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The Night Shift

The Night Shift Three walls of this room are glass and the air is quite stale. I suddenly wonder  If this is what it was like for the many pill bugs I used to catch and keep in Tupperware containers with small holes punched in the lid. I am aware of the  Transparency and complete lack of privacy as I stare at my shoes that look Like shoes a doll would wear, which is what I tell you when You say that you like them. But what am I to say, when in this tupperware room You look me in the eyes And tell me I'm beautiful. by Susan Moore


Live At Leeds: In The Park makes its highly anticipated return with the first announcement for its 2023 edition. Taking over Temple Newsam on Saturday 27th May 2023, Live At Leeds: In The Park continues to hone its staggering reputation as one of the leading tastemakers in new music after 15 years of remarkable festival celebrations where fans discover their next favourite band first. Today Live At Leeds: In The Park are sharing the first selection of names who will be appearing at the event in 2023.  Thirteen years on after the release of their debut album ‘Tourist History’, indie trailblazers Two Door Cinema Club will be descending upon Temple Newsam to headline Live At Leeds: In The Park 2023. Renowned for being a ‘festival band’, the esteemed Northern Irish musicians will be sure to bring a set filled to the brim with indie bangers from those initial early years singles such as ‘Undercover Martyn’, ‘Something Good Can Work’ and ‘What You Know’ to more recent cuts like ‘Are We Ready

Loose x Darling: Scarily Easy Halloween Looks

by Emily Duff and Lucy Eaton Don’t make your Halloween a fright night. This year, Loose and Darling have collaborated to make the ultimate list of Halloween costumes; stalking out the easiest and the most fabulous: What: Corpse Bride  Who: Loose Although everyone’s favourite ghoul is blue and, uh, missing a couple of limbs, you don’t have to paint or saw yourself to nail this look. Instead, focus on key details. A white or light blue dress (ideally corseted) is a must, alongside a matching veil, something you can easily pick up in your local party shop, or recreate if you’ve got white fabric lying around. You can paint your skin blue, or source a blue wig (check out our Barbie costume on how to make any wig scarily cute!) but, more simply. blue makeup can also do the trick. Try a blue eyeshadow look, and use a cool-toned contour to resemble the undead. Plus, if you own a blue highlighter or glitter, place this on the high points of your face and body to give yourself an ethereal, ghoul

Met Gala 2023 - Karl Lagerfeld: A line of beauty, or bigotry?

by Lara Parry The Met Gala 2023 theme has been announced by no other than iconic Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Tracing the late designer’s 65-year career working with labels such as Chanel, Fendi and Chloé. He sure had quite an impressive career. “Karl Lagerfeld – A Line of Beauty” will commemorate how the creative director’s 2D sketches transformed into tangible clothes. Max Hollein, Marina Kellen French Director of The Met, said, “Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most captivating, prolific and recognisable forces in fashion and culture, known as much for his extraordinary designs and tireless creative output as for his legendary persona. This immersive exhibition will unpack his singular artistic practice, inviting the public to experience an essential part of Lagerfeld’s boundless imagination and passion for innovation.” This is certainly true, but Karl Lagerfeld is also deeply problematic as a theme.  It is the third designer-themed- gala, previously with Alexander McQueen in 2011 a

Now What? The Aftermath of the 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl'

by Susan Moore Here is a bit about me: I am an open, excitable, creative AFAB who is also moderately attractive. I have a unique sense of personal style and a personality that on the surface can only be described as “bubbly” and “quirky”. For this reason, dating is a nightmare. To be sure, I do not have a hard time finding dates or potential suitors. The problems arise when said dates spend some time with me and decide that I am a rare specimen, and the connection they feel with me is “unlike anything they have felt before”. Then, things go one of two ways.  Either a) they decide I am too high maintenance and no longer palatable, or  b) they choose to never look further than the surface and are content to date the idea of me rather than the real me. There is something rather interesting, perhaps funny, about my situation. It is in no way unique. I have met so many people who constantly dealt with the same problem. Even funnier still, is the fact that there is a trope that simultaneousl

J.K. Rowling and The Ink Black Heart: It Isn’t What You Think, It’s Worse

by Susan Moore The Ink Black Heart is a book by Robert Galbraith. It is about a cartoonist that is being terrorized by an anonymous online persecutor, who eventually murders her. The mess is left to be unraveled by dynamic detective duo Robin and Cormoran, who make it their mission to discover the identity of the persecutor. On paper, this summary is a rather standard modern detective novel, attempting to put a spin on the genre by incorporating current-day technology. However, there is a bit of a twist. The cartoonist ultimately falls victim to people who accuse her of being a bigot. The author, Robert Galbraith, is the pen name of none other than Joanne Kathleen Rowling. To understand the significance of the book, it is necessary to explore the endeavors of Rowling, specifically those taking place online. Rowling is, after all, an unabashed “gender critical activist”. In other words, she is a terf. To be clear, she does not believe there is anything wrong with this and does not see w

Live at Leeds: In the City - Smaller venues reign supreme in another fantastic year

by Callum Martin  Four months after Live at Leeds: In the Park premiered, the already established Live at Leeds: In the City returned to transform Leeds’ many bars and venues into an array of festival stages, giving a platform for some of UK music’s most exciting up-and-coming acts. The wide range of styles and sheer number of artists left you overwhelmed by choice but the general quality and talent on display meant that almost every gig was well worth dropping in to see.   The main set of venues were all situated within a 10 minute walk of one another, making it easy to wander from one to another, and each was transformed into hubs of activity and people every time a new act performed. The movement of people was a relatively calm affair, though, with there never being a feeling that you were “following the crowd” or any mass of people and the venues did a good job at managing their capacities without having to turn too many fans away.    Something also has to be said to celebrate the

Paint on Big Ben and Soup on Van Gogh - Is Animal Activism Doing More Harm Than Good?

by Lauren Pirie-Scott There has been widespread backlash on social media following protests carried out by Animal Rebellion; a vegan activism group, connected to the environmental activism organisation, Extinction Rebellion. On July 27th protesters poured 8 pints of cow’s milk on the floor of the luxury shop, Harrods, whilst displaying signs that read: “Caution! Climate Crisis. Dairy = Death.”  Similarly, on September 9th, protestors targeted Big Ben, blocking surrounding roads and then sprayed white paint out of milk bottles directly on to the street. In addition to this, there have been several ‘sit-ins,’ where protesters have blocked the dairy aisles of supermarkets in an attempt to disrupt shoppers. © Animal Rebellion Through these protests, Animal Rebellion aim to cause ‘plant-based chaos’ to apply pressure on the dairy industry, in the hope that large companies such as Arla and Muller, will acknowledge their contribution to the ongoing climate crisis and take action. Throughout h