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Loose x Darling: Scarily Easy Halloween Looks

by Emily Duff and Lucy Eaton

Don’t make your Halloween a fright night. This year, Loose and Darling have collaborated to make the ultimate list of Halloween costumes; stalking out the easiest and the most fabulous:

What: Corpse Bride 

Who: Loose

Although everyone’s favourite ghoul is blue and, uh, missing a couple of limbs, you don’t have to paint or saw yourself to nail this look. Instead, focus on key details.

A white or light blue dress (ideally corseted) is a must, alongside a matching veil, something you can easily pick up in your local party shop, or recreate if you’ve got white fabric lying around. You can paint your skin blue, or source a blue wig (check out our Barbie costume on how to make any wig scarily cute!) but, more simply. blue makeup can also do the trick. Try a blue eyeshadow look, and use a cool-toned contour to resemble the undead. Plus, if you own a blue highlighter or glitter, place this on the high points of your face and body to give yourself an ethereal, ghoulish glow. Top it all off with a toy worm, pinned to your costume (the weirder the better).

This can easily become a couple’s (or besties’) costume; whether they prefer Victor or Victoria, find them a grey suit or dress, and go to town with the cool-toned Tim Burton-inspired makeup.

What: Barbie

Who: Darling

With a much-anticipated film by Greta Gerwig due to be released next year, who doesn’t want to look like Margot Robbie’s Barbie? Naturally, peroxide blonde hair is key - if that’s not you’re current look don’t worry about getting the bleach out, wigs do exist and a bit of fabric softener can do the trick for plastic hair. In fact, drag mother, Birdie, has recently posted a very helpful TikTok on how to get a cheap wig looking amazing so check that out if needed.

Then, think pink! Any pink outfit and blonde wig will be instantly recognisable, but you can easily take it a step further by adding the movie’s BTS cowboy hats as seen below. Even better, make it a couples costume and bring along your very own Ken! I wouldn’t mind a night with Ryan Gosling!

If you’re the DIY crafty type, a giant cardboard box painted pink to wear over your look will definitely tie the costume together - although may not be ideal for your movement and comfort. But, what's scarier than ridiculously high beauty standards?

What: The Bride of Chucky

Who: Loose

Dressing like horror’s creepiest doll isn’t too far from a Pamela Anderson look, if you tried that earlier this year. For the bride of Chucky, Tiffany Valentine, the importance is the mix of white and black. Find a white dress and black leather jacket (but black outerwear and a white top does the trick!). Although Tiffany’s blonde, you don’t have to be — wigs are always an option, but only if you want to go that extra mile. Attach a veil to your hair, and add your best grunge smokey eye. And, of course, finish the look with a heart tattoo above the bust, with Chucky written on top. Stencil it out with red lipstick and black eyeliner, or have a look online for temporary tattoos.

Again, an easy addition to this costume would be Chucky, especially if your partner or bestie is ginger. Dress them in dungarees and a striped top, and add a little blood to their face, and they’re set for your night of frights.

What: TinkerBell

Who: Darling

After I saw Paris Hilton’s TinkerBell look, I was obsessed. Okay, she might not be the spookiest character but Halloween doesn’t have to be all about freaking people out. Sometimes slaying people with your drop-dead fashion looks is just as good.

This one is super simple, all you need is a green dress, cheap white or green wings and you’re set. Tie the look together with some green shoes and a big blonde bun then you’re ready to go. While this seems rather simple, you can make it even more interesting with some green eyeshadow looks - crack out the rhinestones and shimmer sticks to make the costume pop.

Again, this one easily makes a couples costume whether you’ve got a golden retriever boyfriend who fancies taking on the Peter Pan role or a brunette bestie who’d take on the feisty Rosetta - for her, the same above outfit rules apply, just in red!

What: Maxine (X) 

Who: Loose

Be a star this Halloween as Maxine, Mia Goth’s character in this year’s slasher sensation, X. If you’ve got dungarees, this costume is a breeze. Wear bright blue eyeshadow, blow out your hair (or, straighten your hair, and curl the ends — our favourite trick) and, splatter SFX blood across your skin. If you want to go a little more glam, why not use red crystals instead of blood, and stick them on your face?

What: Black Swan

Who: Darling

Absolutely iconic - and probably the scariest of Darling's suggestions - a Black Swan look doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. Plus, if you’re a makeup whizz, this one is definitely for you.

Grab a black dress, vest top or, ideally, leotard and throw a black tutu on top - none of it needs to be expensive and they’re sure to be found in your local costume shop. Then just tie your hair back in a low bun, add a crown (plastic will do, just this once), some black feathers if you’ve got any handy and start painting your face. The eyes are the main focus with this, but thankfully all you need is some black eyeliner and eyeshadow which most of us have knocking around. If you’re really committed to the bit, some white face paint as a base would do nicely too, and voila! The only person standing in your way is you.

Again, get your bestie to join you in the role of the white swan - all the same outfit rules apply, just in white! Who would turn down the opportunity to draw inspo from Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder or Mila Kunis? Three iconic women in cinema.

What: Ginger Snaps

Who: Loose

OK, OK. This may be an underrated horror classic, but it’s essentially a werewolf costume with a 90s twist, so who cares if people don’t know the film? Head to a party shop, or even a supermarket’s Halloween section, and find yourself some werewolf ears and fangs. Add a couple blonde clip-ins to your hair, find your most 90s grunge ensemble, and you’re set. A Halloween costume that’s freaky, fabulous, and - most importantly - easy.

What: Witch 

Who: Darling

With Hocus Pocus 2 having just hit our screens, I can see a witch look being even more popular than usual. Even though a witch for Halloween is somewhat cliché, it’s timeless for a reason!

To start the base of the look, any dress works - I’d prefer an all-black ankle-length but deep shades of red or purple would work just as well.

Based on the colour choices in your wardrobe pick, try to tie the rest of the accessories to this - hence why I love an all-black look. All you need is a hat to make the iconic costume work but accessories like elbow-length gloves, a broom or even a cauldron would obviously work well as an addition. If you’ve got a black cat toy knocking around, you may as well add that to the mix too!

With a witch costume, you can easily go down two different routes. One, chic and sexy like SJP and Kendall Jenner, or two, wicked (think Wizard of Oz).

Elegant makeup with sleek eyeliner and pin-straight hair pair best for a high-fashion look. For that wicked look, you’ll want to get out the green face paint, and - if you’re really committed to the bit - a prosthetic nose! Super easy, and wham bam, costume done.

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