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Ketchup or Makeup?

by Ana Hernandez

Fenty Beauty’s latest collaboration with MSCHF has sparked division between makeup lovers.

In Fenty's recent collaboration with MSCHF, the infamous brand has launched a new saucy take on lip gloss. For $25 makeup lovers can now have their turn in a roulette consisting of either ketchup or makeup. 

Hidden behind an aesthetically pleasing package is 6 packets of what seemingly appears to be individual ketchup packets that entails either actual ketchup or sought-after makeup. 

When pictures of this new condiment themed collection dropped on social media, many confused and disappointed fans hit the comments. Even though this new collaboration was aimed to provide a new fun take on makeup, many Rihanna fans are divided on this new launch. Either debating on the cost or the quality of the product in general. 

One twitter user stated, “From the marketing executive that brought you the pots of lipgloss that clip to your belt (during a pandemic) comes... ketchup or makeup! Is the value 14 cents or $3? Who cares! We’re still selling it for $25!!” 

This dislike for the price tag is often a divider with obscure products like this - are we paying for the product or the idea? 

That’s a decision for the consumer to make. 

Considering if the idea has been well executed, many thought it wasteful. The design of the packaging means that once you rip the sachet to reveal (potentially) a gorgeous red lip gloss - there is no way to seal and reuse it. With few content creators mentioning this flaw, the comments of their videos seem riddled with confusion and dislike for the issue.  

In a world where sustainability is a regular conversion, perhaps creating one product to be split into lots of harmful packaging was a tad ignorant.

However, beneath the disappointed fans lie a few positive ones. Gurus on TikTok share their thoughts on the packages’ exclusive gloss, giving it their seal of approval. 

“This gloss is gorgeous”, says tiktoker @marjmaroket. 

Haters aside, this package ships worldwide if you are interested in this condiment themed game of roulette. Happy spending!

Edited by Emily Duff

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