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Single Review: Cherry Glazerr - 'Big Bang'

 by Sophi Monzon

The band, Cherry Glazerr, released its most recent single titled 'Big Bang'. It is evident from the beginning that the song’s syncopation allows room for emotion and heartache to blossom. 

The initial guitar riffs set anyone off into another dimension of euphoria, which is how the lead vocalist of the group, Clementine Creevy, describes the song to simulate. Creevy’s breathy vocals along with the relatable touch of lyricism that is sung with authenticity. The words refer to the splitting up of a relationship and her endurance. The perspective of this meticulous tune expresses how the person realizes that the termination of said association with a said person ended up being a mistake. They are as far and as close to each other as possible, which is the mentality that lingers after a severe separation. 

As the song hits the chorus, we hear Creevy’s belting “I still call you when I need escaping” which takeovers the soft bass synth enabling the pop & indie-alternative clash. This allows for any demographic to immerse themselves into either the thrilling sound or eliciting flashbacks of experiences that are linked in every line. 

I think that’s what makes these certain songs (the untraditional popular genre) very enjoyable to anyone’s ears, especially since underground rock bands are highly revered by a variety of different people. Cherry Glazerr has been on the scene since 2013, so this phenomenal single isn’t their first musical rodeo. They are able to solidify their true sound with complete authenticity, which in turn shows their abundant creativity with the simplicity of this track. 

'Big Bang' is definitely a song that takes a turn for the best with delicate and passionate rhythm paired with phenomenal production. I leave you all (anyone who reads this) with these words. Take an earnest listen to the less publicized songs of the present and intend to discover one of these artists that also deserve the spotlight, sometimes more than the most trending.

Edited by Emily Duff