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Ketchup or Makeup?

by Ana Hernandez Fenty Beauty’s latest collaboration with MSCHF has sparked division between makeup lovers. In Fenty's recent collaboration with MSCHF, the infamous brand has launched a new saucy take on lip gloss. For $25 makeup lovers can now have their turn in a roulette consisting of either ketchup or makeup.  Hidden behind an aesthetically pleasing package is 6 packets of what seemingly appears to be individual ketchup packets that entails either actual ketchup or sought-after makeup.  When pictures of this new condiment themed collection dropped on social media, many confused and disappointed fans hit the comments. Even though this new collaboration was aimed to provide a new fun take on makeup, many Rihanna fans are divided on this new launch. Either debating on the cost or the quality of the product in general.  One twitter user stated, “From the marketing executive that brought you the pots of lipgloss that clip to your belt (during a pandemic) comes... ketchup or makeup!

Girls Online: The Double Standard

  by Susan Moore BarstoolU (formerly known as 5th Year) is an Instagram account made by Barstool Sports, with content specifically geared towards college students. It contains, as one would assume, lots of sports videos and by extension lots of alcohol and partying-related hijinx. It has its shortcomings, there is a marked lack of racial diversity and many of the posts rely on the existence of booze. All in all, though, it is generally well-liked for posting relatable content. With 3.6M followers on Instagram and likes per post going over ten thousand, it is safe to say that everything that goes on the account has the potential to receive a decent amount of attention. However, what is the most concerning about the account (perhaps more than the claim that “it isn’t an addiction until you graduate”) is not found in the content itself, but rather in the comments section. On any popular post, there is going to be a range of reactions in the comments section. Even so, BarstoolU seems to be

Adidas World Cup Kits: Where Fashion and Sport Unite

 by Callum Martin Sportswear fashion has made it into the mainstream. With the interest in vintage kits and stylish designs more popular than ever, sports teams know that their jerseys are no longer just for game day; they’re a fashion statement.  A brand that knows that better than most is Adidas. One of the largest manufacturers of football shirts in the world, their latest releases have seen them take on the national kits that will represent world cup powerhouses Argentina, Spain, and Germany, as well as football-crazy Mexico and Japan, on and off the pitch this winter. Marked by a more minimalist approach that sees Adidas simplify their own logo, the kits of both Argentina and Spain see simple, yet sleek, home kits contrasted by sublimely inventive away affairs.  Argentina’s home kit brings back the classic stripes of La Albiceleste, reminiscent of those that saw Maradona’s magic in ’86, whilst their away kit is a blaze of purple hue inspired by the Tierra del Fuego. It’s divisive

How Women’s Confidence is Affected by a Patriarchal Society

by Ana Hernandez In this world today, Women are inflicted with self-doubt due to social constructs that arise from a patriarchal society. This ongoing insecurity stems from many different factors. Such as sexism, seeing other women as competition, constant rivalry in a capitalist society, and more. We as women are taught to doubt themselves due to their gender. Often due to misogyny inflicted by men or even by internalisation. I was inspired to write this piece due to the TikTok algorithm that was plagued with misogynistic comments about specific preferences that women should exude such as, their weight, race, and even their confidence. However, many men have stated that confidence in women is attractive. Men also view confident women as “cocky” or ‘self-absorbed”. The reason for this is that women have been taught that objectification from men should be their only source of self-worth. Since living in a capitalist world, even the most confident and successful women are often met with

The Director’s Cut of Philomela’s Tapestry

 by Hattie Scott Philomela stitched the gender pay gap with gold and silver threads  interrupting the silver with the gold  but never the gold with the silver, savouring  the flight of an art that sings stories not of two sisters waking up early  to catch an episode of Tracy Beaker,  huddled up in blankets and shivering with laughter as penguins swimming in pixels, gobbling cereal.  Not of evenings waiting to be picked up from school the streets misty like milky white fish,  sirens luring in early criminals and premature heists mixing with icecream vans retiring  from the cooling streets, frostings whipped up with cigarette smoke. Not of essential meetings in the dead of the night under hushed torchlight, beaks touching as they discussed plans in fluttering darkness of grand escapes, adventure and secret codes.  Not the pigeon that cooed outside their window every morning harmonising with the whirring shower, or the tittering of their mother up at dawn while they were birds who never c

H&M Under Fire for Misleading its Sustainability Credentials, a New Lawsuit Claims

by Lara Parry A recent lawsuit alleges the fast-fashion giant H&M is falsifying its sustainability marketing. The claimant named Chelsea Commodore says H&M is “taking advantage of consumers’ interest” in sustainability and products that “harm the environment,” the lawsuit asserts. As stated in the complaint that was filed in a New York federal court on July 22, claims that in an attempt to target the growing number of eco-conscious consumers who are willing to pay more for “sustainably-made” garments. This has been due the rising interests in climate change amongst Millennials and Gen Z in the past decade. H&M first launched their ‘conscious collection’ in 2010. Considering their prime target audience is women between 20 and 34, it is a big moneymaker for this international retailer.  The Swedish fast fashion giant has mainly included ‘environmental scorecards’ for its products called ‘Sustainability Profiles’ into the labeling, packaging, and marketing materials for hundre

