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Is 2023 Finally the Time We Burn Our Bras?

by Geena Ling

More and more people with boobs are ditching their bras and embracing freedom. Whether it’s to say a big “fuck you” to sexism or purely for comfort, every reason is valid. After all, our nipples are biologically the same as men’s, so why should we have to hide them while they freely roam around topless?

Contrary to what Instagram may think, boobs are not inherently sexual. They function solely to feed our infants. With this in mind, it’s a little disturbing that they are so widely thought of as explicit. It’s no wonder that, after centuries of having their bodies policed, women have grown increasingly frustrated and decided to fight back. And, out of this frustration, came the birth of the #FreeTheNipple campaign in 2013.

The mass worldwide protest has taken social media - and the wider world - by storm. It’s the perfect demonstration of universal sisterhood: women and non-binary people coming together to fight for bodily autonomy. It’s sickening that they should have to in this day and age, but the battle continues. Some of the most progressive and groundbreaking movements in recent political history include the 2008 “nurse-in”, which saw a brave group of breastfeeding mothers storm Facebook HQ to protest against their misogynistic censorship; and the more modern social media trend in which women cover their nipples in photos with men’s nipples to highlight the illogical double standard.

Despite decades of progress, social media platforms have still largely failed to change their regulations. All over the world, going braless is at best frowned upon, and at worst punishable by law. However, hope is on the horizon: earlier this month, Zuckerberg-owned conglomerate Meta was advised by its oversight board to change its rules regarding nudity. Although Zuck is hardly known for respecting the people’s wishes, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he might just do what he’s told this time.

Aside from the political viewpoint, many people find bras just plain uncomfortable - which is unsurprising considering they are quite literally wire cages for our boobs. Some people, on the other hand, feel best when wearing a bra - it’s completely up to the individual. If you’re free-boob-curious but not ready to burn your bras just yet, ease yourself into the change by taking advantage of the great range of bralettes, nipple covers, and wireless or unpadded options to bridge the gap from zero to one hundred. In no time you’ll be confident enough to set your tatas free - plus, you’ll never have to worry about bra straps ruining an outfit again!

Whether you’re a full-time free boob babe, a loyal bra wearer, or somewhere in between, remember this: they’re your boobs, so it’s your choice! 

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