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Dressing for the Barbie Movie: From Pink-Tastic Fashion to Comfortably Chic!

by Emily Duff

Content created ahead of the SAG-AFTRA Strikes, we stand with the American actors' union and the Writers Guild of America who are fighting Hollywood labour disputes.

Are you ready to unleash your inner Barbie?

Stepping into Greta Gerwig’s perfect world of pink, fashion, and feminism, what you wear has an impact. And, featuring Margot Robbie as the titular character, we couldn’t be more excited to dive in! But remember, the cinema is a time for chill - so don’t overthink it. 

As the new Barbie movie hits theatres tomorrow (July 21st), we're here to help you pick the perfect outfit for this fabulous occasion. 

Whether you're a pink enthusiast or prefer to cozy up, we've got you covered with practical and stylish tips to make your movie day unforgettable.

1. Embrace the Pink-tastic Past:

Just as Margot took inspiration from iconic Barbie dolls of the past - so can you. 

Pink is the colour of the year, and you can't go wrong with it. Mix and match different shades of pink to create a look that's uniquely yours. Simply pairing pink trousers with a cute pink jumper, and you're rocking a Barbie-approved ensemble that exudes charm and confidence! (As well as being comfy for a couple hours in a cinema seat)

2. Cosy is the New Stylish:

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, and the Barbie movie is all about embracing individuality. 

So, if pink isn't your jam, fret not! The beauty of Barbie lies in celebrating diversity. 

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and fabulous. Whether it's your favorite jeans and tee or a flowy dress with a touch of pink, there's no wrong way to show off your unique style.

But why stop at just a stylish outfit? Treat yourself to some extra coziness by bringing along a soft blanket and a plush pillow. Not only will you feel like a superstar, but you'll also have the ultimate movie-watching setup for the much-anticipated experience.

3. Pretend You’re at the Premiere:

Sure, it might be a regular cinema trip, but there are no rules when it comes to dressing up! 

You're about to finally witness the magic of Barbie on the big screen, so why not embrace the moment and go all out? 

Wear your fanciest outfit, channel your inner Dua Lipa, and make it a premiere-worthy affair. 

After the movie, why not extend the fun by heading out for a Barbie-themed bottomless brunch or a fabulous dinner with friends? You’ll already look the part!

4. Channel Ken-ergy:

If you’re already in the summer vibe, or are simply just "a Ken, or just Ken-curious, or Ken-fused," to quote Gosling, then here’s a different angle. 

Embrace the laid-back beach look with Hawaiian shirts and loose-fitting shorts. These comfy and stylish choices will have you feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy the movie with Ken-like ease. 

Don't forget to top off your look with some cool shades for that extra touch of summer chic. In conversation with GQ, Gosling stated, “Ken's gotta have at least two pairs at all times." 

And while sunglasses are great, maybe bringing a surfboard might be too far - although I’ve heard they’re great for balance (“You can hold it, and I've also found that you can lean.", Gosling, also for GQ)

5. Barbies in All Forms:

Life is busy, and you might have head straight to the cinema from work. 

Fear not! Embrace the diverse world of Barbie's careers and fashion choices. We’re already seen lawyer Barbie, physicist Barbie, novelist Barbie, so there's no outfit that won’t get the stamp of approval.

Take this opportunity to showcase your style and let your imagination run wild.

From pretty pinks to comfy-chic, there's a fashion statement for everyone. So grab your popcorn, settle into your seat, and get ready for a pink-tastic adventure!

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