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Sound Lass (Abby Hillyer) - Issue One Full Interview

  What's the story behind the name Sound Lass? The story behind the name SoundLass comes from a few different things. When I started the project, I had no idea what I wanted it to be called but I knew the name had to be fun and reflective of what the projects all about - supporting Women and Non-Binary people in the music industry. Since I've studied Sound for quite some time now and I work as a freelance sound technician, I wanted that to somehow be included. There have been many occasions where I've felt discrimination as a woman in my career, and I feel as though that was always something I talked about to my peers and colleagues but at the time I never truly felt listened too. I started to feel like I wasn't being heard - then it hit me! Soundless sounds a lot like SoundLass, which in a way represents who I am; a lass (Northern dialect for girl/woman) who does sound! People have told me they find that story and the name a bit cringe, but I think it's perfect for

Tits Upon Tyne (Natalie Greener) - Issue One Full Interview

  1. When did you know you wanted to be a journalist?  In a weird way, I didn’t want to be a journalist as such - I kind of just fell into it when I was 13. I couldn’t play any instruments and didn’t have the confidence to be in a band at the time yet still needed a way to express my love for music. I started a really crap blog at 12 and interviewed small artists I really looked up to at the time and everything just blossomed from there. Next thing I know, I am studying journalism at university and have a vast portfolio of published works. I see now that journalism was just a way into me being able to be part of the music industry behind the scenes.  2. What was the story behind the name Tits Upon Tyne?  Funnily enough, I didn’t come up with the name! I was sat in a lecture with my housemate and was just saying ‘Tits’ over and over again to myself trying to come up with an idea. Ryan then turned around to me and was like... “upon Tyne”. It was a proper eureka moment aha. I wanted somet

Zahra Shahsavari - Issue One Full Interview

1. How do you find new people to work with?  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing creatives while at University in London! This has led me to building a really great crew which I can work with for the majority of my projects, but I also like to reach out to people via Instagram. It’s a great platform to see people’s work and connect with those who are in the area.  2. What has been your favourite project so far?  My favourite project so far has been the new Spilt Milk Music Video for Moving Target, which I directed and edited! It’s the first time I’ve ever directed a music video, and it was something I was super excited (and also incredibly nervous) to do. There was so much preparation involved and we were taking such a small crew of only 4 of us! So we had to ensure everything was planned perfectly as our days were limited with the boys. Luckily most things went to plan, but it was quite a challenge, especially when we had 25+ extras taking part in a mini rave during a live

Laura Moscrop - Issue One Full Interview

How do you find new people to work with? My way of finding new people to work with is by using Facebook groups. I also find new people via Instagram too. I am in a few groups for North East Creatives so I often go there in search of collaborations. When I do work with people I usually find people that have the same motives as me so we can have a great experience creating something. What has been your favourite project so far? My favourite project so far has been my current project called The Lockdown Log. The idea for it sprung into my head a few weeks into lockdown whilst I was a bit bored. The Lockdown Log is a short documentary series where I video call various people to interview them about how lockdown has affected their lives. My aim for it is to encourage others to stay connected with their friends and family members via video chats and phone calls. I know a lot of people will be struggling in various ways during lockdown and a phone call can really boost someone’s day. I love c