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Single Review: ‘Strife’ - Trish Discord

 by Emily Duff

Alternative New York musician, Trish Discord, has just dropped her latest single, ‘Strife’. Inspired by the grunge scene in Brooklyn, Discord also presents a similarity to The Cranberries and Evanescence - each of these being opposite styles and showing her wide range and capability.

Opening with an intense electric guitar and moody vocals, this track takes on a more emo EDM style with Discord’s voice often being distorted within the chorus. Beginning slow and melancholic, Discord then presents a more hopeful, light-heartedness as flanger can be heard throughout the musician accompaniment.

Based on her life 5 years ago, ‘Strife’ discusses Discord’s issues regarding two countries' dramatic political changes. In 2016, Discord was an international student based in London during Brexit causing panics about her visa. Simultaneously, the singer had to deal with fears for the election, being left hopeless after Trump won the US election in 2016. Although we weren't all international students during this time or even felt caught between the two countries, I think there’s an aspect to Discord's story that we can all connect with through lyrics such as, “every day the world seems more divided”.

Having not one but two degrees in psychology, mental health issues are always incorporated into the message behind and lyrics in her music. Having been singing all of her life, her first album, ‘Is This My Mental Breakdown?’ dedicates each song to a different mental disorder and ‘Strife’ is no different; giving importance to her mental health during the stressful times of 2016. 

Originally from Queens, New York, Discord has built up an international range of supporters. Playing weekly shows via Instagram and playing as a guest performer on Indie Star Radio, Discord has ensured her fanbase is still passionate about her music despite not releasing new music for over a year. 

After hearing ‘Strife’ and with the resumption of live music due to happen soon, I’m very excited to see what Discord does next.