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Vessna Scheff's "BUTTER": Groove to the Beat and Glide Under the Disco Lights!

by Oana-Maria Moldovan

From the vibrant and colourful streets of San Francisco to the artful alleys of Providence in Rhode Island, Vessna Scheff has journeyed through music, visual art, and interdisciplinary performance.

Vessna's artistic evolution has culminated in her first single from her upcoming album, named “BUTTER”.

This song that not only tantalises the ears but is also meant to mesmerize the eyes. Released this Friday (September 29th), “BUTTER” aims to be an experience like no other.

Vessna Scheff's artistic journey began in the heart of San Francisco, where she serendipitously stumbled upon a ukulele in a thrift store for a mere $14.

Inspired by personal stories of growth and the intricate dance of interpersonal relationships, she started crafting intimate music that would soon resonate with audiences far and wide.

Her melodies echoed through venues such as the Bazaar Cafe, The Fillmore, The Hotel Utah, and The Lost Church, solidifying her place in the vibrant Bay Area music scene.

Vessna is currently writing and recording her debut album titled “Nevermind the Moon,” inspired by Adult Skate Nights pairing 80s beats with 90s R&B vocal melodies in a celebratory call for intimate connection.

“This song is inspired by a desire to feel playful, fun, sexy, and confident while navigating being a caregiver during the pandemic.” Vessna shares.

The song draws inspiration from Adult Skate Night, affectionately known as Black skate night at rinks across the U.S. It's a dreamscape of freedom found on the roller rink, a celebration of breaking free and rediscovering your inner confidence.

The song might as well be interpreted as a disco ballad, in the most unique way anyone can imagine. The title says it all, and the lyrics are doing it as well: smooth like butter; this is the best way the single can be described.

The visuals that accompany the music are soft, better digging into this idea of playfulness and confidence, made in colors that can't be described any other way than retro. Since the skating scene is what inspired her album, the artist can be seen in the visuals filming herself while roller skating.

In crafting “BUTTER,” Vessna collaborated seamlessly with Lee Clarke, building an electrifying current that glistens with the anticipation and rush of pushing off from the rink wall and gliding into your own confidence.

With this single Vessna Scheff pushes the boundaries of creativity, offering us a glimpse into her multi-dimensional world. We just can't wait to see what her other songs from her upcoming album will give us.

It's a musical and visual experience that promises to be both exhilarating and liberating.

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