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How to Make a New Year’s Resolution - and Actually Stick To It!

by Mohsina Alam The slow in-between period as we head towards the end of the year always gives us time to reflect. Time to reflect on the goals we made the previous year, the progress we’ve made, the setbacks we’ve faced.  Did you make resolutions that didn’t last this in 2023? Want to avoid the same thing happening in the new year? Keep reading, here’s how to make a New Year’s Resolution that you can actually stick to: Habit Stack An easy way to start new habits is by incorporating them into your current routine. If you’re wanting a glow up in 2024 and have resolutions like using your Gua Sha regularly, do it while you have your morning shower. If you want to listen to more podcasts, stick them on while you’re cooking a meal. Keen to jump on the rosemary oil trend, stick it in before you tie up your hair for the gym - you’ll be washing your hair after anyway. It seems simple, but adding them to something you already do makes it less forgettable and time consuming.  Keep it Realistic I

The First Collection From Anko Cemented The Fashion Brand As One-To-Watch

by Michaela Piontkova  Sat in a church on what seemed to be the coldest day ever, I waited to watch Chapter One, the first collection of a new fashion brand Anko. With guests stuck around London due to strikes, it took a while to start - quite understandably, you don’t start your first fashion show when the venue is half empty. Luckily for Anko, the wait was worth it.  As I already mentioned, the event took place in a church, The HAC Bow to be exact. Choosing a building with this much atmosphere undoubtedly aided in the overall impression of the show.  As soon as you entered, you were struck by the beautiful architecture and when you looked again, you got immersed in the luxurious vibe of a fashion event with a perfectly lit first row.  A strange combination of pompousness and modesty, that’s how I would describe both the venue and the collection. At half past five, the music starts playing. Immediately, I’m thinking about where I have heard it before. Chanel? Dior? Later I learned tha

2024 Fashion Trend Forecast from a Darling Magazine Fashion Writer

by Lucia Malanga  Fashion is forever evolving. Trends come and go, with some taking the internet by storm whether it’s for a matter of 2 days or 2 years. As we enter 2024, here’s a fashion writer’s predictions for what we’ll see this year:   1. Plaid Plaid patterned fabric is emerging quickly. Often linked to Vivienne Westwood, it’s been embraced by countless fashion influencers from around the world. Although a trend for many decades, it seems to have come more to the surface since the designers passing in December 2022.  The greatest thing about plaid is that it can be worn in various seasons depending on the colour combinations and length of the items, especially skirts and dresses.  In 2023 I noticed a trend amongst influencers, mostly styling classic red and brown or black plaid by layering it with baggy jeans. Other pairings included a mix of grey, navy blue and green.  Popularised in the ‘90s amongst wealthy and preppy teens, the rise of an old money and quiet luxury aesthetic m