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Interview: Mango in Euphoria

 by Jade Bailey Alt-dream/pop-rock artist Mango In Euphoria has truly embraced herself in her music. She’s bold, brave and a real gem in this male-dominated industry. Based in London, but originally from France, Mango offers plenty of intriguing concepts paired with her unique singing style. What or who inspired you to start making music? My life and experiences inspired me to write a lot from a very young age; everything that I couldn’t speak about I would put down on paper. I quickly realized I had a thing for coming up with melodies that could come up at any time- while I was studying, at work and even when I was tipsy in the pub! Discovering outstanding artists made me want to embrace the weird person I was/am. I was so upset to be different from everyone when I was young but when I started getting older I realized that being a weirdo was a gift. I guess I had to make something about it to be happy! What is your writing process?  My writing process can vary a lot. I either come fir

Single Review: Sophia - 'Stay'

by Ilana Hawdon North-East based Sophia is the definition of up-and-coming. Getting radio play from BBC Music Introducing in the North East and officially labelled ‘one to watch’, her new single ‘Stay’, released on March the 12th, will be on your Spotify playlist in no time. The perfect combination of anthemic pop and raw emotion, ‘Stay’ is a track for everyone - we can all relate to the feeling of never wanting to leave somewhere, something or someone behind. After gaining traction from her previous single, ‘Skin’, Sophia has developed her sound into something bigger and more refined, while still retaining the authentic flair her music holds. Finding her place in the genre somewhere between Halsey and Bea Miller, Sophia’s sound is the future of pop. Deliciously lively with lyrics from the heart, Sophia doesn’t miss a beat in her new track, ‘Stay’. The song’s pace never falters - driving guitars are coupled with pulsing, edgy electronic drums, building in the verses to an explosive cho

Single Review: Indoor Foxes - 'Mr. Yellow Eyes'

 by Aims Whitter Having recently discovered the Edinburgh-based singer, Indoor Foxes, and her new single which I can only describe as dreamy bedroom tunes, 'Mr. Yellow Eyes'. From my first listen I instantly felt like I was surrounded by sunflowers after a glass of wine - which is a dream for me when listening to a song.  The dreamy tune is already being replayed in my head and has me grabbing my hairbrush and turning on my disco light for a sing-along, which I think you should be doing too. The beautiful voice of Indoor Foxes in this track has already got me hooked and turning me into a huge fan. As soon as it started, I got instant vibes resembling the Liverpool band SPINN and being a big fan of them I already knew I'd love 'Mr. Yellow Eyes'.  'Mr. Yellow Eyes' has already premiered on BBC Introducing in Scotland and is setting us up in time for the nice weather ahead. I feel like this song is going to be the soundtrack to a lot of people’s summer this yea

Artist Spotlight: Jamila Woodley

Jamila  is an upcoming artists, currently based in Manchester. Upon lockdown commencing she was trying an array of creative outlets to keep herself busy. From sewing to clay making, you name it, she had tried it all until she had stumbled upon digital illustration, visual arts to be precise in the form of collage work. She instantly became obsessed with it and has ever since been creating 1 – 3 pieces a day. She intends to create more provocative pieces and start to sell her prints for others to appreciate. You can find her work @thingsbyjam on Instagram. Below are some of her pieces:

Ariana DiValentino - Issue Two Interview

How do you find new people to work with? I'm not sure I actively seek out collaborators. I already know so many cool, interesting creatives, who I met at film festivals or through friends or on different jobs – many of whom I've never collaborated with before, but would love to if the right opportunity arises. It's definitely nice to have a phone full of people I could call on, but it's also great to just see them doing their own projects. It can be a great source of inspiration, and it's also really encouraging to see people I know, like, and respect celebrating victories. The exception to all that would be when I need someone with a specific talent. I do cast through sites like Backstage, but I also really, really like working through referrals. Both the leads of my short "Demons" were people my producer and I knew and had worked with before (and, interestingly, had worked with each other before). When I was looking for music, I posted in various groups

