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Artist Spotlight: Soumita Saha

Indian Artist, Soumita Saha, believes in losing herself and finding herself riding the boat of art sailing along with waves of creativity. Soumita stayed passionate about art since childhood having pursued a degree in Architecture she entered the international music industry holding the hand of EDM. The 28-year-old Artist is a successful playback singer in India and a reputed painter. 

Soumita's Artwork has been displayed at various Art Gallery in India. She earned international fame when her artwork "Conscience of India " got Exhibited at Portland's Artreach Gallery.

The sensational painter is known for her versatility and capability to fuse abstract forms of art with realistic forms. She participated in many International Exhibitions and some of her artwork like "Aberrant, Cortege of Facial Lineament, Afflatus"  got immensely popular amongst Art Enthusiasts and Critics from different corners of the Globe.