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How TikTok’s Tube Girl Dominated Fashion Week Season

by Marilla Cate


From the London Underground to front row at Balmain, Sabrina Bahsoon, better known as Tube Girl, has cemented her place within the fashion industry. 

Her signature erratic lip syncing has drawn attention for disrupting the usual subdued atmosphere of the London underground, attracting global attention, and sparking a conversation around our use of social media in public spaces. 

Whilst other passengers carry out their commutes, Bahsoon has been making a name for herself in the media and fashion world. 

Since starting to post TikTok’s on the tube in August 2023, she has received numerous brand partnerships, been spotted front row at fashion shows, and even walked the runway herself.


Her London Fashion Week debut included walking the runway in Mac Cosmetics first ever fashion show, ‘The Face Show’. She followed this by walking at Paris Fashion Week for Christopher Cowan whilst Cowan’s partner, Sam Smith, performed. 

She’s been a part of the digital campaign for Hugo Boss’ Milan Fashion Week show, and made a TikTok with Florence Pugh at Valentino. Outside of her notoriety at fashion weeks, the Tube Girl Spotify playlist has 67,000 likes, she’s helped promote Troye Sivan’s new single with a TikTok on the tube together, and worked with Bentley on a brand partnership.


Described by some as ‘confidence personified’, and by others as simply ‘dystopian’, Bahsoon has certainly made a place for herself within social media and the fashion industry. 

Her rapid rise in online popularity and speedy integration into the fashion week spotlight reflects the focus from brands on exploiting trends and situating themselves within the online conversation. Influencers have become a key feature of the fashion week landscape, with these platforms providing essential tools for designers and brands to connect with global audiences and highlight the modern relevancy of fashion houses.

The extensive reach and already engaged follower base that influencers provide have emerged as powerful features for the fashion industry. They attend runway shows, provide real-time updates, and create content that showcases current collections. 

The fashion industry and runways have embraced social media trends and influencers as powerful tools to remain relevant and harness the attention of social media users. Fashion's engagement with online trends and influencers is a strategic move to maintain its relevancy in an ever-evolving digital landscape, connecting with broader audiences and shaping the cultural conversation around brands and trends. 

In an era where digital presence reigns supreme, influencers like Bahsoon have become integral for brands who want to stay at the forefront of the fashion world.


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