Laura Duval - Issue Two Interview

  1. Which filmmakers inspire you? My biggest inspirations in film are the people in my life who're regularly making videos. Alex Kovar (@rawheadlex and @rawhead.rex) is one of them - we’ll be celebrating our 10-year friendiversary soon. She’s always been the filmhead in the relationship, and I'm the drawer. She uses one of those old camcorders that everyone used to shoot home videos on, and it just bakes nostalgia into every shot. I was thinking a lot about her work when Via Perkins (@vialiveshere) asked me to shoot her music video for Glitter using the same type of camera. 2. What type of film do you like to create? I know you’ve made music videos, how does this differ from other forms of film? One could argue that music videos are easier to make because the sound comes first. Sound becomes your map. I'll expect to match the visuals to the lyrics—if there’s already a story there—or to cut and shoot scenes that match the pace of the song. A lot of planning goes into music

Single Review: Alma Grace - ‘Girl Fight’

By Emily McIntyre Taking the influence of her favourite Frida Kahlo story, 20-year-old Mexican-American artist and activist Alma Grace welcomes her new single ‘Girl Fight'. Inspired by the tale of Frida’s husband cheating on her, for her to them have an affair with the same woman, Grace herself describes the track as a “bi-sexual and feminist anthem that rebels against the trope of women fighting over men”. Power-driven from the very beginning, personality dominates ‘Girl Fight’ as it is made clear that Grace sings with a passion for the message she’s portraying in her music. The track introduces itself as stripped back and instrumentally thin, with the main accompaniment of a percussive click heard alongside her vocals. This does not, however, let the single down in any way and, in turn, adds levels of emotion and warmth to the song as Grace’s voice is placed on a pedestal leading up to the chorus. Grace makes her influences her own by telling her listeners a story in a way that’s

Single Review: Docksuns - 'Blew Up A Kiss'

 by Molly Wroe Sunderland indie high-climbers Docksuns are back with another explosive single ‘Blew Up A Kiss’ to get you thinking and to shake you awake, ready for bouncing about at the next gig. The track starts out with a strong guitar riff that sounds almost chunky in nature, clearly inspired by the legendary sounds of past rock and roll - however, it takes only seconds for the thrashy, classic indie drum roll and quick taps of the hi-hats to blend the two genres together. This is most definitely a solid start for what could be the next big hit to come from Wearside and creates a very exciting build-up for frontman Jamie Baxter’s vocals.  Baxter explains that he wrote the lyrics influenced by both current political affairs, his own breakup and an ‘incident’ with attempted suicide, which makes for a very personal yet open song, allowing us to choose what we can relate to whilst also giving Baxter a platform to talk about what affects him. The first line “God has turned his back on m

Artist Spotlight: Rebel Rose

Rebel Rose is an independent music label based in Newcastle upon Tyne, focusing on emerging artists to help them grow and reach a wider audience. Rebel Rose was launched in October 2019 by Jay Landman and Laura Rosierse, both music industry professionals that had already been working in music for over four years. They decided that together they would be able to help more artists, and after a year of working with several artists, on live shows and on PR-campaigns, it was time to expand.  Born from a shared passion for music, and a commitment to championing emerging artists, blossoms Rebel Rose. A collaboration between Jay Landman of Pillar Artists and Laura Rosierse of Lively Music Management has flowered into the rising of North East-based indie music label Rebel Rose. Both individuals have been working in their local music scene for over four years and decided it was time to combine forces and give the North East music scene its well-deserved boost.  Jay Landman is well-known for putt

Single Review: Jack Rasmussen - 'Broken Youth'

by Geena Ling North East singer-songwriter Jack Rasmussen steps up to the soapbox with his wistful debut single ‘Broken Youth’, acting as the voice of a whole generation reflecting on what it means to be an adolescent in the 21st century. A dreamy mix of acoustic guitar and light yet impactful vocals, the indie-rock number makes a perfect backing track to modern life. Embarking on a solo career appears to be an effortless feat for Jack, whose lyrics are eloquently crafted into a deep and thought-provoking analysis of the changes he has noticed since his youth. He takes us on a trip down memory lane with a uniquely sentimental charm, drawing upon childhood encounters that will strike a familiar chord for many - from using school jumpers as goalposts to playing on the street - and the melancholy truth that today’s children may never experience such unadulterated joys. Not one to shy away from honesty, Jack offers a refreshing take on many aspects of modern times. He gives wise and percep

