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Darling Magazine's Guide to 2024: Fashion, Apps, Celebs, and More

by Emily Duff

As we embark on the first day of 2024, Darling Magazine’s team brings you an insider's guide to the trends shaping this remarkable year. 

Tapping into the collective wisdom of our talented writers to curate the ultimate guide, we’re covering everything skincare, makeup, fashion, celebrities, apps, travel destinations, invaluable life advice, and more.

Skincare Secrets for 2024:

1. Snail Mucin: Recommended by two writers, COSRX snail mucin essence takes the spotlight for its transformative effects. Stuffed full of growth factors, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid means it’s moisturising, helps with redness, and produces collagen. 

2. Reducing Makeup: Embrace the trend of going makeup-free. It doesn’t mean you need to be boring, let your spots breathe whilst adding a pop of bright eyeshadow to your lids or opt for a bold lip - the options are limitless. And definitely don’t do this if you love your makeup, instead consider opting for hybrid skincare makeup. 

3. Nighttime Hydration Ritual: Opt for a heavy moisturiser to indulge your skin while you sleep. Just because you have greasy skin doesn’t mean you should skip this step, there’s plenty of moisturisers for each skin type and it’s an important way to keep your skin healthy. One writer specifically recommended the No7 Night Cream, a skincare staple for a rejuvenating nightly routine.

4. K-Beauty: 2024 is your chance to dive into the world of Korean skincare. Much loved by many around the world, explore different brands for radiant and healthy skin.

5. Laniege's Nighttime Elixir: Adding a touch of luxury to your nighttime routine, this water sleeping mask promises a well-rested complexion come morning.

6. Targeted Treatments: Combat pesky spots with Boots tea tree and witch hazel spot patches or Hero’s Surface Spot Patches. 

Must-Try Makeup for 2024:

1. Elf Halo Glow Highlighter: A double writer recommendation underscores its luminous charm. Vegan, cruelty free, and under £5 means you can’t really go wrong. And dewy, natural-looking skin is a top priority this year. 

2. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush: This scent from Brazil, Cheirosa 62 Perfum to be specific, adds an exotic touch. Finish up your look by spraying this on the body and in the hair. 

3. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer: Add some moisture and a subtle tint. According to our writer, 'Plum' is the shade of the year for luscious lips. Containing sunflower oil, Vitamin E and the peppermint oil, it one-ups any other lip product by being cute and conditioning too. 

4. NYC Fat Oil: In the shade 'That's Chic,' it's the go-to product for a fashionista and brings glossy vibes which I think we’ll be seeing lots of this year.

5. MILK, Patrick Ta and Rare Beauty Blushes: Three options of blushes for the perfect warmth. Pick the prettiest pink that compliments your complexion or opt for a subtle peachy tone, a feminine flush will be everywhere in 2024. 

6. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: Trusted by makeup artists worldwide, it’s currently on a new year’s discount for just £35 at time of publication. 

7. Versatile No-Makeup Makeup Picks: BB cream and clear mascara add something more natural to your makeup routine whilst still making you feel ready to face the world.

8. Barry M Cosmetics Euphoric Metallic Eyeshadow Creams: As we anticipate another season of Euphoria, glitter cream eyeshadows are bound to be on the rise again. Messy makeup paired with subtle skincare is a guarantee, and being able to swipe on a pop to your eyes with no technique needed is a win for us. 

Fashion Trend Predictions for 2024:

1. Metallics: Incorporate metallics into your wardrobe a la Rabanne for a futuristic twist.

2. “Capacious” Bags: Embrace spacious bags for both fashion and function. Don’t break the bank either, at time of publication, our linked example is on sale for £10. 

3. Sheer: Experiment with sheer materials for a subtly alluring look. Perfect for layering and for the more daring. 

4. Indie Sleaze Vibes: Yeah, yeah, we’ve all been saying it for years. But as we reach 2024 it only seems time to relive 2014, finally. Pairing perfectly with messy makeup, the edgy charm of indie sleaze makes for an effortlessly cool style.

5. Femininity: Think ruffles, frills, and florals. We want the bow trend to get to max this year, and these elements will bring a touch of softness and romance - something we started to see during Balletcore.

Fashion Staples for 2024:

1. Polene Bags: Elevate your style with the chic and sophisticated touch of Polene bags. Going off our nudge to get a “capacious” bag, these are the perfect option. Remember to decorate them with your favourite charms - think keyrings and ribbon - to add a personal touch. 

2. Mary Jane Shoes: Step into the year with the timeless charm of Mary Jane shoes. Perfect for any occasion, including formal affairs - but without the need for heels. 

