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Phibi Olumide - Issue Two Interview

  1. What’s been your greatest experience as a musician?

I would actually say my greatest experience as a musician has been seeing my progress in music. I've been singing and playing the piano as early as 5 so it's genuinely been amazing to see myself growing into a musician and artist I'd hope 5-year old me would love!

  1. Which artists inspire you?

I take inspiration from many artists! I'd say my main inspirations would be Jeff Buckley, John Martyn, Erykah Badu and Maynard James Keenan 

  1. Do you think there has been a gender imbalance in the music scene? And if so, what can we do to reduce that imbalance?

I have noticed quite a large gender imbalance in music. I think my main issue is wording like 'female fronted' or 'female producer' etc. It seems in the music industry being female and not just being a stand-alone singer is something out of the ordinary. I would also say there needs to be so much more female representation at festivals! There is such an amazing range of female musicians and artists of every genre that I would love to see in the mainstream.

  1. Similarly, do you feel POC are limited in their ability to do well in the industry? And, again, if so, what can we do to reduce that?

 I actually think the music industry has been a safe haven for POC. In the same breath, POC has also been marginalised and put into a certain category. You could say it's self-imposed or you could trace it back to a history of POC only being seen as entertainment. Either way, as much as I'd say I fully think POC are thriving in the music industry there can always be room for improvement and inclusivity. 

  1.  How has the Black Lives Matter Movement impacted your career? And what can we do to maintain this momentum?

 All I would say is I hope that it does. I'm still up and coming so I really do hope movements like this ensure that people will be treated with respect and decency. I encourage everyone to stay focused on change. Keep educating yourself. Basic humanity shouldn't be up for debate really. I think everyone should be striving towards a better, more accepting, generous and kind world.

  1. How would you describe your music in 5 words?

Genre-blending, familiar, emotive, poetic, fun, exciting

Questions by Emily Duff