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Sexplorations with AJ: How Netflix’s Sex Education Helped Me Have Painless Sex

Hello and, while I might be late to the punch, happy new year! January is arguably the worst month of the year (sorry Capricorns), so I’m relieved to have finally entered February. Not just because of the Blue Monday month, but also because I’m ready to share my experience with vaginismus.  “What's that?” I hear you ask. All in good time, dear reader, all in good time. This issue spiked my interest in sexual health and talking about sex with other people, hence why Sexplorations exists. So, with that being said, let's go back to the beginning of my vaginismus journey. Picture this: It's 2019, Teresa May has just resigned, is now TikTok, and the first season of comedy drama series Sex Education has just dropped on Netflix. I was starting my last year of my A-levels in 2019 and vividly remember watching downloaded episodes of Sex Ed during study sessions - don't do that in your study sessions, please. During my drama class, my classmates and I would talk about

The Importance of Pale Neutrals in Your Wardrobe

by Nkem Emefiele The ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of 2024 has been circulating social media all month, with leopard prints, fur coats and denim on denim having been a recurring feature.   But we’re petitioning for cream, whites and beiges to make everyone’s lists.   Those specific shades are going to make a loud comeback in 2024, this is    due to their versatility and their lack of complexity in the styling process.  Styled with elegant ruffle stitching gives a chic appearance no matter how dressed down it is. Clothes such as cream linen, white blouses and beige ruffle tops and dresses started getting attention last year and, in 2024, they will certainly take the spotlight.  Derived from a pale colour pallet, each hold importance within our wardrobes for a variety of reasons.  Beige trousers can be coupled with a knit or cotton jumper or even an open backed top, again and again curating a lovely outfit that does not need to be planned out and stressed the night before. It can help transform your

Street Style, Horde Studio, and the Denim Resurgence

by Laaibah Amjad In the fast-paced world of fashion, street style is now powerful force; influencing, rather than being influenced by, both high-end and indie brands.  One brand on the pulse of this cultural shift is Horde Studio, whose ready-to-wear collection is seamlessly blending the edgy aesthetic of street fashion with contemporary design. And, we’ve noticed a resurgence of denim everything.  Street style, once relegated to the sidewalks and urban landscapes, has transcended its roots to become a global phenomenon.  Characterised by its authenticity and the blend of high and low fashion, street style has not only captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide but has also become a significant source of inspiration for designers. Horde Studio has embraced the spirit of street style in its latest ready-to-wear collection, drawing on the dynamic energy from the city life of Casablanca. Featuring bold silhoueIes, unconventional pairings, and an eclectic mix of textures and patt

Looking Towards Fashion and Film at the Oscars

by Daria Blaire Red carpet fashion at the Oscars is highly anticipated, showcasing celebrities in elegant statement pieces, curated for the iconic event.  This causes friendly competition in the fashion world when designers compete for the chance to dress A-list stars and showcase their newest collection in the spotlight.  The prestigious award show honours outstanding achievements throughout the film industry, from actors, directors, and cinematographers, to costume designers, makeup artists, and prop department nominations.  These creatives dress in styles ranging from classic and elegant to avant-garde and bold, with designers like Dior, Chanel, and Versace leading the designs. The intricate details, high quality fabrics, and statement accessories are common elements in Oscar fashion which showcases the individual’s style as well as it relates to their projects that are highlighted by the award ceremony. Couture has the opportunity to make a memorable statement in the fashion indust