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Sundara Karma Returns with Single 'Friends of Mine' - A New Era for the Indie Band

by Emily Duff

Sundara Karma, the much-loved indie outfit, have made their highly anticipated comeback with their latest single, 'Friends of Mine.' 

This exciting release marks a new era for the band, as they revisit their euphoric indie roots while incorporating fresh elements. The four-piece delivers a rallying call to arms with shimmering guitar riffs and bold percussion, reminiscent of their critically acclaimed debut album, 'Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect.' Vocalist Oscar Pollock describes the track as an ode to friendship and a taste of what's to come from their forthcoming album.

Although 'Friends of Mine' showcases a departure from the electro-pop elements of their previous EP, Sundara Karma stays true to their introspective lyrics, infectious melodies, and captivating performances that have endeared them to fans. The band's commitment to artistic growth and exploration promises an exciting journey for both the quartet and their dedicated fan base. Today's release represents the first steps into a new age for Sundara Karma, solidifying their unique space in the indie rock sphere.

Since their debut EP and subsequent album release, 'Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect,' in 2017, Sundara Karma have garnered significant recognition and critical acclaim. 

Their anthemic indie bangers have earned praise from respected publications such as NME, Rolling Stone UK, DIY, and Dork, while also finding a place on BBC Radio playlists. 

The band's live performances, characterized by their high-octane energy and charismatic stage presence, have attracted a loyal fanbase that spans the globe. 

Sundara Karma have graced major UK festivals including Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds as well as gaining global traction at SXSW in America and Summer Sonic in Japan.

Friends of Mine' serves as a re-introduction to Sundara Karma, showcasing their thought-provoking and enigmatic qualities. With this release, the band charges forward, ready to build upon their previous successes and captivate audiences once again. The single is available for streaming now, offering a taste of the exciting journey ahead.

Sundara Karma's return with 'Friends of Mine' marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band. Their compelling blend of indie rock, introspective lyrics, and infectious melodies continues to charm listeners. Stay tuned for their upcoming album, as Sundara Karma embarks on a fresh musical adventure, promising more success and unforgettable performances in the future.

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