3. Tailored Trousers: Properly tailored trousers for a polished and versatile wardrobe. Worth investing in, tailored trousers are a perfect addition to any wardrobe. They can be accessorised with belt chains and styled differently with shirts, tees, or even layered with a dress. For those on a budget, a cheap pair of trousers can be elevated by taking them to your local tailor to have them adjusted fit you best. 

4. InPrintWeTrust Baby Tees: A cool girl’s must have item, InPrintWeTrust have been all over TikTok. Make a statement with these graphic tees paired with a maxi skirt, jeans, over a dress, under dungarees - a baby tee is extremely versatile but adds your personality to your outfit.

5. Ballet Flats: Yes, we love balletcore. The perfect ballet flats are a must have for a comfortable yet stylish ensemble.

6. Knitted Zip-Ups: Cozy and stylish, knitted zip-ups are an easy way to look put-together whilst staying warm.

Celebs on the Rise in 2024:

1. Ayo Edebiri: You may know her from The Bear, Bottoms, Big Mouth and more, I am extremely excited by Edebiri’s filmography so far. Expanding across comedy and drama, and contributing both her acting and writing, she’s on the rise and bringing friends like Rachel Sennot and Molly Gordon along with her. With a new film alongside Jacob Elordi coming out in January, our whole Darling team agrees you should keep an eye on this rising star. 

2. Ariana Greenblatt: After starring in Barbie, the talented Ariana Greenblatt is undeniably set to have an amazing 2024. Aged just 16, she’s already a star and is set to hit our screens again in the Comedy Action film, Borderlands. 

3. Yasmin Finney: Emerging as a style and cultural icon, Yasmin Finney is one to watch. The British actress stars in Heartstopper and we can’t wait for the next season. 

Apps You Can't Live Without in 2024:

1. Pinterest: Having used this for over a decade now, I can’t agree more with my writers about how essential Pinterest will be for 2024. Fuel your creativity and discover inspiration, it’s an amazing way to get started on your vision boards.

2. Spotify: Perhaps an obvious one, this is our team’s go-to platform for curated playlists and music exploration. With resolutions to make more playlists for every occasion and explore new music, Spotify’s curated content is perfect. And now we know how to hide what we listen to from our Spotify wrapped, thank you TikTok, 2024’s music taste will be taken seriously. 

3. Letterboxd: For the cinephiles, Letterboxd allows your to connect with fellow movie enthusiasts and keep track of your films from what you’ve watched (and what you thought) to what you’re desperate to see next. 

4. Vinted: Dive into sustainable fashion with this pre-loved clothing marketplace. Affordable and easy, shopping second hand has never been easier. 

5. Tumblr: Again, we’re banking on a 2014 revival in 2024, and this is the pinnacle. Tumblr is a hub for diverse content, from art to personal expression - taking the pressure out of posting.

6. Threads: The latest from Meta, we’re curious to see what happens with this app. All we know is that we’ve not been on Twitter since Musk and we need something to fill that void.

7. Notes: Become a poet or think more carefully about your messages, notes is a must-have. 2024 is about healing, journalling and getting our ideas down. The notes app is an essential tool for organising these thoughts and ideas, helping to plan everything from your next project to daily tasks. Oh, and write your shopping lists. 

Dream Destinations for 2024:

1. Japan: An absolute bucket-list location for many Darling writers, we’ll be trying hard to make it here. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and technological marvels.

2. Albania: Often under appreciated, or even not considered at all, this European location is definitely a hidden gem. Not only it is affordable but it’s full of breathtaking scenery, beaches, and vibrant culture.

3. India: Explore the diverse traditions, flavours, and landscapes of this captivating country. With much to do here, it’s no wonder so many Darling writer’s have this on their 2024 travel goals. 

Advice to take into 2024:

Some words of wisdom, direct from our writers. 

1. "Take one day at a time; you don't owe anyone anything."

2. “Don't be afraid to be cringe."

3. "Do what's best for you."

4. "Find something you love to do."

5. "Be sustainable and save money- shop Vinted!"

6. “Stop worrying about meeting other people's expectations."

7. "Don't try too hard to be the best version of yourself; focus on enjoying more things."

8. "Dress however you like!"

9. A personal fave - "Don't take criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice from."

10. "Read more!"

11. "Take care of yourself."

12. "Ignore what other people think; focus on what you think."

13. "Take every month as it comes."

14. “Live in the moment, drink water, be kind."

15. "Rejection is redirection."

As we start 2024, let these insights guide you on your journey, embracing trends, discovering new destinations, and cultivating a mindset of self-love and authenticity. Here's to a year filled with style, adventure, and personal growth!

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