The Faery & The Butterfly

by Cassandra Bristow Illustration by Nina Forman It’s winter now, with snow blanketing the streets until everything feels quieter, softer. I watch it fall from my window, ake after ake layering into certainty. I watch it and I think about its magic that’s a dierent kind— a gentler sense of otherworldliness induced by a sudden, shimmering white backdrop. It feels unfathomable in a way, especially if you’re like me and live in a place where all four seasons unfold. I mean, six months ago snow was the last thing anyone could think about. Six months ago it was June dripping down our backs instead, everyone glistening against the summer sun. I love June. It’s one of my favorite months of the year because I much prefer slathering on sunscreen and swimming to shivering. June is always a celebration, especially when at last it is midsummer. That is the day when fairies become visible because the veil between our world and theirs is undeniably thin. We have the sure chance on this day to catch

Single Review: Hushtones - ‘Stranger’

by Emily McIntyre  New to the music scene, Liverpool’s Hustones have released their latest single ‘Stranger’; putting themselves out there with their nostalgic dream pop and catchy melodies. The track is described as “a love letter to those left behind in the everyday battle of trying to make something of yourself. A heartfelt song about drifting a day from old friends,” the band explained.   With painstakingly relatable lyrics like, “I look to you and I don’t know you anymore,” the lead vocals from Martha Goddard and Mick Campbell sing out as their voices seamlessly blend together, sitting delicately on top of their jangly guitar mix. The track in its entirety creates the perfectly bittersweet sound of what it feels like to move on from past friendships as you move forward into adult life, a feeling which many can surely relate to as time goes by.   As melancholy as the message can be perceived, the track itself is upbeat, melodic and a great example of modern indie pop. Brought to li

Eve’s Eden

 by Hattie Scott Last night I dreamt I went to Eden again,  I found it in my kitchen sink while looking for my keys,  the gateway glimmered through the drain, so that when I peeped through the winding pipes they unravelled into light melting pots of deep greens and blues, they don’t make evenings like they used to, a kaleidoscope of gold rolls over the city below and tints our skin. I can almost see you on the rocks next to me but I am so blinded that the gold washed boulders behind you gift you wings,   a picture of grace except from that glint of a god complex in your eyes, that grant you a monstrous height over the palpitating hills,   that wander over my body and then that of the city below.   A geode buried in the hum of a gold mine. You want to call me mine . You reach over and mine until you can cradle it in your grasp,  The Leadmill crumbles red apatite through your fingers, the Lady Bower evaporates, without asking, you spill the bubbling liquid into mine and it burns molten

The Latest Dua Lipa x Puma Collaboration Just Dropped

 by Susan Moore Pop artist Dua Lipa has once again partnered with the athletic clothing brand Puma. The first collaboration became available in December of 2021 after Dua Lipa was announced as an official collaborator in November of 2020.  While the first line seemed like a stylized version of Puma classics (such as platform sneakers and baby tees), this newest collection is very much reminiscent of Lipa’s personal aesthetic. “Flutur 2”, named after the Albanian word for butterfly, features bright oranges, deep purples, and pastel pinks in its tee shirts and sports bras.  On the Puma website, Lipa cites “rave culture and old school rave posters” as inspiration for the line. This also manifests in the way the pieces are styled with chokers, space buns, and highlights that match the clothes sported by the models. It is a different take on athleisure than has been done before, but certainly paves the way for other companies to follow suit. After all, with gen Z gravitating to less subtle

Racing to the Grave: The Cruel Reality of Horse Racing

 by Emily Fletcher TW: DISCUSSION OF ANIMAL ABUSE No matter what the results of horse racing season, there's one thing you can count on - horses will suffer. The reality of horse racing is often overlooked by the public, it’s not all posh hats and champagne flutes.  The thrill of watching and gambling on it also encourages society to turn their attention away from it. Gambling on horses has been around in the U.K since the 1600s, during the reign of King James I. People have gambled and enjoyed the sport for centuries, so it's no surprise they turn a blind eye to it – it’s seen as very normal. Peta revealed that over 1,000 horses used for the sport are injured or died, every year. As well as this, on average approximately 24 houses die on racetracks every single week in the U.S. Numerous are then put to sleep after suffering broken bones, some as young as two years old. The average life expectancy of a horse is 25-30 years… The public is fed lies such as ‘the horses receive the