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Amy Lou - Issue Two Full Interview

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?  I grew up mostly doing musical theatre, went through a lot of singing lessons and theatre stuff from a very young age but I was surrounded by a lot of amazing music from my dad and grandad, lots of Fleetwood Max and Kate Bush, and around 14 I picked up the guitar and never really stopped. What’s been your greatest experience as a musician? I’m lucky to have been given so much support from the amazing team at BBC Scotland, my single Tonic Wine got its first radio AirPlay on the afternoon show there - there’s a line in the song that says “and here’s to the gay kids” - I was actually in the studio when they played the long and just hearing those words “and here’s to the gay kids” get played over national radio was just one of those moments where I was like “wow now that’s really cool”  Which artists inspire you? I grew up loving Kate Bush - the way she takes no compromises as an artist is incredible - especially considering the bulk of her c