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An Interview with Brand New Intarsia Records

 by Sophi Monzo

1. Who makes up the Intarsia Records team? (identify the person, role, pronouns) 

So, we have Jordan (he/him) who is half of the marketing, PR, and content creation side of things.

Natalie (she/her) provides the other half of the marketing role, with additional skills in SEO, and her background in activism and equality in music helps to inform

our approach. Ryan (he/him) has been the brains behind our website design and is also our in-house video production expert, we’ll be

looking forward to sharing his work soon. Tarnjeet (she/her) and Eve (she/her) have been responsible for theA&R side of things, contacting

and liaising with artists and producers to create the musical vision and organizing song creation from recording to master. Furthermore,

they listen to our label submissions, making a decision for which artist is representative of our label. Nat (he/him) has a background in music

psychology and has been helping with all of our roles offering insights and advice. That’s just the tip of the iceberg however and we have much

more info on us as individuals over on our website: 

2. How did everyone come into contact? 

We all met through an internship opportunity with Kaleidoscope, an artist management organization and record label based in Newcastle.

Since the start of the year, we’ve had access to some awesome seminars with a range of industry professionals as well as one-to-one guidance

from the managing director of Kaleidoscope, Andy. 

3. How did the idea of developing a new independent record label arise? 

As part of this internship, we get the chance to develop our own label and brand, using the skills we've learned along the way, and

so Intarsiawas born!

4. Where is this record label based? 

One of the great things about our label is that our team members are based all over the UK! This means we can benefit from a

range of different outlooks and experiences as well as access contacts from around the country. 

5. What makes Intarsia Records stand out from other independent music labels? 

All six of us have experience in different aspects of the music scene and we all bring something different to the table. We’re

very lucky to have a lot of these skills available in-house so to speak, and this means we don’t need to worry about

outsourcing for PR or video production for example. We also decided very early into our inception that one of our key focuses

would be on using our platform to champion and amplify underrepresented voices in music. 

This attitude is at the heart of everything we do and keeps us motivated to cause a genuine change in the industry! 

6. What music genre does Intarsia Records delve the most in? Does it invite all genres? Why/why not? 

Part of us wanting to work with and support underrepresented voices meant that we weren’t looking to

work with specific genres because the individual is what is important to us. We also have a great range of music tastes and

knowledge within our team too. 

However, we can reveal that our first signing is an RnB artist from London which is a genre that we're really excited to work with! 

7. What does music represent to each of you? (could be more than one answer) 

Music is our escape and our favourite form of expression - it’s been a part of all our lives from a young

age. We feel when we’re helping to create music, we’re representing a part of ourselves, regardless of what role

we have in putting it together. There something uplifting about having a viewpoint into different lives and

perspective through music, that we might never get the chance to explore otherwise, as well as knowing someone

else relates to you if they are coming from a similar mindset.

8. How can artists get into contact with Intarsia Records? 

You can email us with any questions you have atinfo@intarsiarecords.comand also get in touch

through the form on 

9. What certain artists are the label currently looking for? 

We are open to working with artists of all backgrounds, genres, and levels of experience, we don’t want to make

our label restrictive. 

10. What is your promise for artists that audition/submit their work to you? 

If you get in touch promise we will listen to your music and read any info you have provided about yourself.

We are only working with one artist at a time, however, so that anyone who signs with us gets our full attention.

But anyone is welcome to get in touch and if we think that you are the right fit for what we can provide then

we will be in touch in the near future! 

11. Does diversity play a huge role in the label? 

Absolutely! We’re very fortunate to have a team that is all very passionate about equality and diversity

in music. We want to use our platform to make things better, or at least set a positive example for others to follow. 

12. Any last remarks? 

Our first signing is an amazing artist called Merunisa who has blown us away with how creative and driven she is! 

We’re working with her to record, produce, distribute and promote a brand new single which is very exciting. 

Please follow her social media channels and keep up to date with us for more developments very soon... 

Listen to Merunisa's previous tracks here: 

and check her out on her social media here: and

image by @sara_wilko

You can find Intarsia on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok  

Edited by Emily Duff

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