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Edinburgh artist, Indoor Foxes, releases debut 7” vinyl

Hyped by the likes of BBC Radio One, BBC Scotland, GigWise, Happy People, Little Indie Blogs and gathering a loyal fan base all over the UK. Edinburgh artist, Indoor Foxes, is set to release her debut 7” vinyl release via new Scottish based indie label, Classy Lassy, on March 2nd. 

Indoor Foxes (otherwise known as Martha Barr) commented, “I can’t honestly believe that I’m finally releasing a vinyl. As a vinyl lover myself this means so much to me to finally have a physical copy of my music that people can keep forever and pass onto their kids like my dad did for me. It’s a little piece of me that will become part of peoples history”.

Lou Rogers, founder of Classy Lassy, also goes on to say, “I’ve been gearing myself up to set up a vinyl based record label the last year or so and I’m so gassed that I’m finally pressing! The label was set up really so I can get bands and artists that I love on vinyl! It's a format that so many artists and bands want to press too but it's not the most affordable that's where I'm buzzed to step in! This release has been exclusively funded by the support of the first issue of my physical publication "Classy Lassy Listens" so I'm really excited for what I can do down the line! I’ve been working closely with Martha on her last two releases - so I’m so excited for this release to be commemorated forever on my favourite listening platform - vinyl”.

Available for pre-order now via this link, the vinyl features Indoor Fox’s latest releases, ‘Mr Yellow Eyes’ and ‘Peach Stone’. The 7” is only £10 and will be delivered around June 2021.