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Single Review: Flo Gallop - ‘21’

by Alice Fletcher

London’s Flo Gallop has exploded onto the pop scene in the only way she knows how: bold, loud and honest, her debut single ‘21’ is a no holds barred depiction of life in your 20s.                                       

An ode to the music and spirit of early 2000s pop, she effortlessly combines a dominating bass line with an electro finish, her unmistakable South East London accent a welcoming hallmark of the upcoming sound of Flo Gallop. In an attempt to capture a generation, Gallop has successfully thrown everything and more into her first release, proudly establishing herself as a powerful force in pop.

Gallop’s painfully relatable lyrics anecdotally tell the tales of spirited youth: “stained Reeboks, Converse high tops, caller ID just been unblocked”. The singer-songwriter takes on the role of the unapologetic best friend, comfortingly recounting their days. From going out-out, to taking the tube and drunk nights in the park, ‘21’ encapsulates what it means to be young and worry-free: life might not be ‘perfect’, but it’s for the living.   

With such charismatic and impassioned lyricism, it’s impossible not to be charmed by the pop-princess and her head-bopping first single.    

‘21’ bears an unburdened, couldn’t-care-less attitude - a much needed reminder to us all of how carefree and vibrant our 20s should be. Gallop confidently reinforces the unarguable mantra, “I’m living, I’m happy just believing that life is not a mission … we’re better off just chilling”.

There is no doubt that the song is addictive. Having been listened to almost 15,000 times just three weeks after its release on Spotify, ‘21’ has all the elements of an iconic pop banger. Along with the embedded laughter and quirks within the song, the incorporated answerphone message “wanna get a bottle of wine and sit in the park?” adds yet another fun and friendly dimension to her debut single, establishing Flo Gallop - and her music - as the perfect partner in crime for your twenty-one-year-old antics, whatever they may be.

Watch the '21' Music Video Below:

Edited by Emily Duff