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“SWOOSH”: Nike Releases First Drop of Digital Goods Through It’s Blockchain Community

by Adria Mirabelli


At the end of 2022, Nike released information surrounding its upcoming blockchain platform and digital community called ".Swoosh" which intends to allow community members to purchase and collect digital Nike products such as sneakers, jerseys and accessories.

Digital products can be purchased using traditional payment means, and according to a press release by Nike, these new products can allow users to “learn about, collect and eventually help co-create virtual creations, which are typically interactive”. The idea is that these physically intangible products can be worn within digital games and spaces. Nike has hinted that ".Swoosh" community members will have first access to drops of physical products and experiences in the future.


The platform (which can be accessed at has been in its beta stage since November 2022, when it allowed members to join and were invited to help shape the future products released through “.Swoosh”. Upon its release, Nike has defined “.Swoosh” as “an inclusive, equitable place for athletes, creators, collectors and consumers to design and own the future of sport”. For those unfamiliar with the blockchain (and all of its intricacies), Nike has shared a ".Swoosh" Dictionary which explains the structure of the platform and how buying works.

On April 18th, the first drop of what Nike describes as its “virtual creations” were released on the platform. The path to owning a digital shoe or garment involves a few steps and a bit of luck for those interested. “.Swoosh” community members had a one of three chance to receive one “Our Force 1” poster featuring the iconic Nike Air Force One sneakers (including favourite styles as voted on by the community). Nike released 106,543 posters to select community members. These posters basically functioned as early access invitations to purchase the first Nike digital sneakers through the platform.

As of May 8th, these members have the opportunity to trade in their poster (alongside an additional fee) for an “OF1 Box” without knowing exactly what the contents might be. These “virtual creations” are all completely unique to one another and are made autonomously through a process comparable to an algorithm. As of May 10th general access will open up, allowing buyers to choose between the "Classic Remix" or "New Wave" boxes. Ultimately the contents of each “OF1 Box” will be a complete surprise to the buyer until an unspecified date when Nike will release the contents.

Edited by Emily Duff

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