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Kim Kardashian: Man Of The Year and Mother Of Four

by Emily McIntyre

Kim Kardashian was recently announced as GQ’s final Man Of The Year cover star, and it certainly caused a stir online.


With her successes in just about every avenue of business, beauty and fashion, just when you thought she couldn’t possibly add another achievement to her long list, she announces on Instagram: ‘Hi! I’m the GQ Man of the Year!’


Alongside the likes of Jacob Elordi and Travis Scott, the publication brands Kim as "Tycoon Of The Year," and follows her latest business endeavour into men's underwear.


In her interview alongside the cover feature, she opens up about everything from her father, motherhood, divorce and her ever growing business ventures, yet the internet seemed to have just one question - “Has GQ run out of men?”


Kim places a huge focus on her late Dad’s impact on her life throughout the interview, which comes as no surprise following the title ‘What Kim Kardashian Learned from Her Father.’


Twenty years after his death, it looks like Robert Kardashian is Kim’s man of the year, every year, and he still has a huge impact on the way his daughter lives her life and approaches her work.


Describing him to have taught her the same valuable lessons as a child and teenager that she’s already trying to pass onto her own kids, she also continually credits him for one thing in particular - his style.


Even Mum and ex-wife Kris Jenner agrees, chiming in to say “This man had style.” She continued on to add “The first gift Robert ever got me,” says Kris, “was a fancy Canon camera that I could never figure out how to use. The second gift he got me was a beautiful Gucci bag. I was a flight attendant at the time, and I was just so excited.”


And Kim doesn’t hold back in painting a picture of just how stylish her dad was either. She remembers him as head to toe in Gucci, and recalls playing in his closet at a very young age.


Now, 43 years-old and a mother of four, Kim has taken inspiration from her fashionable father and has broken into the menswear world with her newly launched SKIMS men’s line and partnership with the NBA.


Launched on October 26th, SKIMS Menswear was born, opening up a whole new world to such an already successful businesswoman.


In describing her decision, Kim seems to see both men and women as a lot more similar than you would think. She believes that regardless of gender, everyone could benefit from feeling confident in what they're wearing, and that men suffer from the same insecurities as anyone else, she says, “whether they talk about them or not.”


“I just wanted men to find out what all the hype is about,” she continues on.


Taking on the inspirations from one of the most important men to have been in her life to now empower this current generation of men, it’s safe to say that her title of MOTY is well earnt.


However, it only takes one quick glance in her comment section to see that not everyone received the news of her title well…

Now, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram comments have never the kindest place, but it’s safe to say that under her GQ announcement, people did not hold back in voicing their anger:


“Is this real? Seriously? What an insult to men!” 

“This is the most dumbest thing on the internet right now.”

“This is not okay. It’s like an insult to men. SMH.”


Flooded with hateful misogyny, her comments section sadly proves that gender is a very black and white issue to a huge proportion of society.


Someone who has taken on everything that we’re told a ‘successful woman’ could never have all of, achieving milestones in both her career and personal life that only men could typically be seen doing, is still being degraded for doing so.


Granted, yes, that is hugely down to her upbringing and a privileged financial situation which is not a reality for many, Kim taking on the cover of Man Of The Year represents a generation of women that can strive to have it all in ways we were brought up to believe only men previously could. 

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