We’re All in This Together

We are all angry by what has happened to Sarah Everard and the painful experiences felt by 97% of women, and we all have the right to be reflecting on our own experiences and pains.  From this pain, we need to start a discussion - rather than a war. We need to open the dialect between people who have experienced harassment, assault and those pains with people who are unfamiliar with that feeling of intimidation or fear of walking alone on your own streets.  We are allowed to be angry, but hate breeds more division which is exactly the opposite of what we need right now.  If we do not share our experiences and learn from others there is no opportunity for change. You are always welcome in this space to read the things Darling shares - nobody will ever have the opportunity to change their views if we shut them out.  We need everyone involved in this conversation. It’s a team effort and no change will ever occur if we push others out of the debates. Yes, we need to continue to make space

Single Review: Zoe Zobrist - 'Fade Away'

by Joe Smith Zoe Zobrist has a voice that could hypnotise a nation. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Zoe Zobrist is no stranger to experimenting with styles, to beautiful results. After releasing a string of gorgeous singles in 2020, Zobrist kicks off her new year of releases with the deliciously diaphanous, ‘Fade Away’.  More akin to her last release, ‘Fire’, than any other of her tracks, ‘Fade Away’ features Zobrist’s hallucinogenic layered vocals accompanied only by the mournfully lonely strum of an acoustic guitar. It’s the perfect example of the meticulously hard to achieve mix of happiness and sadness. Zobrist finds herself reliving past traumas whilst also trying to break free of them and finding self-forgiveness. Zobrist herself wrote, “ It’s about what it feels like to wade through childhood traumas and the emotional turmoil they cause,  but it's also about finding your light again.” “Give me something colourful / More beautiful / I can't watch myself just fade away” Zobris

EP Review: Amber Jay - 'Never Too Far from a Dark Thought'

 by Geena Ling If you’re on the lookout for the latest visionary in indie pop, look no further than Amber Jay and her debut EP, 'Never Too Far from a Dark Thought'. Due to drop on 3rd March, The EP features five eccentric tracks including the pre-released Pencilled Brims and Stay the Same, along with brand new single 'The House'. Amber’s unique avant-garde style is apparent from the moment I press the play button. She refuses to be pinned down to a single genre, blending elements of synthpop, dance and shoegaze - among others - to create a distinctive three-dimensional sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Across just five songs, Amber demonstrates an astounding variety in styling and tone. The adrenaline-pumping opening number, 'Pencilled Brims', takes a natural lead with its addictive, heavy-textured beat and jarring shifts in tempo. The track is filled with suspense and a dark, ghostly atmosphere. With such lyrics as “You don’t get to tell me who I am,”

Artist Spotlight: Ten Eighty Trees

Blossoming out of the grey industrial outskirts of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and from the embers of defunct outfits on the north east music scene, Ten Eighty Trees offer a heavy yet vibrant blend of Rock, only indulging in subtilties to emphasise an ensuing aural intensity. Since launching onto the scene 2 years ago the band have earned a reputation for their infectious alternative rock anthems and enthralling live shows, the latter of which the band are feverously keen to get back to.   The band have performed alongside the likes of We Are Scientists, King No-One, AllUsInLove and The Virginmarys, featuring on the line ups of Newcastle’s Hit The North Festival as well as playing over Sheffield’s Tramlines weekend. 6 Music’s Tom Robinson has also proved to be a fan of Ten Eighty Tree’s rock maximalism having dropped previous singles Casual Habits and Something in the Blood during his BBC Introducing Mixtape shows on the station.

Single Review: Faye Fantarrow - 'Boom'

by Emily Jackson Faye Fantarrow's sophomore single ‘Boom’ manages to capture the pains of a generation in an ever-divided world, whilst remaining sincere and sonically formidable. Painting a picture of the news' doom and gloom as an indie artist without sounding too angsty is no easy feat. Getting the balance right between weaving the narrative of current affairs into songs, without becoming ‘the preacher’ isn't always simple *I’m talking to you Bono*. Faye manages to carry her listener well beyond the realms of angst, through stages of helplessness and into eventual action.  Fantarrow is a storyteller; the tender feel of a folky guitar that glows like an ember behind her heady and intoxicating vocals. ‘Boom’ starts feeling cinematic, the piano painting the scene of a film noir, nodding to Lana Del Rey and feeling a lot more than a stone's throw away from our current reality. But surely, ‘Boom’ lands and we wake up from this dream into the present and Fantarrow tells u