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Packing For a Tomato Girl Summer: The IT Girl’s Timeless European Fashion Aesthetic

by Emily Duff

If you're gearing up for your Euro Summer getaway, or just want to look good for your staycation, rest assured that we have your back when it comes to packing. 

Ahead, find the lowdown on which fabrics, colours, and brands will ensure your suitcase is stocked with the perfect wardrobe for both comfort and style. 

With each passing season, TikTok introduces us to new cultural phenomenons that find their way into our wardrobes. From mermaidcore’s wet-look dresses to Barbiecore's all pink everything, fashion trends keep evolving. 

The name "Tomato Girl Summer" might pique curiosity, but the reality is that this look has graced the world long before the buzz of micro trends. 

It's a style that your nonna - your grandmother - has effortlessly donned way before your time, embracing its essence even before it had a name and encapsulating the allure of a European vacation. 

Imagine lounging on a terrace in Amalfi or island hopping in Greece. It's a vision of indulgence in pasta with tomato-based sauces and taking your time over sun-kissed tomatoes paired with cheeses, think feta and burrata, and the finest olive oil.

This summer vibe calls for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and crochet while the colour palette revolves around reds paired with neutrals like classic white, terracotta, deep browns, and shades of olive green and sea blue. 

Tomato Girl Summer's dress code oozes romance. 

Reading like a romantic sonnet, imagine lace-up corset tops, sweet and classic sweetheart necklines, fluid maxi dresses, and flirtatious midi skirts paired with vintage-inspired mule heels, simple leather sandals, or delicate ballet flats.

The uniform du jour is a midi dress. It’s your choice between a block colour of red, white or brown or something adorned with vibrant florals, reminiscent of sunlit gardens. 

For the more adventurous, playful and trendy motifs inspired by fresh produce infuse each ensemble with a spirited uniqueness. Ruffles cascade, puff sleeves flutter, and strings fall in loose bows - each adding a touch of grace to moments spent by the sea with a classic novel in hand.

To complete the ensemble, elevate the glamour with a patterned headscarf and a straw or leather bag. It’s also key to embrace kitschy accessories and jewellery adorned with food-inspired charms.

Contrary to its name, Tomato Girl Summer transcends trends; it's an enduring look that effortlessly complements any wardrobe. As the seasons evolve, so does this style, with brands like Lisa Says Gah leading the way.

The BIANCO/POMODORO Alex Tee proudly displays a playful tomato design across the chest, all while championing sustainability through its recycled fabric.

Perfectly epitomising the aesthetic, Lisa Says Gah's Tapas collection also captures the nonchalant holiday spirit perfectly - a match made in fashion heaven.

Dive further into the Tomato Girl spirit with RACHEL ANTONOFF's Tanya Dress or Antonia Top - pieces adorned with charming tomato patterns that can also be discovered on the Lisa Says Gah website. 

While TikTok brought the term to prominence, Instagram feeds paint vibrant portraits of Tomato Girl Summer's idyllic holiday albums. Influencers and friends alike relish in European coastal backdrops that seamlessly align with the aesthetic. Even the Sicilian setting of series two of The White Lotus perfectly encapsulates the Tomato Girl Summer vibe.

Celebrate the essence of an authentic European summer, capturing the timeless allure of Italy and the enchantment of Greece. 

Just as the flavours of a sun-ripened tomato withstand the test of time, so does this fashion trend, ensuring that Tomato Girl Summer remains etched in our hearts, and wardrobes, summer after summer.

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