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2024 Fashion Trend Forecast from a Darling Magazine Fashion Writer

by Lucia Malanga 

Fashion is forever evolving. Trends come and go, with some taking the internet by storm whether it’s for a matter of 2 days or 2 years. As we enter 2024, here’s a fashion writer’s predictions for what we’ll see this year:


1. Plaid

Plaid patterned fabric is emerging quickly. Often linked to Vivienne Westwood, it’s been embraced by countless fashion influencers from around the world. Although a trend for many decades, it seems to have come more to the surface since the designers passing in December 2022. 

The greatest thing about plaid is that it can be worn in various seasons depending on the colour combinations and length of the items, especially skirts and dresses. 

In 2023 I noticed a trend amongst influencers, mostly styling classic red and brown or black plaid by layering it with baggy jeans. Other pairings included a mix of grey, navy blue and green. 

Popularised in the ‘90s amongst wealthy and preppy teens, the rise of an old money and quiet luxury aesthetic makes its revival no coincidence. 

For 2024, style it with a classic plain black or graphic t-shirt and either heeled boots or sporty trainers. A very versatile choice, it can fit into various aesthetics - everything from blokette to a more everyday look. 


2. Quilted Carryall Bags

With the rise of ‘capacious’ bags and puffy looking clothes, it was a no-brainer that a quilted carryall, namely the one from Free People, would make my 2024 trend predictions. 

This bag provides an artistic and quirky feel but it is also practical, a key factor in fashion post-covid. The bag is super spacious, able to be used as a gym bag, university book bag, everyday handbag and such.

Whats more, it easily comes in an array of colours meaning it, again, caters to various aesthetics. I can picture it now: the pilate princesses and wellness influencers stuffing a pink version to the brim with yoga mats and towels, or the dark academia student going in the opposite direction with a grey option full of borrowed library books.

A quick look on Pinterest shows how easy it is to personalise too, simply by adding keychains or typing on bows. Already popular with Scandinavian style influencers, 2024 is when it’ll finally become mainstream.

3. Slash Necklines

Subtly starting to trend this winter with H&M’s off-the-shoulder jumpers, they’re gonna get even bigger this year due to their versatility. 

It easily works together with a plain button down shirt, a pleated midi skirt or grey office pants, and loafers or trainers. 

This isn’t restricted to the fashionista, too. Due to its simplicity, it can be styled with a pair of jeans or simple skirt as you would any other jumper but adds a more interesting element. You’ll notice a theme here: available in various colours and sizes gives everyone the opportunity to try it out and elevate their closet, risk-free.

4. Chunky Boots

I am starting to believe that the phrase “bigger is better” will be taken literally in 2024. 

For summer, match it with a mini skirt or pair of jean shorts. In colder months, ankle skirts or oversized jeans. 

Ankle boots may be more practical, a chunky knee length can add a bit more interest by being tucked into jeans. Creating an unconventional look which may not be for everyone, it could set you apart if you’re more into trying out different looks. 

Alternatively, if the feminine revival is something you’re sticky with then you can soften the look of a chunky shoe with short skirts and flowing dresss - creating a modern, girly take.


 5. Bubble Hems

2023 really was the rise of brands like Mirror Palais and ethereal cottage-core turned coquette aesthetics. 

To keep this hyper-femininity this year, bubble mini skirts may just be the answer. 

At risk of becoming a micro trend, it certainly feeds into the ballet inspired looks we’ve been seeing all over TikTok and designer runways alike. Feed into that by styling it with ballet flats. 

Predicting its peak during spring time, it gives a very romantic and whimsical appearance perfect to try out for Valentines.


6. Crochet Skullies

Crochet is not going anywhere anytime soon, and a crochet hate will be a new take on the needlework this summer time. 

Worn simply with a bikini, it can also go the extra mile by adding beads or gems. This gives people a chance to showcase their artsy side making the beanie a fun accessory to elevate a summer look - when you’re too hot to wear much! 

Another fun aspect is that you can make it at home. Perfect for learning a new skill and keeping it cheap. Alternatively, buy from small businesses, usually inexpensive too, this is a sustainable and supportive way to try out the trend.


7. Capris

Slowly making a comeback, capris have started to be seen on celebrities like SZA and Devon Carlson. 

Take an elegant approach by getting them in staple colours like black and white or be more bold by opting for a plaid pattern. This item of clothing could be worn by anyone and is a refreshing piece of clothing perfect for awkward weather and adding interesting lengths to your look.

Layering was huge in 2023, too. With capris, they can easily be worn over dresses to add a subtle detail. Consider doing this with lace-trimmed options. 


8. Coquette Bloomers

I’m saying it, coquette is not going anywhere. 

In fact, it is only just picking up. With bows galore the past month, it’s only going to get more intense. 

But, there is one piece of clothing we’re focused on; bloomers. Replacing your everyday pair of shorts, It is a more fun summer/ spring item. 

Wear bloomers underneath a skirts for some extra fun - or make them into a quirky take on the pants-less trend by going mini.


9. Siren Office Core

The popularity of brands like Miu Miu and Prada means dark academia aesthetic mixed with vintage, timeless aesthetics are sure to come back. 

A more wearable version is siren meets office core, incorporating tiny square and oval framed spectacles, a grey/ black colour pallete, monochromatic outfits, and the option of kitten heels or ballet flats.

Intended to be simultaneously seductive and elegant, it feeds on our focus of all-things feminine. 

For specific items, it comes in the form of long, tailored trousers and grey maxi skirts. The way to properly embody this look is to wear the tiny-frame glasses, make your eye makeup a bit darker than usual, and add dark red lipstick or gloss to make your face just as mesmerising as your outfit.


10. Jorts

Jorts, they get a lot of hate, but this summer more people will be embracing them. 

They can be worn with any top of your choice and with any shoe, too. You can pair jorts with trainers for a comfy take, flat boots to create something more edgy and bold look, or even stick on some kitten heels for an outfit with a bit more youth. 

You really do not require much to make jorts look good, simply use the clothes already in your closet to make it work for you. 


11. Adidas Everything

People have been getting Adidas shoes, and this year they’ll be paired with matching branded socks. Specific shoe? Adidas’ black and white striped superstars. 

Their shoes are very versatile, suitable for any occasion, can be worn with anything, and above all are comfy. 

With a rise in the Blokette aesthetic, this is a more subtle and practical approach. We may see more people wear the Adidas sports jersey and jacket, sporty sets are bound for a matching comeback.  

It looks like the 2016 Tumblr shoes may trend yet again creating a nostalgic comeback and I see people wanting to partake in this due to the nostalgia.


12. Personalisation By Over-accessorising 

Decorating with accessories such as charms, ribbons and lockets allows you to freely express yourself and showcase your personality using a more basic and practical bag. 

A fun way to spend a night, experiment and have fun with some random accessories. Add on random keychains, tie on your leftover christmas ribbon - it’s all temporary! We love accessorising, it is a fun and light hearted trend with zero commitment or financial burdens.


The trends forecasted in this article showcase more than just fabric and design; they weave stories of individuals, artistic exploration, and the perpetual dance between tradition and innovation. It’s important not to take fashion seriously but rather view it as a form of expression and fun.


Edited by Emily Duff

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