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Glastonbury Drama: Rina Sawayama Calls Out Matty Healy for Toxicity in UK Music

by Josie Sharp In a powerful display of activism, Japanese alt pop singer Rina Sawayama took a stand against Matty Healy during her recent performance at Glastonbury.  As an artist who has been curating music since 2013 and accumulated a dedicated fan base, Sawayama's bold actions shed light on an issue that has long plagued the music industry. Given a global audience to this discussion was a much needed step in the right direction. During the introduction of her song 'STFU', Sawayama expressed her frustration, declaring, "I'm sick and tired of microaggressions. This song goes out to a white man who watches Ghetto Gaggers and mocks Asian people on a podcast. He also owns my masters. I've had enough."  It was a clear reference to The 1975's lead singer, Matty Healy, who has recently faced criticism for his remarks on 'The Adam Friedland Show'. Matty Healy previously served as the director of the label 'Dirty Hit,' which signed Rina in 20

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Outfits: A Fashion Journey Through Her Musical Evolution

by Ally McLaren Taylor Swift has come a long way since her debut in 2009, and her current Era's Tour is a testament to her incredible growth and success. Spanning over three hours and breaking records for ticket sales, this dazzling spectacle showcases the evolution of Swift's image through a carefully curated collection of outfits, reflecting the different eras of her 10 studio albums. Join us as we take a closer look at Taylor Swift's captivating fashion choices throughout her musical journey. Fearless Era: Kicking off the tour with a nod to her country roots, Taylor dazzles in two gold fringe dresses by Roberto Cavalli, paired with silver bedazzled knee-high Christian Louboutin boots. This nostalgic ensemble perfectly captures the essence of her Fearless era. Speak Now Era: For her mesmerizing performance of "Enchanted" from the Speak Now album, Taylor enchants the stage in a series of breathtaking gowns. From a glittering golden ball gown by Nicole + Felicia t

International LGBTQ+ Pride Day Spotlight: Unveiling the Activism and Glamour of Political Drag Artist Jayde Justyce

Welcome to a captivating conversation with Jayde Justyce (She/He/They), an extraordinary 19-year-old drag artist making waves in the vibrant Arizona drag scene.  Jayde's performances transcend the boundaries of entertainment, tackling pressing issues ranging from gun violence to the existing drag bans within their home state. In this exclusive interview, our writer, AJ Craig, delves into Jayde's recent projects, go-to makeup essentials, and admiration for the talented Rina Sawayama. AJ: First and foremost, let me express my genuine admiration for your incredible work. It's truly inspiring to witness someone as young as you fearlessly pursuing their passion during these challenging times. I'm thrilled to explore your unique perspective through these thought-provoking questions.   So to start off with, I think it would be really cool for you to introduce yourself to our readers! If you could summarise in roughly a couple of sentences? Jayde: Hello hello! Thank you so much

Kate Moss Oozes Fashion in Return to Role as Creative Director of Diet Coke

by Jagoda Waszkowiak Kate Moss, the renowned 90s supermodel, has created a buzz as the Creative Director of Diet Coke at Coca-Cola. This collaboration has captured the attention of fashion and beverage enthusiasts alike, signaling a fresh and innovative approach to brand partnerships. As Creative Director, Kate Moss plays a pivotal role in shaping the Diet Coke brand, contributing to captivating advertising campaigns and designing limited-edition packaging. This all-encompassing involvement reflects the evolving landscape of brand collaborations, where the convergence of fashion and lifestyle is increasingly influential. Diet Coke has always exuded an effortless coolness, appealing to a diverse range of consumers with its light and refreshing taste. Now, with Kate Moss at the helm as Creative Director, the brand embarks on a nostalgic journey with its Season 2 campaign. This campaign, titled 'Diet Coke by Kate Moss, Love What You Love,' pays homage to the iconic Diet Coke ads o

Glastonbury Drama: Lana Del Rey's Late Arrival Sparks Controversy and Sexism Debate

by Phoenix Atkinson This years Glastonbury festival brought unforgettable moments, including unexpected performances like Rick Astley covering The Smiths and AC/DC (a truly legendary experience).  However, amidst all the excitement, one incident stole the spotlight and sparked a heated debate. Lana Del Rey, renowned singer-songwriter, arrived 30 minutes late for her set - a pretty common occurrence in the music industry.  Yet, this instance received disproportionate attention, revealing underlying issues of sexism and mental health are still prevalent.  Image: Joseph Okpako/WireImage Late arrivals at music festivals are not uncommon due to the inherent challenges of running events on schedule. To illustrate this point, let's consider a hypothetical scenario: imagine if a prominent band like Guns N' Roses were three hours late for a packed concert at Manchester Arena. The consequence? They would likely secure a headline slot at Glastonbury, obviously! This demonstrates how the