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Idolising Love, Adolescence and Independent British Designers

by Oana-Maria Moldovan Thinking of childhood some words might come to someone's mind. Most of them are related to the idea of playing, drawing, watching cartoons and animation, reading fun little stories and loving everything and everyone without having a reason for it. In the midst of life's myriad experiences, one emotion stands as a timeless muse: love.  A sentiment that evolves from childhood, in an innocent form of the enchanting desire for a feeling that seems maybe too good to be true. Love captivates us with its allure.  An editorial team made up of Creative Director and Stylist Thea Holmes, Photographer Storm H Walker, and MUA Zoe Saward, have produced a collection of pictures showing naive love in its purest form: 'Love's Kaleidoscope'.  Through a combination of what child play used to look like, a childish and colourful aesthetic and two models who entered the world of fantasy and young naivete this work explored how societal expectations, and personal ex

Iconic Pop-Culture Fashion Moments in Horror Films

The connection between horror and fashion has a long history, with many Halloween costumes drawing inspiration directly from the screen. Our writers have joined forces to curate their top choices from the eerie and extravagant world of horror-inspired fashion in cinema. We're delving into iconic fashion moments that have left a mark on pop culture, examining characters from Megan Fox's Jennifer Check to Tim Curry's Frank-N-Furter. Welcome to our exploration of style with a chilling twist, where the line between terror and trend becomes blurred. Jennifer Check in Jennifer’s Body Played by: Megan Fox Chosen by: Ally McLaren Hell is a teenage girl… who eats boys and serves looks!   This 2009 horror comedy is celebrated as a feminist cult classic for its storyline, witty dialogue and complex female leads. No movie moranster is as well-dressed as Jennifer Check, a demonically possessed high school student who eats boys in her class to survive and thrive.   The more boys she eats