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“Hummingbird Heart”: From Zine to Live Tour

 by Emily Duff

Kinsale Drake (Diné) is a multi-skilled creative with professions ranging from Poet to Playwright. Her endeavours have landed her spots in a range of publications from TIME to the Yale Literary Magazine and recognition such as the J.Edgar Meeker Prize, the Academy of American Poets Prize, and the Young Native Playwrights Award.

Currently, Kinsale edits Changing Wxmen Collective, after having gained experience serving as a National Student Poet. 

Kinsale founded Changing Wxman Collective to create a digital publishing platform and creative space that highlights BIPOC voices and narratives. 

Said to be “here to empower our own narratives and create space”, Changing Wxmen Collective is a digital arts magazine by and for BIPOC people of marginalized genders. Their publication includes art, poetry, prose, op-eds, interviews, zine making workshops and more using a community force in order to make waves with their mission to empower each other’s work, spotlight those who inspire us, and connect with each other to create real change. 


With an interest in Indigenous feminisms and radical poetics by women of colour, Kinsale can be found studying the intersections of cultural (re)vitalization movements, Indigenous poetics, and Indigenous feminisms at Yale University. 

She created Hummingbird Heart in 2021 alongside Alice Mao while on a trip to New York City in which an awkward conversation about gender and sexuality began between the two. Recently published by Abalone Mountain Press, a Diné-woman-run press, the zine comes in two colours: lilac and pink.

Discussing the inversion of the cisgender heterosexual whiteness, male gaze, alienation, desire, loneliness, queerness, and other “ness”es.

A summer tour by the same name, Hummingbird Heart, is set to take over and inspire the youth of Southwest of America. Featuring a range of live performances, workshops, and hybrid music and poetry shows, it is sure to be a fascinating event to reintroduce creativity and passion.

Having already gained experience working with multiple artists, collectives, and small businesses to curate readings, markets, fitting parties, collection launches, and concerts. 

This has even extended to running Softer Sounds, a company founded by herself and Nanibaah to allow for pop-up events that ensure the safety and enjoyment of all while making sure to highlight Queer People of Colour. These spaces have no limits, with previous occurances having taken place around spoken word poets, independent vendors, and more. Kinsale focuses on creating a welcoming and festive space that can celebrate local and underrepresented artistry - something that is vital to every single community. 

Having already attended Junior High Los Angeles, Inspired by Diné Bizaad, and PEN America in June, the upcoming Tour Dates are as follows:

Palabras Bookstore Zine Fest: July 1st

The Nile Theater: July 2nd

San Francisco Botanical Gardens: July 16th

The Ruby San Francisco: July 19th

The Ruby San Francisco: August 9th

Tea at Shiloh’s, Los Angeles: August 10th

NDN Collective, Santa Fe: August 19th

Museum of Contemporary Native Arts: August 20th

To gain tickets to any of the shows, just click the link attached to the date! See you there…

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