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This Year is All About Bags, PHERAHS Bags

by Jess Clark   IT Girls online have declared handbags the trendiest accessory of 2024. And PHERAHS have come through with their latest selection.  The first thing that’s obvious, their focus on neutral tones paired with sunset colours think pink, yellow, and some blue. Neutral tones, in the home and fashion more widely have been on the increase. In fact temporary wallpaper company (popular with design-focused renters), Tempaper & co, have also been leaning into this through their description of “timeless neutrals.” Neutrals are simple, elegant, a colour set that can be paired easily with a variety of tones, and can fit with a variety of styles and outfits. Burnt orange is also a trending colour that has been seen a lot within the fashion sphere more recently. This follows on from the Pantone Spring Summer 2023 fashion show where a similar shade of red was depicted widely, and is seen within this PHERAHS collection. Furthermore, buckles as an embellishment in fashion have also begu

There is No Time Limit on Success

by Veryan Zimber From a really early age we are expecting to know what we want to do with our lives. It has been the society standard since any of us can remember.  The reality is that most people don’t know what career path they want to take at 30, never mind 13, and many of us find our calling later on in life - and still become wildly successful. Now, more than ever, we are challenging age-old ideals. It’s important that we are teaching kids that it’s ok to not have a plan or know exactly what their future holds. The likelihood is they’ll find it out along the way. The amount of people who have either changed careers later on or found their niche after 30/40 is refreshing and it’s not talked about as much. As Fashion Week season came to an end last month, it made me take a look at some of the big names within the fashion world who started their fashion journey later in life but still became the most successful names within the fashion world. Vera Wang was 40 when she designed her fi

Lets Talk About the Missguided Rebrand Pairing “Shein” With “Luxury”

by Jess Clark   Missguided have rebranded, boasting “the look of luxury” and basing their imagery on high fashion style editorials.  While being nothing new, their imagery is constantly seen in the fashion industry, their obvious ties to Shein also majorly contradict this new branding.  With Shein being one of only two accounts they follow, the other being their founder, their bio also links directly to Missguided’s page on the Shein website. Not exactly presenting as “luxury.” Although, their connection isn’t a surprise. In late October 2023, the Missguided brand was purchased by Shein.  This came a year after the brand was initially bought by Frasers Group for £20 million in June 2022 after Missguided had acquired debts of over £80m.  Shein then bought Missguided from Frasers Group for an undisclosed fee, with the executive chair of Shein, Donald Tang, saying that the brand sought to “reignite the Missguided brand, capitalising on its unique brand personality.”  The recent Missguided

“They were already in trouble… then she turned up”: A Review of ‘The Trouble with Jessica’

by Tia Janowski Content warning  A dinner party between old friends takes a dark and twisted turn when an uninvited guest, Jessica, takes her own life in Matt Winn’s newest film, The Trouble with Jessica.  In the glitzy backdrop of a luxurious London home, a seemingly perfect dinner party among best friends takes a macabre turn. What ensues is a tale of dark British humour that weaves through the chaos triggered by an uninvited guest’s shocking suicide in their garden. The story draws inspiration from the classic Hitchcock film, The Trouble with Harry, with a dark, comedic twist.  Written by James Handel and director, Matt Winn, the pair have created a perfect depiction of a friend group with clashing morals as they make a series of choices that could either save them or destroy everything they’ve worked hard for.  Shirley Henderson and Alan Tudyk shine as Sarah and Tom, a married couple who are selling their house to get themselves out of serious financial trouble.  Hosting a final di

Middle Aged Women are Shein’s Average Customers, So Should We Stop Blaming Gen Z for the Fast Fashion Brands Success?

by Madeline Anne The average age of a shopper on ultra-fast-fashion titan Shein is 34.7 years old, a new report has revealed. According to the report, which was published by UBS Securities and reported by Business Insider, Shein’s customer demographic primarily comprises of women with an average annual income of $65,300, typically spending around $100 per month on clothing. In addition, the report found that 44% of participants believe their sustainable choices in other areas of life, including recycling and eating less meat, compensate for their fast fashion shopping decisions. Surveying 684 regular Shein customers, it also revealed that 30% of respondents prioritise value and comfort over fashion when shopping, compared to 42% for the average customer. At first glance, the findings may appear disconnected from a popular narrative that surrounds fast fashion, concerning the ubiquity of sites like SheIn, Temu, and TikTok Shop, and the age demographic that drove the industry’s stratosph