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The Revealing Truth about Sexual Assault: Why are clothes still a factor in rape cases?

by Josie Sharp The clothes we wear are a form of self-expression and identity, yet it seems that over half of the British population believe that if one chooses to wear revealing clothing, they are asking for attention and trouble.  The polling company ‘D-CYFOR’ completed a survey asking the public if they thought that if women wear less clothing, the likelihood of them experiencing harassment or assault is much higher. This survey was completed by 1104 adults and seen to be accurately representative of the population of the United Kingdom; it showed that 55% of men agreed with the statement and even 2/5th of women did too.   Despite large efforts to dispel this untruth done by the police through awareness campaigns, this myth continues to exist across generations. The circumstances and the subject of rape is often relayed back to the victim, blaming them for their personal choices, rather than fully blaming the perpetrator.   It is a blatant misconception that the clothes women choose

Green is the New Black: Coachtopia's Eco-Friendly Fashion Revolution

by Yuan-Yuan Watkis Let us welcome Coachtopia, the sustainable fashion brand that embodies not only style, but also innovation and environmental responsibility.  Committed to sustainability, Coachtopia is making waves in the fashion industry by integrating eco-friendly practices into its core values. As a branch of the globally recognized fashion brand Coach, Coachtopia shares the same dedication to sustainability. Coach has introduced initiatives such as the Coach Forever collection, which utilizes recycled materials to create new products, and the Coach Repair program, which promotes product repairs over buying new items. Coachtopia's bags feature a unique blend of recycled and upcycled materials, giving them a distinct eco-friendly appeal.  Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, Coachtopia bags incorporate elements such as sustainable hardware, recycled lining, and eco-friendly trimmings. The designs are timeless and versatile, catering to various fashion preferences and

Coachella: Performers Best Dressed

by Emily McIntyre  Coachella might be a music festival, but it’s quickly become one of the most anticipated events of the year when it comes to fashion - and 2023 was no different.   Whilst all eyes are often on the star-studded line up of influencer and celeb attendees’ outfits, there’s often a lot of anticipation surrounding what the performing artists will wear too.   With style and trends ever changing, each year is different, and 2023 has given us a whole diverse range of on stage festival fits. Here’s the best: Kali Uches Showing that denim truly never goes out of style, Uchis wore a cropped corset style top decorated with crystals and blue butterflies paired with a matching denim pleated miniskirt.  Her shoes were knee high denim boots which, of course, matched the rest of her outfit and were also decorated with blue butterflies.  Tying the look together was her bedazzled statement belt, which featured a plaque displaying her name - very early 2000s, truly proving that the nough

Fashion: A Portal to the Future

by Gina Brennan The fashion industry is one that relies on foreseeing the future. From guessing what customers want to see on mannequins to predicting the major trends of the season, fashion aspires to reflect the future of society.  By now, we all know the importance of bringing diversity to the forefront of the industry - everyone deserves to see themselves reflected on runways and billboards.  But we must understand that there is another, less overt, reason to have fashion lead the way in diversity; its unique mission is to showcase the future of the fashion runway. With runways watched by people across the world, they truly have the power to shape the diversity of the future.  In its quest to reflect our future, the fashion industry also moulds it.  Munroe Bergdorf, model, trans rights activist, author, and contributing editor of  Vogue , sums this phenomenon up perfectly:  “ Fashion is more than escapism or fantasy. Fashion can quite literally act as a portal to the future that we

Zendaya Returns to the Stage as Labrinth’s Surprise Act at Coachella’s Second Weekend

by Emily Duff On April 22nd, Zendaya, the star of blockbuster movies including 2022’s Dune and Marvel’s Spiderman, made a surprise on-stage appearance at Coachella. The A-lister got on stage with headliner, Labrinth, for Coachella’s second Weekend, performing tracks including ‘I’m Tired’ and ‘All For Us’. These singles are straight from the infamous soundtrack of Euphoria, in which Zendaya stars as Rue Bennett, and was an instant hit among fans.  Last year, “I’m Tired”, which was co-written by Zendaya, received an Emmy nomination in the ‘outstanding original music and lyrics’ category.  In fact, another Emmy-nominated track from the teen drama was ‘Elliot’s Song’, written by Zendaya and Dominic Fike, who will also be performing as part of Coachella’s lineup.  Having trended on TikTok when the album first dropped last year, this performance may cause a revival of its popularity.  Her shock appearance created a huge buzz on social media, with fans sharing videos from the concert and live

Coachella: Festival-goers Best Dressed

by Emily McIntyre The hottest Influencer event, Coachella, of the year wrapped up this week and here’s the fashion debrief.  This year, as with every year, the anticipation was high to see who was was wearing what - and which looks earned them a spot on a Coachella best dressed list.   This year was a little different than usual. Whilst previous years have seen festival chic in its  prime , (we all remember Vanessa Hudgens’ yearly fits right?), 2023 has seen a huge decrease in experimental festival fashion.   Many celebs, notably including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, opted for a lot less feather and glitter this year, swapping it for more basic jeans and a t-shirt combos. Whilst effective in solidifying their celeb status, it was a little underwhelming.   However, there were still many attendees this year that did not come to  play.  Although straying from the infamous boho looks from previous years, this year we saw guests taking a twist on festival fits that proved that we are truly st