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Single Review: 'So Deep' - Brianna Knight

 by Emily Jackson New York-based singer-songwriter Brianna Knight’s latest track, 'So Deep', is a declaration of love without any soppiness; it’s pure soul. With a voice like honey that oozes power and control at the mastery level of some of her biggest influences (Lauryn Hill and H.E.R.), Brianna’s vocals soar.  ‘So Deep’ is an intoxicating listen and in just under three minutes, Knight sells you a whole story about fun, lust-filled young love. The heavy funk bass line evokes nostalgia, making you want to get up and dance, whilst keeping things contemporary by being an upbeat tale of passion rather than your bog-standard ballad. Brianna’s sound blends 90’s R’n’B with a modern take on Soul; hearing just the first few notes is enough to wish that she could narrate your wildest nights and worst heartaches.   As Brianna sings “you’re addictive to me” - you stop and realise that you may just be addicted to her. Just before you think the single couldn’t get better, the first verse c

Single Review: ‘Tell Me’ - Jay Moussa-Mann

by Ilana Hawdon The feeling of pure betrayal and heartbreak is perfectly captured in Jay Moussa-Mann’s latest single, ‘Tell Me’. Jay Moussa-Mann is the folk dream we have been waiting for. A favourite on BBC Introducing, Radio 6 and BBC Radio Tees, Jay ’s sound is easy on the ears but delightfully addictive. With a background in writing and film, she began her solo musical venture when she released her debut album, ‘Little Deaths’ in late-2019, and since then, Moussa-Mann has defined herself as an artist with unbelievable range and promise.    ‘Tell Me’ is completely timeless; with notes of Carole King and Joni Mitchell, Moussa-Mann creates a folk-inspired track which is simultaneously heart wrenching and strangely empowering. Beginning as a simple guitar tune, ‘Tell Me’ builds with layers of luscious strings and twinkling piano, tied together with Jay ’s vocal line which is equal parts melancholic and divine. The song feels unwaveringly intimate; the lyrics ask, ‘what was I worth?’

Single Review: 'Are We Dreaming? - Frankie Jobling ft. Eyeconic

by Ilana Hawden Newcastle native Frankie Jobling brings us an irresistible slice of soul with her new single ‘Are We Dreaming?’ featuring Teesside rapper, Eyeconic. Despite this being her debut single, Frankie proves herself as one to watch with a song that is already so refined and full of promise. Fans of the classics - Billie Holiday, Etta James and Irma Thomas (to name a few) will feel right at home in the embrace of ‘Are We Dreaming?’, a seductive track with ounces of character. The song is decade-defying; with calls to 60s soul, 90s RnB and contemporary rap, it is truly impossible to place boundaries around a song that breaks down genre so effectively. The beat is entrancing, with an earth-shaking kick drum and tight hi-hats creating a solid foundation for the smooth bass and piano that melt over the beat. The groove is sexy and sublime, with ‘sweet like honey’ saxophones sliding between twangy guitar riffs. Frankie’s voice is liquid gold; effortlessly dancing around notes, slidi

Since when was walking home alone an invitation?

by Chloe Brennan Recently in the news the case of Sarah Everard has devastated the nation, a young girl who went missing on her walk back home.  The police are investigating a fellow officer in relation to the case, and women all around the UK have come forward in solidarity with Sarah Everard.  Although this sickening event has been overwhelming for many people, it is clear now that something needs to change. Sarah Everard did the things Women are all taught, check behind you, wear sensible shoes, make sure you are in touch with someone;  It still was not enough. Whilst women have been angry at the shocking and quite frankly terrifying nature of this case, it has still been infiltrated by arbitrary questions and comments about the events that occurred.  “Why did she walk home alone?” “Why didn’t she get a taxi?” “Was she drunk?” A woman should be able to walk home alone without the fear of something happening to them. Men don’t experience this and so the discussion becomes even more i

Tramlines Festival: The Start of Gender Balanced Lineups?

by Emily Duff With festival season on the horizon and after a year away from them, everyone has been highly critical of the performers and lineups expected to be seen over 2021.  With huge festivals like Reading and Leads (RandL) and TRNSMT being slated for their lack of diversity, I’m proud that a festival local to me seems to be disregarding this trend. Although the big headliners remain male, the rest of the lineup is sprinkled with female acts across the whole weekend. Taking place in the beautiful Hillsborough Park, classics like Sophie Ellis Bextor as well as alternative group, Shelley Byron & the Poison Sleep  ease in the Friday Lineup. The Covid born group released their first EP, 'Arms of Night', last November which was written, recorded and produced during the lockdown in 2020 Saturday is what I'm most looking forward to though with huge names like Little Simz - an up-and-coming artist who has caught the attention of many recently, especially with her lates

