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PHIPPS FW23: Classic American Fashion Meets Sustainable Style

by Tia Janowski

In a stride towards change, PHIPPS, now based in Los Angeles, is redefining its identity and reshaping American fashion with their Fall Winter 2023 collection. 

This season's innovative approach not only challenges norms but also champions sustainability and embraces the essence of American style.

By collaborating with Woolrich to repurpose deadstock fabric and introduce womenswear, their FW23 collection stands as a testament to PHIPPS' renewed vision for the brand and its commitment to American fashion.

Deeply rooted in curiosity and respect for nature, PHIPPS seamlessly marries rugged designs with a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, quality, and eco-consciousness. 

The founder, Spencer Phipps, originally worked alongside designers like Marc Jacobs, laying the foundation for a brand that resonates with the natural world. This philosophy propels their focus on sustainability, evident in both their manufacturing practices and designs.

In their FW23 press release, PHIPPS states, "We redefine contemporary fashion by responsibly crafting clothing, understanding that global consciousness extends beyond production." 

Their partnership with Woolrich, utilising limited-edition items crafted from deadstock materials, aligns with their dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Inspired by the energy of Los Angeles and an ambition for US-based manufacturing, PHIPPS' press release further explains, "The city's vibrancy, diverse culture, and unyielding spirit ignite our creativity, allowing us to reimagine the essence of an American brand."

Drawing inspiration from Richard Avedon's 'Into the American West,' the collection exudes classic Western aesthetics too, featuring prints like camouflage, plaid, and practical workwear. 

This inspiration harmonises with PHIPPS' rugged workwear heritage, as they explore elements of "weird Americana and countercultural outsiders" to shape a contemporary narrative.

The collection takes a historical and introspective approach, blending quintessential brand essentials like rib tanks and denim sets with styles from their Gold label vintage and LAB Division collections. With the inclusion of new categories like denim, underwear, and womenswear, the collection bridges the gap between classic 'American' prints and modern-day trends.

Impeccable decisions during the collection shoot contribute to its narrative. The backdrop, Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, California, known for film sets like 'Hail, Caesar!' and 'Little House on the Prairie,' effortlessly complements the collection's wild west aesthetic.

Furthermore, PHIPPS' choice of diverse models, including real cowboys and magicians, enhances the brand's aspiration for authentic representation within a fashionable context.

FW23 epitomizes PHIPPS' drive to redefine American fashion, uniting timeless styles with innovative ideas. It encapsulates a story that resonates with the past, present, and future. The fusion of sustainability and style perfectly suits PHIPPS' ethos, promising to redefine the perception of American fashion on a global scale.

Edited by Emily Duff

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