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by Hiba Firoze 

Although 2022 is almost through, that is no barrier when it comes to finding your style! Here are 7 things your wardrobe needs for you to create the 'it-girl' vibes in time for the new year. 

Wide-leg Trousers

Let's not forget that we're doing 'bigger the better' this year. Remnant of '60s style, these pants are having their moment again. Wide-leg trousers is no surprise in a post-lockdown world - comfy and cute, these were perfect for the WFH schedule, I think we'll still be gravitating to this cut in 2023. If you haven't already stocked up your wardrobe with 'em, then well, what's the wait?

Silk Scarves 

There are a plethora of ways to level up your ensemble - and silk scarves are certainly one. A fashion savvy knows the value of these 'conversation starter' pieces, something to draw people into your outfit and show off your personality. You know it's a need when you can also use the accessory for multiple purposes - to cover up a bad hair day or make almost any bag look picturesquely appealing; a lifesaver.


You probably already know how trendy these pieces are if you've been watching Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa all year - not to mention the queen of timeless style, Matilda Djerf. And if you're not, 2022 had been a year full of 'How to-s' apropos to styling blazers. Toss them on top of a button-down or co-ord it with comfy trousers and you're set. You can even jazz up your mini skirts just by adding a blazer. 

Oversized Shades 

Oversized shades are synonymous with a classy demeanour. Elevate your wardrobe staples by getting yourself some oversized shades from the nearest Atelier right now! Also, perfect to hide any signs of your hangover.
Longline Coat

Tailored longline coats are the perfect piece to achieve the 'it-girl' look. You can't just go wrong with them, they're the long-lost best friends of the existing outfits in your wardrobe. Leather, cotton, and especially gabardine (thank you, Thomas Burberry), it's your choice which direction you go with the trench.

Crossbody Bag

Where have you been if you don't know crossbody bags are conquering the fashion world lately? It's never too late to go shopping for these multi-use bags to easily raise your styling scores by several notches. One helluva good way to combine chic with practicality. 


Trainers, sneakers, kicks, whatever, have no doubt been everyone's go-to for decades. And right now, they're more sought after than ever - especially in a High Top style. 

Edited by Emily Duff

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