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Landlord to evict The Leadmill and force them out of business

The Landlord of the building The Leadmill operates from   has issued the iconic music venue with an eviction order, forcing them to leave the premises in 1 years' time.  The much loved Live Music Venue has been at its home on Leadmill Road for more than 40 years.  Since 1980, The  Leadmill has spent millions of pounds on what was a derelict warehouse, transforming it into one of the  U.K's  most respected venues, where countless acts from across the globe have performed over the years.  A Leadmill Spokesperson has said that a further update will be made available when they have received more information. For now, please send them messages of support and your best memories spent at The Leadmill that will help to show exactly why # WeCantLoseLeadmill . Please contact Leadmill via the following methods regarding this news:  Phone Number: 07939983845 Email Address:  

Tramlines Festival Opens ‘Apply To Play’ For Emerging Talent

Tramlines, Sheffield’s biggest music festival, has announced the opening of this year’s ‘Apply to Play’.   The scheme offers  a number of paid performance slots  to emerging and undiscovered bands and artists from across the UK. Those wishing to play at the 2022 edition of Tramlines can apply via the website at. apply-to-play-now-live/   Taking place at Hillsborough Park from  Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th July , Apply To Play is an annual call out. With  slots available to play across a variety of stages , Tramlines Festival continues year on year to support and create opportunities for grass root music talent.    With no genre or set-up out of the question, Apply To Play is open to anyone who believes they have what it takes to entertain the music-loving crowd at Tramlines.    Tramlines Operations Director Timm Cleasby said ,    “Discovering new artists has always been at the heart of Tramlines. Walking round the festival and hearing a new sound that just grabs

Live Review: Wolf Alice at O2 Academy Sheffield

  by Emily Duff As I stepped into the O2 Academy, I was greeted by overflowing crowds battling to get the best view. With everyone walking past either dressed like they’re in an episode of Euphoria with glitter smeared everywhere or a punk rocker with mullet haircuts and an abundance of head-to-toe denim or leather jackets. When I arrived, I was just in time to catch the final song from Matt Maltese. “As the World Caves in” echoed throughout the venue - a hauntingly beautiful track reminiscent of Radiohead’s Motion Picture Soundtrack with its moody, movie soundtrack style. Maltese penned the song in 2016, shortly after Theresa May won the vote to renew the UK's Trident nuclear weapon and that bitterness can really be heard in his voice - especially going on to discover its plot of hinging around the idea of a night of passion between Theresa May (the UK Prime Minister at the time) and Donald Trump (the US President at the time). This has since been revoked and replaced with a more