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The Impact of Disabled Representation in Fashion on Mental Health

by Laaibah Amjad Representation of disability in fashion media is a crucial component of creating a just and inclusive society. When individuals with disabilities are accurately and positively depicted in fashion magazines, campaigns, and on runways, it shatters stereotypes, celebrates inclusivity, and cultivates a more understanding and accepting environment. By showcasing individuals with disabilities in diverse and fashionable roles, the fashion industry plays a pivotal role in breaking down barriers and rewriting the narrative. One of the key benefits of disability representation in fashion media is its positive impact on mental health for both individuals with disabilities and the broader community. Authentic portrayals can elevate self-esteem, foster a sense of belonging, and enhance mental well-being. When individuals with disabilities see themselves represented positively in fashion media, it is validating and empowering. This representation helps combat feelings of isolation a

Inma de Reyes On Working Class Filmmaking and Spanish Culture Following ‘The Boy and the Suit of Lights’ Premiere at DocFest

by Josie Reaney “I was trying to come into the film without judgement... I had to see the world through him, not through me.”   Sheffield DocFest took over the city from the 12th to the 17th of June, with Friday night screening ‘The Boy and the Suit of Lights.’  It was a moving and thought-provoking debut feature length documentary by director Inma De Reyes, who won the Grand Jury Award for the festival’s International First Feature Competition.  The film follows Borja, a young boy from the Spanish town of Castellón, navigating his adolescence against the backdrop of his culture.  Alongside acting as a father figure to his little brother, he supports his mother with their daily financial challenges. Already a moving narrative, the documentary shows Borja’s family enrol him in their local Bullfighting School - aiming for fame and a safer future.  Growing up in Spain’s bullfighting capital sets the foundations of Borjas coming of age years. The bullring is the pulse of the town and seems

A Tribute to the Sultry French Fashion of Françoise Hardy

by Josie Reaney Françoise Hardy was a starlet, a fashion icon, the ultimate sad romantic.  Hardy’s passing on June 11th caused quiet waves, similarly to her own fame and career. She lived her life sensitively and modestly, an ironic poster child for ‘60s pop culture.  If you've ever searched for 'French style,’ you've undoubtedly come across her profound influence on fashion and our contemporary style. To give a bit of history, she lived a largely sober life, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and disapproving of casual sex. The one true love for Hardy was surely her music, with a career spanning over five decades and nearly thirty albums to show for it, her creative stamina proved prolific. Hardy was born in Nazi occupied Paris in 1944, raised by her mother. Her youthful summers spent with family friends in Austria began her love affair with music, where a teenage Hardy tuned to Radio Luxembourg and dreamt her way through The Everly Brothers, Elvis and Brenda Lee - a diet of arti

Incident at Taylor Swift Concert Sparks Sexist Comments, Highlighting Persistent Victim-Blaming on Social Media

by Tia Janowski  Two weeks ago, Taylor Swift began the UK leg of her Eras tour, in Edinburgh, where a 64-year-old man was arrested and charged with alleged voyeurism at one of her shows.  Following the incident, the man has since been released and will appear in court at a later date. News outlets have released scarce details about what happened, yet it has led to mixed reactions on TikTok - with the majority blaming it on Swift’s outfits.  Voyeurism is when someone gets sexual pleasure from watching, photographing or recording others in private settings without their permission. The charge suggests the man’s actions were likely targeted at Swift’s fans rather than the artist herself.  Despite this, many people on TikTok are shaming Swift, with the comments rushing to hate on her for the man’s actions. Lack of detail about the incident has fuelled comments such as; “If she is showing it???? What do you expect” and “Uh, she shows her ass through the entire thing. What do you expect?” Th

The Art of Fashion: How Gallery Masterpieces Inspire Runway Masterpieces

by Margherita Farano Art and fashion have long been intertwined, with designers drawing inspiration from the works of renowned artists to create captivating runway collections.  For Spring/Summer ‘24, Andreas Moskin’s collection inspired by  A Bigger Splash  by David Hockney is notable.  Hockney is known for using vivid colours and, specifically in Moskin’s reference painting, pastel pink and yellow stand out most - these shades being translated across the Moskin collection.  The new Moskin garments are characterised by vibrant colours that capture the joyful air of spring. Among bold palazzo pants and bermuda shorts, the designer takes up the angular shapes shown in the form of deconstructed or no-collar blazers. The peculiarity lies in the square shape of the shoulders, handcrafted while maintaining the brand’s signature aesthetic.  While Andres Moskin’s latest collection channels the vibrant tone and geometric forms of David Hockney’s  A Bigger Splash , other brands have also left t