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Single Review: Imojen - ‘Angus’

by Jade Bailey

The magnificent Imojen has returned with their second single ‘Angus’, sharing their passion for feminism in a graceful yet evocative ballad. This slow-burning track highlights Imojen’s amazing vocal capabilities, as well as many social issues surrounding men.

Based in Brighton, this singer-songwriter was inspired by the likes of K.D Lang and Lucious as well as their own experiences in being a part of the LGBTQ community. Imojen’s debut track ‘Raptures’ is full of passion and love but ‘Angus’ goes one step further and shows a huge progression in talent and songwriting.

‘Angus’ starts with a folk-inspired acoustic guitar, accompanied by stunning lyrics- “You lie through your teeth when you open up”. This unapologetic first line really sets the scene for this track, despite being sung with such beauty. I almost overlooked the excruciating pain behind these words at first! The imagery used is dramatic too, truly painting a picture within this spectacular work of art - “I’ll wait till dark to dance upon your grave / I’m thoughtful like that, you can call it by its name”

Imojen’s voice is like pure velvet, completely out in the open without being shadowed by the sorrowful music. As more instruments are introduced into the mix, the vocals are also brought up with the addition of delicate harmonies in the dazzling chorus- “Oh, but Angus, / You raised an ugly boy, yes / To write to me to digress / To beg for my forgiveness”.

Exposing misogyny is a powerful thing, which is the main focus of ‘Angus’. A story of a father raising his son with internalised misogynistic ideas to start the cycle of abuse and terror for women all over again.

Many feminists will relate strongly to these words, which are gorgeous but so raw. ‘Angus’ is an impressive piece of work, balancing tough lyrics with elegant melodies that Imojen pulls off flawlessly.

Listen to 'Angus' Below:

Edited by Emily Duff