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Artists Spotlight: Mea Ellis from Issue Three

Mea is a feminist illustrator from Essex. Through her art, she conveys powerful messages in the hopes that people will share and interact with her work in order to reach and encourage more people to educate themselves on the subjects she discusses. These issues discussed include race, gender, sexuality, class, and womanhood, as well as sometimes covering stereotypes within these topics. 

Some of Mea's art comes from a place of personal experience as a young woman, or things other people have experienced, or just feminist topics in general that need more coverage. As a white cisgender woman, Mea captures the problems certain marginalised groups face without claiming or overshadowing their voices but rather raising awareness and pointing other privileged people in the right direction. 

And of course, some of Mea's art is just for fun! With a love of drawing new hairstyles and designing outfits, sometimes Mea uses her art as just a creative outlet or for experimenting! Most of the time, her inspiration for a post strikes when something in the real world has happened recently and needs to be talked about, for example, her posts on period poverty, racism, and the US 2020 election. Other times, Mea spends time refining her language and drawings for a post that has come from her own experience, and therefore feels like she can discuss more freely like Bi-erasure - her most seen and engaged with post from 2020.

In just 8 months, Mea created her first digital drawing, began getting paid commissions, and now has her own small businesses which she runs completely alone whilst being a university student away from home - something she is very proud of.