Single Review: ‘Strife’ - Trish Discord

 by Emily Duff Alternative New York musician, Trish Discord, has just dropped her latest single, ‘Strife’. Inspired by the grunge scene in Brooklyn, Discord also presents a similarity to The Cranberries and Evanescence - each of these being opposite styles and showing her wide range and capability. Opening with an intense electric guitar and moody vocals, this track takes on a more emo EDM style with Discord’s voice often being distorted within the chorus. Beginning slow and melancholic, Discord then presents a more hopeful, light-heartedness as flanger can be heard throughout the musician accompaniment. Based on her life 5 years ago, ‘Strife’ discusses Discord’s issues regarding two countries' dramatic political changes. In 2016, Discord was an international student based in London during Brexit causing panics about her visa. Simultaneously, the singer had to deal with fears for the election, being left hopeless after Trump won the US election in 2016. Although we weren't all

EP Review: Priscilla Block - 'Priscilla Block'

 by Molly Wroe Nashville-based country singer Priscilla Block has released her self-titled second EP, which comes as her debut with major record label UMG Nashville, and it’s the unfiltered self-empowerment EP for women to perfectly follow the likes of Taylor Swift and Shania Twain. The EP opens with ‘Wish You Were The Whiskey’, a melancholic, heartbreak tune much like most other heartbroken country songs - we are transported to a bar, swigging whiskey and getting emotional over an ex that we’re not quite over yet. Priscilla writes from all her own experiences and I think this is evident in this first track of the album as it feels authentic; if I were going through a breakup then you can guarantee it’d be a song I’d belt in the mirror to make myself feel better. The transition both musically and lyrically from ‘Wish You Were The Whiskey’ and the second song ‘Just About Over You’ is very clean, where both songs complement each other in their heartbroken nature. As a lead single of the

An Interview with Brand New Intarsia Records

  by Sophi Monzo 1. Who makes up the Intarsia Records team? (identify the person, role, pronouns)  So, we have Jordan (he/him) who is half of the marketing, PR, and content creation side of things. Natalie (she/her) provides the other half of the marketing role, with additional skills in SEO, and her background in activism and equality in music helps to inform our approach. Ryan (he/him) has been the brains behind our website design and is also our in-house video production expert, we’ll be looking forward to sharing his work soon. Tarnjeet (she/her) and Eve (she/her) have been responsible for theA&R side of things, contacting and liaising with artists and producers to create the musical vision and organizing song creation from recording to master. Furthermore, they listen to our label submissions, making a decision for which artist is representative of our label. Nat (he/him) has a background in music psychology and has been helping with all of our roles offering insights and advi

EP Review: Foley - 'Vacation'

by Emily McIntyre Full of funky, shimmery indie-pop, Auckland duo Foley’s new EP ‘Vacation’ is here. Known for their infectiously catchy tunes, their latest release is no exception, and brings serotonin and summer early to 2021. Following the success of their debut ‘On My Conscience’ last year, which hit no.10 on the New Zealand album charts, as well as having a huge listenership across Spotify, people were keen to see where their sound would go next.  The first track, 'Keep Me On My Toes', opens up the EP with a twangy bass, groovy guitar chords and syncopated hi-hats, and it’s clear Foley are back with their classic formula of a hit. Bringing ‘Vacation’ to an energetic start, the duo waste no time in introducing their fast-paced, catchy rhythms, and open the EP boldly with the statement that they’re back to produce bops. With Ash Wallace’s vocals hitting every beat in the chorus as she sings "I need you here with me, stay close, keep me on my toes,’’ the melodies are add

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Single Review: Ålesund – 'Lightning'

by Will Gough Imagine a London Grammar and Florence + The Machine hybrid. Got it? Now add ethereal, Nordic imagery similar to that of AURORA, and you’re left with the atmospheric marvel that is Ålesund. The Bristol-based four-piece gave us a beautiful yet sombre taste of their potential with their 2020 EP ‘All Hail To Your Queen’. This time they’ve opted for a more optimistic approach, offering more bright and hopeful melodies in their latest release, ‘Lightning’, the first single teased to us from their upcoming EP ‘A Thread In The Dark’. They’ve also given us an enchanting music video for us to enjoy it with - because they’re just lovely like that. Despite the excellent backing melodies, singer Alba Torriset is the real star of the show here. Torriset’s powerful vocals are capable of being both haunting whilst also offering a more hopeful and uplifting outlook. These mixed emotions are also seen in the lyricism of the song. The overall theme of ‘Lightning’ is a feeling of trepidation

Artist Spotlight: Bad Breed

Formed in 2014, Toronto-based  Bad   Breed  started out as a hard-edged combination of punk rock and 60s R&B. Now a singular blend of hard-edged funk, soul and rock,   Bad   Breed   are a unique collaboration from diverse musical backgrounds.   Their second studio album,  The  Bad   Breed  in Ferocious Love , was released in 2020 and takes listeners on a  visceral journey from personal tragedy to embracing love and joy.  C harting the most pivotal year of singer Mike Gribben’s life, the album  begins with him facing the death of his best friend and partner of many years and then charts his gradual emergence from an extended period of depression  to accepting love and joy back into his life.  Its muscular funk, lightning-sharp guitar riffs and soulful anthems of love and despair are a testament to the transformative, ferocious power of love.     The  Bad   Breed  in Ferocious Love  features vocalists Mike Gribben and Katherine Marilyn Wilson, multi-instrumentalist jazz musician Mark