has once again taken society by surprise. A recent discovery by scientists found that it contains a byproduct called ‘SCOBY.’ Meaning it’s a symbiotic culture of bacteria that can turn into vegan leather!  The process of creating SCOBY is five steps long; Harvesting, Purification, Moulding and Shaping, drying and eventually finishing - sometimes being treated with natural oils or dyes on occasion to make the material water resistant. It's a hardcore, dense cycle that fashion companies have to be fully committed to if they agree to carry it out.  This has turned the heads of environmentally aware fashion designers who are now trying to incorporate this regenerative form