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The Importance of Pale Neutrals in Your Wardrobe

by Nkem Emefiele

The ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of 2024 has been circulating social media all month, with leopard prints, fur coats and denim on denim having been a recurring feature. But we’re petitioning for cream, whites and beiges to make everyone’s lists. 

Those specific shades are going to make a loud comeback in 2024, this is  due to their versatility and their lack of complexity in the styling process. 

Styled with elegant ruffle stitching gives a chic appearance no matter how dressed down it is. Clothes such as cream linen, white blouses and beige ruffle tops and dresses started getting attention last year and, in 2024, they will certainly take the spotlight. 

Derived from a pale colour pallet, each hold importance within our wardrobes for a variety of reasons. 

Beige trousers can be coupled with a knit or cotton jumper or even an open backed top, again and again curating a lovely outfit that does not need to be planned out and stressed the night before. It can help transform your wardrobe into a beautiful capsule wardrobe providing you with an array of outfits that suit any occasion. 

Whether it’s a comfy, lazy day with your girls or an exciting day at the beach or even dinner with the family on a beautiful summer's eve! 

The best part is there’s no age range for the shades and the idea of an ageless wardrobe is often captured on runway shows. For instance, Ralph Lauren’s ss23 runway, shows the colours white and beige being styled in a formal fashion. Whereas, Chanel's fashion shows during the 90s presents the colour cream in a classy and chic manner.

One brand that has noticed the importances of a pale colour scheme is JU-NNA. 

JU-NNA, founded in London 2019, a time where the fashion world brought back “tiny accessories, bike shorts and slip on dresses” (Glamour),  incorporates the ‘shibori technique’, a technique that involves resist dyeing to produce unique patterns on fabric, the shibori technique coupled with a contemporary design helps the brand to achieve their aim of creating ‘timeless’ garments. 

Inspired by their Japanese heritage, JU-NNA incorporate the Japanese culture into their designs as accurately as possible by collaborating with skilled artisans in Asia. 

As mentioned before, JU-NNA is aware of the wonders and neverending style pieces that stems from the different shades of white, they combine the hues into many of their looks and designs. 

This is illustrated through the use of the colour scheme presented on their clothes; cream blouses with ruched bodices connected to pin straight and elongated collars and sleeves. 

It is also spotted on their beige skin tight dresses which consists of ruffles and ruches down the sleeves and across the fabric as  whole. 

JU-NNA’s unique mixture of a white dress blouse possessing a waterfall of ruffles down the fabric after surpassing the torso which contains the structure of an opaque corset attached to sheer sleeves.

Taking a timeless approach on their pieces of apparel, they go as far as describing their approach as “breathing new life” into their designs. This is achieved by using features of fashion from the past; the shibori technique, and adding a touch of modernised elements and features within the piece, resulting in a timeless fashion. 

The use of the ruffles and ruched pattern further alludes to an ageless attire due to the invention of ruffles being commenced in 15th century Germany and ruched design being evolved  during the middle ages. 

Does the timelessness of a neutral colour palette make your ‘in’ list this 2024? 

Edited by Emily Duff

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