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We’re All in This Together

We are all angry by what has happened to Sarah Everard and the painful experiences felt by 97% of women, and we all have the right to be reflecting on our own experiences and pains. 

From this pain, we need to start a discussion - rather than a war. We need to open the dialect between people who have experienced harassment, assault and those pains with people who are unfamiliar with that feeling of intimidation or fear of walking alone on your own streets. 

We are allowed to be angry, but hate breeds more division which is exactly the opposite of what we need right now. 

If we do not share our experiences and learn from others there is no opportunity for change. You are always welcome in this space to read the things Darling shares - nobody will ever have the opportunity to change their views if we shut them out. 

We need everyone involved in this conversation. It’s a team effort and no change will ever occur if we push others out of the debates. Yes, we need to continue to make space and platforms for any and all minorities but we need to use these platforms to spread the information that our education systems consistently ignore.

Talk to your friends, talk to your family, talk to your neighbours - and explain why we feel these issues are still occurring rather than shutting people out for not feeling the same as you. 

Nobody should be silenced.

Words by Emily Duff