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Single Review: Indoor Foxes - 'Mr. Yellow Eyes'

 by Aims Whitter

Having recently discovered the Edinburgh-based singer, Indoor Foxes, and her new single which I can only describe as dreamy bedroom tunes, 'Mr. Yellow Eyes'. From my first listen I instantly felt like I was surrounded by sunflowers after a glass of wine - which is a dream for me when listening to a song. 

The dreamy tune is already being replayed in my head and has me grabbing my hairbrush and turning on my disco light for a sing-along, which I think you should be doing too. The beautiful voice of Indoor Foxes in this track has already got me hooked and turning me into a huge fan. As soon as it started, I got instant vibes resembling the Liverpool band SPINN and being a big fan of them I already knew I'd love 'Mr. Yellow Eyes'. 

'Mr. Yellow Eyes' has already premiered on BBC Introducing in Scotland and is setting us up in time for the nice weather ahead. I feel like this song is going to be the soundtrack to a lot of people’s summer this year - I know already that it will be one of my top ten summer tunes this year. 

One of the lyrics, “It feels like home”, really hooked me into the song. When listening to the lyrics in 'Mr. Yellow Eyes' I felt like I was with all my best friends with a bottle of wine and in my finest summer dress. I can honestly say I am a huge fan of this song and I long to know who the charming 'Mr. Yellow Eyes' is because I can’t get this bop out of my head.

The voice of Indoor Foxes is gorgeous, it matches the instrumentals so well and really creates an amazing song. The immaculate vibes from this tune mean I will be playing it on repeat for the foreseeable. 

Massive hugs to Indoor Foxes for this, I can only describe it as an absolute tune.

Edited by Emily Duff