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Creative Ways to Infuse Bright Colours into Your Wardrobe

by Laaibah Amjad When it comes to fashion, the power of colour cannot be overstated. Elevating your outfits with vibrant hues adds personality and flair, we’ve got some ingenious ways to incorporate colours into your wardrobe. Colour Blocking  Something more modern, master the art of colour blocking. Mix and match complementary or contrasting colours strategically to create visually striking combinations - think blue and yellow, or pink and purple. Blazers  Blazers are such a timeless and versatile piece and investing in a colourful blazer can instantly transform your look. Opt for bold shades like cobalt blue, emerald green, or fiery red    to make a statement. Pair your vibrant blazer with neutral tones for balance to ensure it becomes the focal point of your ensemble.  Shoes A key foundation for a good outfit that's often overlooked, Shoes are an easy way to add a pop of colour. Look no further than Daniela Uribe’s Italian-made footwear. Their footwear collection boasts bold, co

Claude Montana, the Late Fashion Designer Who Defined an Entire Decade

by Hannah Barnett The French designer, once known as the ‘king of the shoulder pad’, Claude Montana has died at the age of 76, leaving a legacy behind him that has changed the scope of fashion forever.   The term  ‘Power Dressing’  didn’t come from nowhere. Montana curated this movement when his harsh, overpowering silhouettes automatically defined this fashion fluctuation. This was majorly Inspired by childhood core memories, when he spent endless days absorbing the lavish costumes and architecture of the theatre world, where glamor, performance and delightful costume design consumed his childhood.  This can later be seen when the end of his career was unfolding and he took the glitz and beauty route when he produced his best-selling perfume  ‘Montana Pour Femme’.   The embroidered dress  in 1979 was one of the first perfectionist and un - destructive sculpting within his work that dubbed this movement under his name. Famously known for its intricate detailing: 110 hours of hand beadi

Fashion Scout’s Future Collectives Show Presented New Visionaries at London Fashion Week

by Miette Dsouza Fashion Scout hosted three upcoming fashion designers at London Fashion Week (LFW) AW24, each with very different aesthetics and concepts.  As the models stepped onto the white runway which stood in stark contrast to the colourful graffiti-laden walls outside in Shoreditch, Alex S. Yu, JASIVE and The Tis brought the runway alive with their visionary designs. Alex S. Yu Alex S. Yu’s collection brought reinvigorated the runway with colour as models clothed in vibrantly dyed tule, fun prints and ruffles galore. It is rare to see such bright pinks, reds and purples in AW collections, as designers usually adhere to a darker colour palette but Alex did a fantastic job of creating a certain harmony with the vivid colour scheme and not playing it safe.  Alex’s capsule 006, Alex Through the Look Glass collection almost reminds me of the Alice Through the Looking Glass movie, as far as the bright palette and dynamic prints go. This resonates with Alex’s ethos which is to intrica

Why Didn't We Celebrate Paloma Elsesser's Fashion Awards Success?

by Oana-Maria Moldovan  In the late afternoon of December 3, 2023, a scene unfolded at the Sunset Tower Hotel that would later echo through the fashion industry. The Fashion Awards is an annual event organized by the British Fashion Council, honoring designers, models, and others, with the repercussions of these award winners being a common topic of discussion recently.  The Model of the Year category featured Paloma Elsesser as a nominee, and an unusual sentiment lingered throughout the day – a silent plea not to win from the model herself. In the aftermath of the event, the model penned a heartfelt essay for The Cut to candidly share her experience after, to her dismay, winning the Model of the Year award.  Despite the celebration of this milestone, Paloma faced a barrage of online criticism and hate. In her reflection, she delves into the complex dynamics of the fashion industry. She addressed issues of inclusivity, body image, and the struggle for acceptance in a – if I can say – a

Heart-warming and Heart-breaking: A Review of ‘Memory’

by Shamiso Chimbo  Memory was both a heart-warming and heart-breaking film which sees Sylvia (Jessica Chastain) and Saul’s (Peter Sarsgaard) paths collide as they struggle to put the past behind them and move towards an uncertain future.  As the movie opens, we are introduced to Sylvia, a single mother working as a social worker who has been sober for 13 years. The film’s leads meet as Sylvia attends her high school reunion and is followed by Saul to her apartment door.   As the film’s title suggests, the theme of past experiences is integral to the plot. Sylvia struggles with memories of her past and her difficult childhood bleeding into her present.   It also explores how unreliable people’s memories can be when Sylvia recalls an early experience which poses grave consequences for her relationship with Saul.  Saul struggles with remembering his recent past but has no issues with reminiscing about his distant memories.  For much of the film, both Sylvia and Saul are struggling with th