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Elevate Your Gifting Game This Christmas with Maison Bengal's Ethical Elegance

by Oana-Maria Moldovan As the holiday season approaches, Maison Bengal steps into the spotlight, offering a unique and ethical gifting option for conscientious consumers. Ever wanted to give yourself or your loved ones a gift that can be both breathtaking and ethically made? Now’s your chance. This fair trade label has become more and more synonymous with sustainable craftsmanship, and their curated bag gift edit is bound to make this season's festivities even more special. Maison Bengal is an ethical brand specializing in jute and hogla (local seagrass) bags and interior products. Founded in 2004 by Sheenagh Day, the brand's primary mission is to help combat poverty in Bangladesh. The brand's extensive range of handwoven products revives traditional techniques, resulting in works of art that resonate with socially conscious customers. Maison Bengal's commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in every thread of their products.  All their bags are meticulousl

Cakes, Manolo Blahniks, and Politics: Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette

by Amy Walter Sofia Coppola's 2006 film 'Marie Antoinette' delves into the life of the titular 19-year-old queen. While previous retellings were far more critical, Coppola tells the story through the female gaze - indulging the audience with cakes, bows, and heels, all lit by the haze of candles and the score of '80s classics. The film remains popular within the rising world of unapologetic femininity. Sofia Coppola aimed to modernise the story of Marie Antoinette, telling IGN that when she saw "Miloš Forman’s Amadeus, and they were just speaking in their regular accents, they felt like real people to me, as opposed to someone living in some other era I couldn’t relate to. So, I was trying to take away as many kinds of period-film-genre clichés and simplify it in a way that could be relatable on a human level."  By modernising the film, Coppola created a story that, though rooted in a girl marrying to save a monarchy, remains familiar in its themes of teen ang

A Guide to Must-Watch Movies For Cozy Winter Nights

by Lucy Frewin As we head into December, the search for the perfect festive films begins. After all, it’s a well-known fact that getting sucked into good cinema is the best way to embrace the chilly season. Whether you're drawn to the iconic fashion world drama of 'The Devil Wears Prada' or captivated by the enchanting wizardry of the 'Harry Potter' series, our curated lineup caters to all tastes. With a promise of nostalgia, romance, and a sprinkle of magic, get ready to cosy up with your favourite blanket and a cup of hot chocolate as we embark on the ultimate winter movie marathon. The Devil Wears Prada An iconic 2006 film starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway, The Devil Wears Prada is set in the fashion world of New York City.  Famous for its outfit sequence soundtracked by Madonna's Vogue, The Devil Wears Prada will have you excited to search your wardrobe for winter outfits. Harry Potter Franchise Winter wouldn't be winter without a rewa

She's the Man, But She's Also a Shakespearean Play

by Oana-Maria Moldovan While teen movies of the 80s were defined by John Hughes and the Brat Pack, the 90s and early 2000s ushered in an era marked by literary adaptations and an abundance of foil characters. From William Shakespeare and Jane Austen, to George Bernard Shaw, Edmond Rostand, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mary Shelley, the last thirty years have witnessed a transformation of their literary works into romcoms.  Now, let's delve into Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, cleverly reincarnated as the 2006 film, She's the Man.  Directed by Andy Fickman and starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, She’s the Man tells the story of Viola, a teenage girl whose soccer team faces extinction.  The film skillfully intertwines mistaken identity, love triangles, and gender-bending characters against the backdrop of contemporary high school soccer, injecting a fresh and entertaining twist into Shakespeare's original plot. In a witty adaptation, Viola (yes, they kept the name) pre

The Dark Side of Holiday Fashion: Unwrapping the Waste

by Oana-Maria Moldovan The festive season brings joy, but hidden beneath the sparkle lies the environmental toll of our holiday fashion frenzy. And with the festive season comes Black Friday, which fuels our rush towards fast fashion, causing a surge in resource consumption and textile waste. From Christmas to Hanukkah dinners to New Year’s Eve parties, the pressure to wear something new and stylish is palpable. The proximity of Black Friday to the holiday season intensifies our inclination toward fast fashion, with retailers promoting “irresistible” deals pushing us to refresh wardrobes for gatherings.  But the true cost extends beyond discounts – heightened emissions, excessive waste, and a cycle of short-lived garments. This indulgence transforms the season of giving into taking from our planet. The ritual of buying outfits for every event often results in a wardrobe misfit, leading to the disposal of barely worn clothes. This wasteful cycle contributes to the 5.8 million tonnes of