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Ode x Darling: Pre-fall 2023 Designer Pulls to Start the New Year in Style

With New Years Eve quickly impending, and our first year of feeling some Covid-freedom, Emily of Darling and Olivia of Ode have made their selection of the best looks from designers Pre-Fall 2023 collections. 

If you’re looking for some last minute inspiration then you’re in luck! Start fulfilling your resolution to give your fashion some focus and head into the New Year with style…

Alberta Ferretti 

Chosen by: Ode Magazine

If a casual dinner is on the cards this new year’s weekend, serve up some drama in Alberta Ferretti’s lace trimmed gown. This look is romantic yet relaxed so it’s perfect for a quiet and elegant new year’s. While slip gowns are usually reserved for the summer months, pairing this gown with a fur coat or long trench is the perfect way to recycle and upgrade these lighter pieces for the December weather. 

For an exaggerated new year’s eve outfit, don’t shy away from this look! With a few accessories you can take the dress from relaxed to reckless. Take notes from  Ferretti’s use of punk-inspired accessories like the chunky choker and black pouch bag. Or, if you’re dreaming of a chic new year’s attire, try a diamanté necklace and shoe combination to complete the sophisticated look. 

Save yourself from the chill of the extra long taxi queue home by investing in a chunky biker jacket to accompany your NYE clubbing attire. Alberta Ferretti’s layered leather look is a perfect way to keep warm but stay chic throughout the holiday. By pairing silver-hued tassel trousers and a glossy leather jacket, Ferretti gives us a simple way to stand out. The use of silky crushed velvet and dusty grey tones are perfect for those seeking an alluring and dangerous look this festive season. To complete the ensemble, add a daring pair of shades and you're destined to nail this punk-chic look. 


Chosen by: Daring Magazine

Set the mood this New Year with this OTT look from Moschino. With a playful take on a dominant and easily intimidating leather look, this outfit is oozing with humour and creativity. Allow yourself to step into 2023 exploring your sense of style. 

The oversized belt also makes for a great conversation starter, people will be drawn to you and, to me, that sounds like the best way to bring in the New Year. Jam-packed with fun, this supersized outfit is a fabulous pick for the quirky dresser among us. 


This look is for the daring. With a combination of mystery and vulnerability, the juxtaposing ankle length hem and arm length gloves against the sheer material is a combination fit for the brave. 

While being able to stay somewhat demure with a monochromatic black look and a loose straight-cut, it still grabs attention allowing you to bring in the New Year with confidence. A little bit of exposure never hurt anybody. 

Prabal Gurung

Chosen by: Ode Magazine

When it comes to new year’s eve, sequins are your friend, so it’s as if Prabal Gurung had the occasion in mind when designing his latest sequin-drenched pre-fall collection. This multi-toned mini dress is the ultimate new year’s clubbing attire. 

Splashed with explosions of neon hues, the dress requires few accessories. But, if you were looking to elevate this look to the next level (it is new year’s after all) then take inspiration from Gurung’s leather boot and glove pairing to add a fierce touch to this vibrant ensemble.  

Keeping with the sequined theme, our second Gurung look is perfect for those who prefer to cover up but still want an extravagant, dopamine-rich party attire. Keeping to Gurung’s reputation of providing ‘style for the season’, this look fuses our favourite recent trends like hot pink hues and mesh materials. 

Gurung’s use of sequined material makes the look ideal for new year’s but unlike most festive looks, this gown’ nostalgic and lengthy silhouette make for a unique, romantic look. Again- thanks to Prabal’s affinity for all things extravagant- this look requires little to no accessories since you’ll pretty much be covered from head to toe. Of course, shoes will be required and we’d recommend some very high boots or heels, partly due to the length of the gown, but mostly because it's new year’s so the bolder, the better. 


Chosen by: Darling Magazine

Based in London and classically British, designer Erdem Moralioglu has brought regality to modern fashion in this pull. Utilising luxurious materials from silk to tulle, this dress brings a combination of textures that bring out the bold in us. 

As a huge fan of the oversized bow, these glove to sleeve features add some vibrancy and attention to the already grand outfit. 

A dramatic look for those wanting to steal the show, this ERDEM look is extravagant to set the tone for a wealthy new year. 

Known for their use of experimental textiles and consistent detailing, ERDEM has created a look that is very modest (and, I imagine, perfect to keep warm during a British December) whilst also being eye catching and unique. With gloves connected to the sleeves, a turtle neck and a favourite of mine - the ankle length hem, this dress has a lot going on but manages to remain tasteful and elegant. 

Utilising a mix of textures from sequins to gathered pleats, this outfit is far from subtle. However, the thoughtful placement of detailing around the waste, chest and shoulders ensures a flattering cut and demonstrates an experimental style that we should be embodying in the New Year. 

With green being a trendy colour for fashion for most of the 2020s so far, why not end on the same note before the reign of pink takes over. 


Chosen by: Ode Magazine

Seeking a nostalgic new year’s eve look? LA-based label Staud has you covered. Taking influence from the Art Deco era, this flapper dress is a unique spin on the traditional diamante clubbing dress. Embroidered with emerald and silver gems, this look is destined to dazzle on the dance floor. 

The dress is heavy and delicate, so it would make the perfect attire for cocktails or dinner with friends. Of course, if you were hoping to hit the club this new year, the dress would go perfectly with some toe post heels (and a martini). 

Trousers and a nice top are a classic and just because new year’s eve is renowned for lavish looks, there’s nothing to say you can’t tone it down to trousers and still look your best this December 31st. 

Reimagining the new year’s look with this casual memo in mind is Staud. Their pairing of loose white trousers with an embroidered cropped bra is a perfect compromise between comfort and exuberance. As we’ve hinted, accessories are the ultimate way to take your look to the next level, so try some layered necklaces or a stomach chain to add a dash of Y2K fun to this classic pairing. 

Stella McCartney

Chosen by: Darling Magazine

Androgynous yet feminine, this purple oversized co-ord is perfect for those focused on staying warm and comfortable this New Year. Providing a look with a subtle cut and a simple pop of colour over the more extravagant styles you usually see on December 31st, this look allows you stay true to your usual sense of style. 

Although a purple suit may not seem out of the ordinary, a good quality blazer is an essential in any wardrobe. Focused on good tailoring and a flattering fit, you can’t go wrong with a perfect blazer and trouser set. And covering a nearly-nude top, you have control over how brave you want to be as the clock strikes midnight. This look is both bossy and sexy; both masculine and feminine; and at, its core, absolutely intrinsic to the Stella McCartney brand.

Inspired by McCartney’s work with Chloé during the 2000s, this dress brings back a Y2K nostalgia almost reminiscent of Paris Hilton’s iconic 21st birthday look that was then recreated by Kendall Jenner in 2016. 

A typical New Years outfit, this dress is head-to-toe in glitz and glamour. With the perfect length for comfort, warmth and black-tie dress codes, you can’t go wrong with this classic cut. Tastefully accentuated with a cowl neck, it should be flattering for those of all sizes. The subtle sparkle of the silver material is a fantastic New Years eve pick.

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