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Is 2023 the year we realise fashion doesn’t need the Kardashian’s?

by AJ Craig


The MET is definitely one of the most important fashion and social events of the year for anyone that Vogue/ Anna Wintour deem current and influential enough to be there. So the suggestions that the Kardashian family that’s taken over our celeb news for over a decade are apparently not *IT* enough for the MET, well it’s gasp worthy to say the least.

Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur

Love them, hate them or simply just tolerate them, the KarJenner clan are everywhere. Fashion campaigns, Instagram posts and even Disney+/ Hulu. 

The family have always linked themselves to fashion since the 2000s, with the Kardashian sisters establishing Dash. A chain of boutique clothing stores, Dash stores closed for good in 2018 but the sisters fashion origins are definitely not forgotten. The family continued their fashion escapades with Kanye West acting as Kim’s personal stylist even after their divorce as well as Khloe creating her own fashion brand, Good American.


Both Kendall and Kylie Jenner are well-established in the fashion world with Kendall having walked for Prada, Alexander Wang, Oscar De La Renta and Fendi to name only a few and Kylie being a staple at recent fashion weeks in haute couture; see basically any PFW post from this January and it’s hard not to find her, Schiaparelli anyone? 


Now that invitations have been formally sent out, Kim Kardashian has been confirmed to have received one. Despite this, sources have said that the implication that Kim and her family may have snubbed from the event has left Kim embarrassed, so much so that Vogue officials, and possibly even Anna Wintour herself, have reached out to attempt to smooth things over. 

The public nature of the misunderstanding could have exacerbated the embarrassment ten fold for both parties. The other side effect of a public hiccup is that those who were not already wondering if the Kardashians should be at events like these, are now wondering just that.

Image via Billy Farrell/ Shutterstock

Having only been first invited due to being the wife of Kanye, a close friend of Anna Wintour, since the Kardashian’s distance from Ye, is the families spot at the Met really a guarantee? 


However, the family has been nothing if not high profile since the ‘80s. Having managed to stay relevant in massive ways all the way up to now is not small task. 

Image via Instagram @kimkardashian

But the correlation between relevance and the family typically boil down to a balance of three things: a scandal, change of look or a life event. And it can be said that the impact of a marriage, a blunt bob hair cut or morally shady ad campaign eventually loses its sparkle after a number of times. There has been nonstop drama surrounding the family for the last few years and the the MET being a fundraiser for The Costume Institute, the board might want more of a squeaky clean, drama free set of attendees.

Image via Donato Sardella / Getty Images for CFDA/ Vogue

The first Monday in May isn’t far away so we won’t have to wait long to see who arrives, what and who they’re wearing, and who is on their arm.


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