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Male Violence Against Women Is A National Epidemic And Needs To Be Taken Seriously

by Libby Pierzak-Pee Each day brings an endless stream of news reports that yet  another woman’s life has been brutally snatched away from her by  another man.   On 9 July, three women, Carol Hunt, 61, Hannah Hunt, 28, and Louise Hunt, 25, were murdered in a targeted attack at their home in Bushey, Hertfordshire. Officers were called to the property, after neighbours heard screams. Sadly, all three women were pronounced dead at the scene.   A major manhunt was launched for suspect, Kyle Clifford, 26, who was discovered by armed police in a cemetery in Enfield, North London the following day. Clifford was arrested on 11 July on suspicion of three counts of murder.   The coverage of this devastating case has been nothing short of disgusting. Reporting has been laced with misogyny, victim-blaming and the classic white male “he was such a nice guy” treatment.   Countless news articles from the likes of Sky News, The Sun and The Daily Mail, failed to refer to Carol, Hannah and Louise by the

The Importance of Employing Disabled People in the Fashion Industry

by Laaibah Amjad The fashion industry has the power to shape societal norms and change perceptions  of beauty and identity.  Despite this influential role, the industry has historically fallen  short of embracing diversity, particularly when it comes to including disabled  individuals. As we progresses towards greater inclusivity, it is imperative for the  fashion industry to reflect these movements by actively employing disabled creatives. This is not only challenging outdated stereotypes but also brings a myriad of benefits from  enhanced creativity to improved brand loyalty.  By making deliberate efforts to include  disabled individuals, the fashion industry can pave the way for a more inclusive and  representative future. Diversity is a powerful driver of creativity and innovation. Disabled people bring unique  perspectives and experiences that can inspire new ideas and approaches to fashion  design, marketing, and production. Their insights can lead to the creation of  adaptive cl

A Look Back on Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week

by Michaela Piontkov√° Prague is becoming a more and more popular tourist destination, especially with the Brits. Many know it for its sightseeing, cheap beer, and festivals, but what about the fashion scene? Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week (MBPFW) might not be as famous as its other international brothers, but one thing is for sure. It’s perfectly organized. Never have I ever attended a show that started on time, while here it was ten minutes before the estimated start and all the models stood in the lineup ready to go. Other than the exceptionally good organisation, the MBPFW works similarly to other fashion weeks. VIPs, less-VIPs, press, red carpet, and one brilliant show after another. Like other fashion weeks, Prague also presents home designers as well as international ones. Here are our picks of designers you should check out! Tobias Schubert While still studying at the prestigious Prague University UMPRUM, he’s already established his name on the Czech fashion scene with his b