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Single Review: The Backfires - 'The Man'

by Chloe Gudgin

The BackFires are a three-piece rock band from both sides of the Atlantic. The band consists of Alex Gomez, Harry Ruprechit and Matt Walter. Their new single ‘The Man’ from their brand new EP ‘Consider the BackFires’ is out now. 

When I first heard the title of the single ‘The Man’, it automatically made me think of the popular Taylor Swift song ‘The Man’ but also was this song about the perspective of a man? Or was it completely different? 

From the moment you hear the first sound of vocals on it automatically takes me to a party that you're not supposed to be at. The way the music fits into your mind is repetitive in the sense it automatically makes me want to listen to the song loop to loop.

“When I look in my own eyes I try to recognize the man in front of me.” Is a lyric that sticks out for me. The way it’s relatable in every walk of life, the way growth captures us and before we know it we are craving the past person of ourselves and romanticizing the person we use to be, whilst trying to recognize who we are right now. 

Throughout the whole of this 2:29minute song, the way it captures me is growth. When I listen to this song, I think of a house party with every single person not understanding that in one year they will be romanticizing this version of themselves, with looking into the mirror and seeing who they use to be.

Nostalgia creates the chord progression and the lyrics that stay in my mind.